Sex sells/ Female double think

There was a time when women preferred brains over looks because they wanted to be their own person and forge their own path in the world….

Ah bollocks, who are we kidding?

Girls ‘would rather look pretty than have brains’

Here you have an article that exposes common female pro-feminist thinking. How you do simultaneously hold two opposing thoughts in your little brain at the same time? The thoughts of women being inferior to men, and equal to men at the same time? Well, lets see…

In years past, education and equality were highly valued by women. But today, it seems, all teenage girls want is to look pretty.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton are brainwashing young women into believing good looks, promiscuity and a lavish lifestyle are synonymous with success, claims a leading female academic.

American lawyer and analyst Carol Platt Liebau claims there is ‘scant’ recognition or respect for women’s achievements unless they revolve around sex.

So? Women have always used sex to manipulate men. It’s a damn sight easier than having to work or learn a trade isn’t it.

She claims that teenage girls are growing up in a culture where it is preferable to be labelled a ‘slut’ rather than a ‘prude’.

The world, she says, endorses sexiness as the ultimate accolade and diminishes intelligence, character and other accomplishments of women.

‘The new female imperative is that it is only through promiscuity and sexual aggression that girls can achieve admiration and recognition,’ she said.

Feminism ‘liberated’ women from the good sexual practice, and this is what women do with their new found sexual freedom. They flooded into the sex industry, lift their tops up at the slightest chance of getting attention and use the promise of sex (or sex itself) to manipulate those around them for their own ends. These women behave like sluts, because they are sluts. Not because of society.

‘Girls are being led to believe they are in control when it comes to sexual relationships but they’re actually living in a profoundly anti-feminist landscape where girls compete for attention on the basis of how much they are sexually willing to do for boys.’

No. It is because of feminism that women behave so badly. Before that they would be regulated by society. They had to behave respectfully to be respected, as opposed to now, they believe they should be respect for being female. Which actually frees them to behave as they want. So how they are behaving now, is how they really are.

In her book, to be published in Britain next month, Mrs Liebau, also managing editor of Harvard Law Review, says there was too much pressure on girls to look ‘bone slim’.

‘Living in an overly sexualised culture takes a toll on girls,’ she wrote.

‘The emphasis on sexiness revealing fashions and the overvaluing of physical appeal creates pressure to measure up to bone-slim models or celebrities and leads to unrealistic expectations among young women about how their own bodies should look.’

The fashion and media industries are dominated by women and homosexual men. In regards to women creating these images for girls, read Blame Women for Girls Image Issues.

Her comments have been echoed by Tory MP Anne Widdecombe who has said women such as Rachel Weisz and Lily Cole, both intelligent and good looking, are much better role models for girls.

She said: ‘Young women are concentrating on all the things that are not important.’

There was once a time when children looked to their parents as role models. Only problem is, these days with feminist-ravaged families, we have a few generations of woman-headed homes (usually single mothers) who also behave like skanks. What did you expect? Men are not going to view these women as mother-of-my-children material, just for sport fucking.

Young women aren’t concentrating on anything. To concentrate you have to have a brain. With such an infantile mind and superficial, materialistic personality, it is easy to see how they are so easily controlled by the media. Afterall, if it didn’t get the attention of the demographic they are targetting, they would have to change their output, wouldn’t they?

Remember, women behave like this, because it is the way they are. Few women have the strength of character to behave decently.

7 thoughts on “Sex sells/ Female double think

  1. “In years past, education and equality were highly valued by women.”

    When was that exactly? Is valuing something the same as actually doing it?
    Women’s logic…hhmmm…

  2. There’s that idea again- “it’s not our fault, it’s society” or “it’s the world that has done this”.

    Reminds me of the myth about men being responsible for women’s low self-esteem in relationships while I think it’s called “self-esteem”- with the emphasis being on “self”. No-one can be responsible for your self-esteem.

    Love this site…

  3. Good points FM !
    I have to say that not all women,even today will be the same mindset- just more than enough to keep the illusion going. Society is paying the price -along with many unlucky men ripped off.
    In town the other day I noticed two random but oft repeated behaviours.
    One was a young lad who cheekily shouted across me in an aggressive manner outside a shop I was entering with my buddy of many years.We’d had a few the night before and were talking animatedly in the street.This little scally joined in and shows the usually scant regard for older people today.I felt if I reacted I would have ended up getting a good kicking from him and his mates.
    On the female side-two girls walked towards me in a gap.
    I moved slightly sideways to allow both of us to pass by-though the first was pretty careless about her end of the deal- and didn’t acknowledge me in any way.
    Her skanky friend followed quickly through and tried to just barge me out of the way though she would have come off worst.
    Totally selfish and rude behaviour
    We are the masters now !!
    Needless to say- been nowhere,done zilch in life -both of them.
    Yesterday I was in my local garage talking to a service guy about a tricky problem- when twice- a female receptionist (not an unpleasant girl,incidentally) barged straight into our conversation mid stream- as if she was the most important person around,
    Not the customer(male)- nor the technician (male)-
    but HER -the counter clerk!!
    Everywhere you can see these examples today.
    Out of control kids (usually male) and selfish stupid girls trying to ‘rool’.
    The people responsible for this state of affairs are all hidden, pensioned off or in cushy EU jobs and similar.
    They make sure they don’t get dog-shite society on their boots,for sure.
    Many elder people remember the old values of respect and decency-but it is foreign people coming here now who have more values about life and behaviour!
    They still know the lasting power of the family system and the despotic leaders they escape from.
    A huge amount of damage has occurred in the ‘free’ West!
    Thank-you fems ! Not possible without you.
    What next ??

  4. Remember, women behave like this, because it is the way they are. Few women have the strength of character to behave decently.

    Few women today are raised in proper, Patriarchal-modeled homes that raise them to be modest, respectable LADIES who behave decently.

    Welcome to the Hell known as “Matriarchy.”

  5. Indeed. It’s so tiring seeing women blame outside forces for their own whorish ways. What else is there to conclude except that they as usual don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions? Men will admit there are assholes among our kind… Hell, I don’t like most fellow men for that reason. But at least we’ll admit it. Women will find any excuse for why they’re dumb, slutty, or even over-weight instead of looking in the damn mirror.

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