Some thoughts…

Firstly a notice, I’ve edited the pages at the top. The video library is going to be where my collection of favourite documentaries will be stored.

Feel free to offer new ones on similar topics! The idea is for it to be a comprehensive introduction to the world, which (in my humble view) goes like this:

Feminism enabled corporations to break the bonds of family. Feminism used the terms ‘oppression’ and ’empowerment’ to emotionally (and hence physically) manipulate women. By selectively using those two simple terms, the female psyche was molded to the feminist (corporate funded) agenda.

Being a full time mum? Oppression! Going to work? Empowerment!

Being conservative with finances (purchasing what was needed?) Oppression! Spending liberally (purchasing what was wanted.) Empowerment!

A perfect example of this was with the plan to open the cigarette market to women. Edward Bernays (watch the series ‘The Century of Self’ on my vids page) came up with the idea of paying women to join feminist marches (calling for empowerment) while lighting up cigarettes (figuratively linking a product with an ideology.)

The corporate state could now tax the female half of the population. The children were then sent to state-run schools to be indoctrinated with the collectivist propaganda of the day, which then grew up to be even more ignorant, close-minded, materialistic and loyal to Corporate Governance.

More importantly, feminism conspired to poison womens’ perception of men. This enabled feminism (controlled by bankers) to wage war on men through women, the one thing men truly trusted, and would willingly live and die for.

Weakening the family destabilised everything. Wages went down (supply of labour went up), consumerism increased, entertainment increased, marriage rates/ birth rates plummeted. (See Feminism – The Society Killer.)

More and more people found themselves alone. Corporations jumped on the opportunity to sell sell sell. The modus operandi was nothing new. Emotional manipulation through fear.

You’ve got spots all the girls will hate you, the only thing you can do is buy Acme Anti-Spot Cream!

Your car isn’t expensive enough, all the girls will hate you, the only thing you can do is buy the Acme SuperCar 2000 (you know what I mean.)

Not only would less people get married, those that did get married would find the marriages more liable to end. So called ’empowering’ laws like No-Fault Divorce, separation of assets etc enabled women to escape the ‘oppression’ of marriage.

Feminism also sought to take credit for womens’ work. If a woman started a successful business, or was in any way successful, feminists would hold them high as an ‘image of empowered womankind.’ Anything good feminism would take credit for, and anything bad would be blamed on the Forever Evil, The Patriarchy. (The War on Terror is currently the main Forever Evil at the moment.)

Men were constantly attacked and denigrated, by the media, to pander to women in the hopes of selling them yet more crap they don’t need. Men trusting enough to get married would find themselves asset-stripped, children taken away and left to rot.

Children growing up in such broken homes inevitably leads to increases in social distrubance such as crime, drug use, inactivity, low self-esteem and others.

Of course, this suits the corporate government perfectly. What better reason to increase taxes and impose yet more laws, which would then go into funding more feminist schemes, ‘new-age’ teaching methods and other anti-social tripe.

Destroying the family was one of the main tenets of feminism. Why? Because feminism was based on Marxism/ Communism. The nuclear family represented an obstacle because of its strength and internal integrity. It was a unit dedicated to doing what is best for itself. It was immune to many of the tricks and ploys of corporatism.

One of the most important aspects of Communism is controlled the next generation of people. By breaking up the home, they managed to replace the Man with Big Government, essentially giving corporations access to the Holy Grail of capitalism.

The mother and child.

By manipulating the mother they can manipulate the child. By manipulating the child they can maniplate the mother.

As I said earlier, with broken homes comes low self-esteem, and with it, increased consumerism (as an attempt to compensate. See The Consumer Paradox.)

You may notice, that the main beneficiaries of all of these plots and schemes were not the common man, woman or child, all of which have suffered incalculably. It has been corporations and governments. They have used the Hegelian Dialectic to dissect and re-arrange society around governments (when before it revolved around the family.)

Most of this has already happened by the time most of us were born. It isn’t taught in schools so most never think about it. (How convenient.)

This subject is obviously more complex than I have briefly mentioned here. But hopefully this site can offer some introductions into the way things are.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. There were controls to make it difficult for government to grow in such a way, but they were conveniently displaced by the War On Terror (tm.)

    It has all the makings of a supranational framework, mass immigration destroying the cultural identity of the nations it occurs in, sweeping pan-European laws. There’s no doubt about what is going on.

    These globalists are fucking arseholes lol

  2. This broad overview has a ‘right’ feel to it,somehow.
    It just makes sense as the results are there to see in society.
    The big question is will men get some balls back and start kicking ass?
    (Women will NOT, in the main kick back till way too late-if at all IMO).
    The sort of control needed to stop all opposition to this takeover by the publics’ so called ‘servants’ is seen creeping in.
    Notably- ‘voluntary’ ID cards- and its’ dangerous and intrusive database in the UK.
    Also 110,000 EU laws (I believe)- not knowing where to count them even if I wanted to.
    Again, it just feels like there’s a lot of laws leaning on me and others daily..when I’m a dead straight guy society wise.
    I don’t need a nanny- who costs more than we can all afford- anyway!!
    Certainly not an Eastern Europe type superstate with no memory of my heritage in later generations.
    That’s what it smells like.
    Demo-crassy….Bah ! – Crass Humbug !!
    Mind you-still marginally better than the alternative 😉

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