Speed Dating

An insightful sketch by Omid Djalili.


6 thoughts on “Speed Dating

  1. There is another sketch that Omid has expanded upon that was in a show that I can’t remember the name of – that was better in some ways because it was a) less middle class and b) more realistic – the woman goes off the bloke and gets all teary – when the next bloke sits down she says ‘my last relationship was actually quite abusive’.

    Much better – Omid is getting too careerist!

  2. Speed dating on steroids.

    Your typical western woman will demand the “five star lifestyle

    They may want it like I want it but that does not mean they are going to get it. Western women know they have to work for that pipe dream unless they win the lottery or get hooked up on Sugar Daddie

  3. A perfect example was Nick Faldo’s woman. Already a successful golfer who loved to play golf, she married him, some arbitrary time later she decides to divorce him because he ‘spends too much time playing golf.’

    She obviously won shit loads of money and assets from him. Fucking parasite bitch.

    But go figure. Women are so honest and trustworthy these days…

  4. A very amusing clip, but in all seriousness this just shows how men in the west are in a no win situation with regards to marriage.

    Your typical western woman will demand the “five star lifestyle” eg. big house,new car, etc. However, such a lifestyle will require a large income to pay for it (with the onus of course being on the male), to work in a high pressure job where he will work long hours in order to support his wife’s lifestyle. As a result, his wife will probably have an affair claiming that her husband wasn’t spending enough time with her.

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