Somebody Diggs Ron Paul

This image was taken at on Monday 26th November ’07 at about 11.30pm GMT. (Click on the image for a bigger version.)

Just look at the number of friends he has. Considering the whole point of government is serving the people (as in, civil servant), and even considering all of the mainstream media stonewalling and terribly researched hit pieces, he sure has a healthy amount of proven dedication by his supporters.

Why would they support him? I guess the media and state school brainwashing isn’t working enough. People like freedom the concept of limited government and Ron Paul gives them the chance to forward their views and opinions in office.

Which I thought was the whole point of government anyway…

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EDIT: Breaking News! The World Elects Ron Paul!

A website which has collected over 72,000 votes from people in countries all over the world has revealed that the vast majority would elect Ron Paul if they had the opportunity to influence the 2008 US election.

At time of writing, the site at has collected 72,556 votes from people in countries across the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.

One thought on “Somebody Diggs Ron Paul

  1. lol, That guy is really something. I think he’s got about as much chance as a fly caught in a spiders web, but I like him.

    (R.P. in a wee voice as big media creeps closer: help me! help me!!)

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