Fathers have no rights to children, children have no rights to father.

Mother can keep birth ‘a secret’

You can read the article through the link. I’ll only post certain quotes.

The three appeal judges agreed “the ultimate veto” over who is told about the birth lay with the mother.

The father has nothing to do with it. He is just a mere ‘man’ afterall.

Lady Justice Arden said the father’s rights had not been violated because he did not have any to violate.

Now it’s admitted. Fathers have no rights. Except when it comes to forcing him to pay for the child of course, whether it is his or not. Just look up paternity fraud…

John Baker, chairman of Families Need Fathers, said “It treats the child as the property of the mother, to be disposed of as she sees fit.”

He said the ruling, taken in conjunction with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which could remove the requirement for IVF clinics to recognise the need of a father, was “intensely worrying”.

He said: “A strong message seems to be sent that makes fathers redundant in the upbringing of children.”

F*ck the govenment. It is obvious now that they are at war with men. As in any totalitarian regime, you want to attack those who will pose the biggest threat to your complete power. They disenfranchise men and who will be left?

Fathers 4 Justice barrister Michael Cox said: “This father is the victim of a wicked deceit in which the State has been complicit.

Yes, nothing new with the State backing women in taking rights away from men and fathers, and also children. Denying the child the right to its father.. oh I just remembered, fathers don’t have any rights. I guess also since it isn’t unethical to deny the child a father, the man must be a non-entity in the eyes of human rights?

“It is now clear that the Government believes children have no entitlement to a relationship with their fathers and that children are the property of their mothers and of the State.”

Lord Justice Thorpe said: “The law improves the opportunity of the child of anonymous birth to search out its biological origin.

Child of anonymous birth? Who the f*ck is this? The Virgin Mary? Last time I checked, conception is when sperm fertilises an egg. That sperm didn’t come from ‘anonymous’. It came from a man. Unless men are not even entitled to an identity now.

The government is on a mission to disenfranchise men. Period. Removing men means removing their competition to the regulation of society. Countless studies prove the connection between fatherlessness and crime, drug abuse, low self-esteem etc. All of these things lead to social chaos. That is EXACTLY what the government wants.

Coupled with that recent attack on men, fathers, and child rights, I think it is pretty obvious to me who the government views the enemy as…


22 thoughts on “Fathers have no rights to children, children have no rights to father.

  1. I can’t believe how people can still guilt or shame men into taking full responsibility for children he never wanted. That’s victim-blaming in a way. Fathers get zero rights after conception and zero rights after birth – only responsibility?? That is seriously fcked up and seriously sexist toward men.

  2. I’m still paying your child support, Lawrence. It appears that you’ve fled in fear of me publicly revealing all your crimes. Flight in the face of the truth is something you’ve a lot of practice with. You are confused about what a stable and loving home is, and about whether we have medical and dental care in this country. The “illegal alien” stuff, you must have just pulled out of your arse.

    I can’t understand why a person who says he wants his child to come live with him “in her own culture” refuses to sign her passport renewal. She’s trapped in another country, unable to visit you, or her grandparents. You’re the one who’s denying her access to them and they to her. It’s all your doing. I know it makes you feel powerful, but to everyone else you look like a common vandal. And a liar. Things would be different if you would allow them to be so. You’re not a victim. You’re a cowardly excuse for a human being who uses an innocent child to get back at her mother.

    You have perjured yourself repeatedly in legal proceedings, and made yourself a criminal rather than just letting go and moving on. I pity you your inability to let go of control. Tell me, are you lying to that woman who lives with you about who is prolonging this idiocy?

    Get help, Lawrence. Stop being a victim and bringing misery to all who are forced to come into contact with you. Stop abusing your child. Divorce her mother and pay your child support.

  3. I absolutely believe in father’s rights in most cases, but my child’s father doesn’t deserve any. my girl is 3 1/2 and he’s only been alone with her for 20 mins of her life becuase he cannot be trusted. he’s aimed a gun at me, slapped me, strangled me, tossed me all during my pregancy with my daughter, knowing the risks of injuring a pregnant women. he is abusive physically, mentally, and emotionally. he is possessive, controlling, and he plays mind games.
    i spent the first 9 months of my daughter’s life living with him. he would barely acknowledge her. wouldn’t change a diaper, feed, hold, play with, nothing, when i left him, i tried to give him supervised visitations at my parent’s house because i couldn’t trust him with her by himself. he’d come over, spend 5 mins with her and the rest of the 40 mins picking fights with me. sometimes, he wouldn’t even show up. he would call me or text me almost everyday and harass me and when i got a boyfriend, he would make threats and even stalk.
    that went on for over a year and then i started ignoring him when i started dating the man i’m with now because he was ruining my life. he would call and text and make threats, so i finally put a pfa on him that lasted for a year. the pfa expired dec, 13 2011. he contacted me a month later and wanted to see my baby. i told him we’re not ready to do that yet and to wait for my girl to be older so she can understand better. i told him that she calls my fiance daddy, and his family is her family and i’m getting married in june and that’s the way it’s gonna be. now to spite me, he went out and filed for partial custody, which will not be awarded.

    if i could have it my way, my little girl would never have anything to do with that monster.
    – he told me he fought iraq, though he has no physical proof of being in the military. he said he was shot twice, though the scars he says are gunshot wounds look little bicycle wounds from childhood. and where is his purple heart. he said he had an honorable discharge. wouldn’t he have a medical discharge? anyway, the man told me he likes the sound of a knife going through flesh and he enjoyed killing people. he said he killed pregnant women and children in a town. sounding like father material? no. an american soldier fights for our freedom, but he sure stole mine, a US citizen
    – when my daughter was 3 months old, he yelled in her face. he said, “that’s no child of mine. a child of mine wouldn’t cry like that.”
    – most times, a father is cooing over his baby when it’s born. his first comment was, “why is she so dark? why is her nose so flat?” he knew it was his! he never left me alone long enough to sleep with anyone else.
    – he’s so racist. he will morally destroy my daughter.
    – i had to recover after i left him. when i finally cut him out, my daughter improved so much.
    – she has a perfectly good mother and father and family here. a very stable life and everything a child can have. why destroy the peace? this girl could have an incredible upbringing if her father has nothing to do with it.
    – i have at least 5 pages of examples of awful things he’s done and bad characteristics.
    – why i was so stupid to get involved with this man.., who knows what goes on in an 18 yr old girl’s mind when she had no sense of direction and gets wrapped up with an older guy who slower kills off her friendships, tries to keep her away from family, doesn’t let her out of his sight. it’s brainwash.

    yesterday i learned that in the state of PA, all father’s have rights to their kids even if they molested the kid, haven’t seen the kid in 10 yrs, abused the child. sure they wouldn’t get the same rights as mommy, but what makes the courts think that the child would want anything to do with a man like that?

    so what is it?… what do we care more about in this case? fathers rights? or wellbeing or the child? if i were the judge, i would tell the father to go straight to hell. if you disagree, you’re most likely just as foul as he is

    and i am truelly sorry for all you wonderful loving fathers out there who do not get to have your children. my prayers be with you and your kids and even the mother.

  4. A father of three the mother decided to place a protection of abuse on me when she met a new guy , my daughter has a terminal brain cancer and the mother cuts me out of there lives so she can raise charity money and make everyone feel sorry for her even though my daughter has all the problems!!!!!!

  5. “Lex iniusta non est lex “ that suffocates a parent’s God given natural rights through archaic justifications that no one believes in including the plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers and judges is absolutely absurd on every level. I’m wholeheartedly shocked that this charade of pretending and unjust law is reasonable is ever tolerated. The only fact involved in child custody is that a father is going to lose a child and the child a father because sharing a child is not the intention of or the court (and sadly the mother). God’s decisions made by man. What’s sad is the mother doesn’t realize that her sons will suffer the same fate in the future. A lie for a dollar. A child for a dollar, A soul for a dollar, a judge for ….
    “nothing on this earth is worth buying at the price of human blood” * Rousseau
    What is quite apparent by the courts decision to alienate fathers is the obvious and blatant reversal of the traditional sequence of reasoning by placing the conclusion before the premises.
    This reverse engineering of the thought process is dangerous because now irrational thought tries to from logical deductions that are worthless and disturbing- it fools no one. The theoretical decision put in place by the judge diverges so acutely from reality that it is practically impossible to be a father anymore, but much easier to be a sub-human primate slave. (next step –take away thoughts and freedoms)
    And most fathers give in, their minds intercepted into believing that they have no other choice if they want to see their children but to follow the absurd, pretend the emperor has clothes and the judges aren’t assassins in judges robes… i say: if every father said no like myself and refuse to follow the courts decision then the law has to change. every father..everywhere dont pick up-dont drop off… you’re worse off than a babysitter or nanny. your freedom is at stake.
    judgments are made that has no concerns or consideration (“best interest of the child”) other than the maintenance of a diseased system.Judges want to see you in court. they get paid by the state. they rotate, hopefully you’ll hate the decision so you keep fighting it, every time you show up in court with a lawyer your resources are depleted, if you go by yourself they give you enough rope to hang yourself.. judges have told me how it works, I’m afraid to say what you thought was correct.. they desensitize you gradually where you get use to the bs and give in.loose you passion for your children and life. . they Keep fathers like hamsters.. every other weekend visitation, cant take children out of state without permission,induce fear into the mothers if the father has dual citizen ship.. hes going to kidnapp the children so dont let him take them out of country to see other family. Pick up and dope off at mothers house- allowing for point of contact disturbance allegations, GREAT! now you’re in a criminal state becuase she said you threatened her. The cycle has already begun. And without uncertainty will perpetuate itself, but the father refuses to fuel the fire of hatred, fear and negativity. No man, judge or god tells a father where he can take his children on his time. Every father should hardline it like myself and say no. refuse to follow this slave contract. The law has to change i refuse anything less than equality.
    Galileo proved that the earth was not the center of the universe and the church eventually apologized hundreds of years later. Must I lose my children and they their father only to get an apology after the law has changed 100 years from now.
    * “Incapable of accepting the fate assigned to me, my highest perceptions outraged by this denial of justice, I refrain from adapting my existence to the ridiculous conditions of existence here below” * *Andre Breton

    • That was brilliant! My son is also a victim. After a long litigation process and hours of reading on the subject of child relocation I realized that a child relocation case is in fact a case of child abduction. And so my son has lost a father and me a son.

      All the best to you man.

  6. My little girl is 15 and roughly 12 years of that she has been living in her uncles house. Yes this is a redneck inbred tale. The sister was married to this asshole for about 15 years and after getting beatin on a daily basis finely let the f-ck than my ex her sister moved my daughter in there and received her share of whoopins. Now that my daughter is 15 she has been coded that this is acceptible homelife and I’m the asshole. The system has for years robbed my wallet and refused to do anything to help my daughter money more important. Uncle daddy inbred scumbag has used firearms{loaded} in his fits of gotta beat a female rage ,I have witnessed this with the first sister. Oh and the state of choice in this episode is PennsyTucky Clarion co. no offense to the brothers in Kentucky. Is there any diehard attorneys out there that are in it for the sake of the child rather than making millions? I don’t know what else to do at the end of my rope and pretty tired of these money stealing f-ckers in this county. All these talk shows on this shit and their the ones creating the problem {the GOV.} . Can’t wait til the TeaParty Politicians take over but their probably just like the other worthless Dem and Reb Party douchbags. Power over people brings out the best in assholes that have always had money which I think is why they make sure us poor folk always stay down in the gutter. I sure can wait til the daughter goes and finds herself a piece of shit to beat her every day cause the system trained her that this is the thing to do. Well whatever this will fall on deaf ears anyways . BoneDaddy

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  10. Well the attack was by stealth. By inflating the rights of everyone else, they essentially (relatively) reduced the rights men. Same thing happens with political correctness. Give everyone else a greater right to attention, tax pounds and voice, and the men are left standing there.

    The social collapse that MRA’s seem to be deciding is a good idea, isn’t. That is exactly what the globalists want. With enough chaos they can initiate martial law etc. Remember this isn’t like the old days where society will rebuild itself.

    This world is now dominated by technology. Social collapse will help the scum that are orchestrating this. They want it. The more chaos, the more the government can use it to scare the people into giving their rights to the government.

    Like a bee hive. Smoke the bees out. They all just leave. The guy takes all the honey. Simple false flag.

    We have to keep trying to raise awareness. There is still time I feel.

  11. It seems to me that the man has rights- but only by virtue of being first married to his childs’ mother.
    If the mother does not wish shared parenting or withdraws from a marriage- there is nothing the man can do but appeal to the law to protect ,not him, but his childrens’ rights.
    A strange case that a child has more human rights than its’ father..this must be contrary to natural law.
    But when a male child matures- he will default to the ‘vassal’ male state
    This simple logic shows how the ‘flanker’ has been pulled on men…who seem now too fearful to contest this legal mantrap -that has been slowly sprung over the years.
    Surely there must be a legal way to re-install the rights of men to protect both themselves and their children?
    The general thinking on MRA boards is let ‘them’ find out the hard way in social costs…but this is, in essence, a defeatist attitude ,even if an understandable one.
    It will take too long and a response to the corrupt state/legal hi-jack of fathers rights MUST be challenged in a more structured way.
    ‘No taxation without representation’ was the cry when the USA was formed.
    Maybe that is the only option left?

    • Actually speaking as a divorced father who had the misfortune to marry an adulterous and abusive woman, I have no rights. I do have access rights but there is no way to enforce them, I have no right to know where my child is, who she is with or for her to be allowed speak to me via the telephone.

      Goverments and institutions have pandered to women at the expense of pain for children men and grandparents. While society accepts womens need to be utterly selfish, economically dependent and incapable of fidelity perhaps it could do so in a way that makes such women less of a burden on everyone else, especially their own children

      • Pay your child support, Lawrence. You left. You fled the country when it finally sank in that she was going to stand up to your abuse and bullying. You haven’t been back to visit your child half a dozen times in the last four years. You see her when she comes to your country, but insist that she be brought to you. You are 10,000 euro in arrears on your court – ordered child support and alimony payments. You’re 40 years old and you still live in your parents’ home and don’t have a driving license.

        You abuse the concept of parental rights when you abjectly fail to dispatch your parental responsibilities. I know, the law is on your side. Your ex doesn’t violate the court order. You do. She brings your child to you and you sit there on your worthless arse, spending all your money on tobacco, takeout pizza, cab rides, and ganja.

        Pay your child support, Lawrence.

        • LOL well someone has things backwards.

          I am owed over 15,000. Not a hope of getting it though. The mother in question has a giant pot leaf tatood on their forearm, not me. She was abusive, bad tempered sometimes violent liked to make money disappear and use it to meet men in hotels, she has blocked access persistently and I spend a lot of time and money travelling to see my child. You make mistakes when you are young, but someone like her who was already mentally scarred by growing up with adultery and had multiple abortions by the time she was 20 was not someone to ‘rescue’ but someone wto avoid.

          She does have a driving liscense though, I paid for the car she got it in and I understand sold the nice home I paid for so maybe she is living somewhere, but not with her parents because they are pretty foul, even for her.

          She always was good at spin though.

          Thankfully my daughter will at some point reach an age where she can just walk out on her own two feet. It’s just a shame that courts can’t see how children and their families suffer when unfit mothers are left with custody.

          I maintain men have almost no rights to their children, as regards my daughter, well I just bought her some more needed clothes and lego having spent my months earnings travelling to see her, I understand her mother is in Paris on another ‘hookup’. I don;t know whether I will get to se her on my next ‘access’ that all depends on whether her cracy mother decides to move her to another country a few days before hand……

          Nice to see I’m being cyberstalked to!

    • Oh, and by the way… The divorce is not final. You’ve prolonged it with your endless malicious appeals. For every euro you’re forcing us to spend, you are having to spend at least one yourself. You’re also further behind on your child support.

      Some father you are.

      • Well, you’re up to about twelve thousand euros behind on your child support, hero. You set an example for responsible fathers everywhere, mister.

        • O you are the guy on medication who moderates that porn site the childs mother frequents are you?

          I can understand after your bankrupcy that you are very keen to try and get some money via my daughter but really I’m afraid I don’t have any interest in corresponding with you. I have my opinion of you. Suffice to say your drug addled brain is confusing paying for flights for her so as you may have sex with her mother as something to do with my child or me. It’s not and you have nothing to do with me either, other than being a pretty good example of Jerry Springer culture. At your advancing age I suggest you sit down with your bottle of mood balancing medication and your porn site and reflect on the fact that you know almost nothing of the truth here and appear to be living in a deluded reality.

          Is it true that you actually made a documentary about your penis?

          Sad to see someone in their 50s who has yet to grow up. Neither you nor her are capable of understanding how much that child wants to come home and live in the same country as her father and grandparents.

          She’s not a source of revenue for you and never will be.

          • Final note. I will never ever give up seeing my daughter or my fight to see her have what she deserves and wants.

            This may all be in court for another 10 years if necessary, I expect it to be until she reaches maturity and can walk out on her own, if that’s what it takes for my child I don’t care and if it costs me everything I earn to stay in touch with my child and fight for her rights then I will happily do it.

            The right to be in the same country as her father and grandparents.

            The right to be in her country of nationality and be educated there.

            The right to medical and dental care.

            The right to regular access to both her parents without endless travel.

            The right not to be an illegal alien.

            The right to live in a stable and loving home.

            Fair division of martital assets.

            That’s why there are and will continue to be presentations to court.

            For me it’s about my child. For you it’s about finding a way to get money. Your an irrelevance, of no more significance than dust blowing in the wind. Go back to your porn site, it is where the likes of you belong.

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