Expansion of the EU

As I, and many others have documented. The European Union is just one part in the wider globalist agenda to destroy all national borders, sovereignty and independence. So when I saw this article in the BBC, I was not too surprised.

I’ll post a few quotes from the article, complete with translations..

EU ‘should expand beyond Europe’

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has suggested the European Union should work towards including Russia, Middle Eastern and North African countries.

It could be a “model power of regional co-operation” dedicated to free trade, the environment and tackling extremism.

Free Trade = Corporatism, Environment = Environmentalism, Tackling extremism = Control of the Internet and other media.

“As a club that countries want to join, it can persuade countries to play by the rules, and set global standards. In the way it dispenses its responsibilities around the world, it can be a role model that others follow.”

Play by the rules, who is setting this rules? Brussels of course. Talk about centralisation of power! Set global standards? Framework for a global government.

He said the goal “must be a multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery”.

Any excuse to absorb more countries into the EU, and also weaken member countries by others using subsidies etc.

This would be a “version of the European Free Trade Association that could gradually bring the countries of the Mahgreb, the Middle East and Eastern Europe in line with the single market, not as an alternative to membership, but potentially as a step towards it”.

Come on! How obvious is it? Bringing countries into line. Common markets, common currency will be next.

Long-term regulations were needed to phase out carbon emissions in key areas – by reducing vehicle emissions and work towards “a zero-emission vehicle standard across Europe”.

Although there is no real evidence linking human carbon emissions to global warming, this is just another push for the carbon tax, which I find strange considering the vast majority of polluters are corporations, not common people. But make us pay anyway, just another massive transfer of wealth to the globalists.

But his Conservative counterpart William Hague said Mr Miliband and his colleagues were “ramming that constitution through under a new name and refusing to give voters a say at an election or a referendum” – a reference to the EU Reform treaty.

Democracy? Representing the people? It is a dictatorship when the government refuses to listen to the people.

“The fact is that if the renamed constitution goes through we will have a more inward-looking Europe,” said Mr Hague.

“The treaty’s clauses will make the EU more protectionist and less competitive and give the EU more power to interfere with crucial areas like our criminal justice system.”

That what it is all about. Absorb countries with the promise of open borders, tax benefits, cheap labour. Once everyone is in, Brussels can continue to tweak the rules until they completely run the member states. (I say member states because they will not be sovereign nations anymore.)

Welcome to the New World Order.

8 thoughts on “Expansion of the EU


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  4. The upper corridors of power are a dictatorship. You seem to be advocating for one world government.

    You are also ignorant or naive to the facts about human beings with that much power and what happens when they get it.

    The bigger the government the more corrupt it gets. That’s why the US Constitution was written. That’s why Britain has the Magna Carta, British Constitution and Common/ Treason Laws.

    To offer a framework for the protection of the rights of the people. Of course, if no one is willing to defend them then they are just ‘goddamn pieces of paper’.

    Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship

  5. Dictatorship? The European Union is based upon pure liberalism ideology . The Union is respecting every culture and individuality of every nation within it`s federation. Every year a new cultural capital is chosen , and nevertheless it also promotes the culture within every state.
    Think about it , if everyone tries to do everything by themselves won`t be as efficient as if everyone would put their strengths together and work as one.
    To be honest the nation more suitable for your idea is the USA , who tried , and succeeded long ago , to rule the world , but with the EU their world domination scheme isn`t working anymore , the new Liberalist idea of the EU is attracting more and more people.
    Liberalism may be unfortunate for some people , for those people who are too lazy to work.
    And about the global warming , I share the same idea :)- it is the worlds biggest lie.

  6. Quite simply, the NWO is all about removing power from all of us, and transferring it to them. Men women children, makes no difference. Creating social chaos with proven failures like socialism and communism just serves to distract us, the peasantry while they continue to take away our rights.

    To protect us.

    From evils they are doing to us.

    It’s insane and all I can do is keep putting the truth out and hope people wake the hell up.

  7. We are in a lot of trouble.
    The NWO’s policies are not good news for any of us.
    It is good that you see right through the doublespeak, as to the true intentions.

    Reading through doublespeak you can basically find out what the NWO is up to.
    Global Warming is a lie, to trick the masses into accepting serfdom.
    HIV is a lie, to trick the masses into accepting third world population culling. (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2332115583473098690&hl=en-CA)
    Terrorism is a lie, to trick the masses into accepting loss of rights and freedoms.

    They create a fake problem, then offer us a bullshit solution, which furthurs the Globalist Agenda.

    How can we win? Or can we just lose less?!

  8. I would have thought there’s enough problems brewing for the future- especially if there’s any sort of recession coming.
    So what is proposed? ….more of the same.
    These politcos are mainlining on change for the sheer sake of it.
    Maybe the threat of losing the next election is speeding up the agenda- otherwise why risk annoying millions of dissatisfied voters who want rid of this lot already?

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