David Cameron in the feminists pocket

Remember in Why Feminism is a Fraud I mentioned how feminists get into government and start influencing policy? Well here you have it.

It’s quite long, so I’ll just post quotes. My emphasis.

Cameron to urge tougher rape laws

Conservative leader David Cameron is expected to call for the law to be tightened to ensure that more men who commit rape are convicted in court.

In a speech in London, he will say too many rapists “think they can get away with it”, as just one reported case in 20 ends with a man being found guilty.

Immediately you can see the agenda here. They would rather assume a man guilty than innocent (Magna Carta anyone?) in order to cater to feminists.

Speaking at the Conservative Women’s Organisation conference, Mr Cameron is expected to say: “Studies have shown that as many as one in two young men believe there are some circumstances when it’s okay to force a woman to have sex.

What studies? Who did they ask? More importantly, this means they assume that one in two men are potential rapists. They have created the monster that they wish terrorise women with…

And feminists like to say women are hard done by…

“To my mind, this is an example of moral collapse.”

The instigation of feminism creates social collapse you mangina as is documented here.

He will call for “widespread cultural change” and warn that society has become increasingly “sexualised” over the past decade, during which time treating women as sex objects has become viewed as “cool”.

Women sexualise themselves because of feminism (girl power) and corporate advertising, which is frequently designed by women. That has nothing to do with the bloke on the street, as I have also written about, here.

He is also set to call for compulsory sex education in schools to drive home the message that sex without consent is a criminal offence.

Well I think boys know what rape is, I don’t believe that is the agenda. What this is going to do is scare boys away from having relationships with girls. This DOES push the feminist plan of destroying relationships between men and women however, which is a direct attack on potential future nuclear families. Get them while they’re young eh.

Shadow Minister Theresa May told the BBC the Conservatives would carry out a review of sentences for rape – which she said had been falling over the past three years.

So? That would usually be considered a good thing, but with any well developed abuse industry subsidiary, they must continue to inflate convict rates/ victim statistics to justify their ever increasing budgets, among other things.

And she said the Conservatives would put funding for rape victims on a more “secure footing” and work to change attitudes towards rape.

This entire article revolves around assuming men have a encouraging attitude to rape. It is astonishing how obvious this attack on men is.

Less than 6% of reported rapes in England and Wales end in a conviction.

So what. Maybe 94% of reported rapes aren’t actually rapes. Well what’s the difference? They plant that statistic in this article as a leading statement. What about all the false allegations? No word on increasing the conviction rate for them I take it…

Juries tend to be more likely to convict in so-called “stranger rape” cases where there is often semen, blood or saliva from the suspect at the crime scene, injuries and marks on the victim and CCTV or eye-witness evidence.

But in eight out of 10 rape cases, victim and suspect are known to each other.

Ah. Rape cases means convictions or allegations? Judging by that statistic, probably allegations otherwise they would make it known it was convictions.

Fortunately there is a more balanced view here:

Paul Gilbert, a criminal lawyer with Finers Stephens Innocent, told the BBC in most rape cases juries had to decide whether there was consent and “it’s one person’s word against another”.

“That is a very difficult situation and therefore to say the conviction rate is low is looking at it in a far too simplistic way,” he said.

Unfortunately that’s it. Back to the assumptions of all men being rapists.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s spokesman said the government had taken action to help rape victims and increase the conviction rate.

“We now have specially trained police officers in virtually all forces. We have special rape prosecutors and we have established sexual assault referral centres,” he said.

Specially trained? To what, assume the man is guilty and work with training the ‘victim’ on how to better present her story, or what? This reflects on an earlier story where feminists were complaining that they need to ‘retrain’ the judges and police to be more ‘sympathetic’ to the ‘needs’ of women.

As always, men’s issues are ignored as if they never existed.

Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society campaign group, said the rape conviction rate was “a national disgrace” and rape crisis centres were at risk of closure, because of a lack of funding.

Ah, increase conviction rates (ruin countless innocent men’s lives no doubt) then, like the independent princesses they are, they run to the government asking for more tax payers (from men) money to fund their centers. It’s about making money by attacking men.

“Women have been let down for years as politicians have failed to prioritise tackling rape,” she said.

Fuck off. Women women fucking women. When was the last time the government prioritised anything to do with men, including all of the injustices experienced by men as a direct result of these pro-feminist policies? I went so far into this article without swearing too…

Alan Gordon, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said forces had “invested a considerable amount in training and are now investing in rape investigation suites so that people will feel comfortable about coming forward and talking to the police.”

Rape investigation suites? What the hell are they? This just smacks of the usual Marxist methodology.


Invent (or inflate) a problem to epic proportions, blame a group (men) for the false problem, propose a solution (throw more men in prison, make money.)

This is a concerted effort to take the burden of yet more responsibility away from women, encourage more false allegations and further undermine the basic building blocks of a free society (the family.) It is also interesting how this article completely ignores homosexual rape. I wonder why…

Remarkable. As an addendum, I was just listening to the radio as I write this, and there was a discussion on the case of a man who is 95% down the line of having sex (you know about to cum), and the woman says stop. If he doesn’t stop immediately. It’s rape.

How about he does stop. He gets pissed of with the mind games this woman is playing, cusses her and leaves.

She might get upset, and accuse him of rape anyway.

Come on people, this is complete communism! Government controlling sex between men and women! Fuck the government! And most of all, fuck femcunts!

11 thoughts on “David Cameron in the feminists pocket

  1. For all those idiot females and brainwashed men who buy into feminist “rape” theories I pose this scenario. A man and woman are copulating. The man is getting tired and starts to withdraw. The woman grabs his penis and testicles and pulls him back into her vagina because she has not finished her multiple orgasms. The man screams “Rape!” The feminist prosecutor refuses to take the case because the logic is too absurd for description. Idiot feminsts world wide scream in outrage because their own logic has been employed against them. The vagina between the ears called the female “brain” goes berserk. And the world is treated to a wonderful example of dialectical materialism mixed with legal vaginal secretions.

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  4. Cameron states convictions for rape have dropped since the 70’s. Could that not be because now we have DNA testing and so more cases are not proven, or rather proven that they havn’t been raped at all?

  5. Yes Exploit..the same camera that may well be proposed to monitor you NOT smoking in your home in front of children could well be used for self monitoring of correct gov’t approved sexual behaviour.
    I hesitate to joke..it may give the tw*ts ideas.

  6. Think this is going to reach the point where sex is only allowed with a government permit, in a secured room monitored by police, to ensure no ‘rape’ occurs…Any sex without a permit is automatically rape…

    That’d be the only way to make it idiot proof, which seems to be whats required these days…

  7. Yeah hopefully it will wake up more people to the superficiality of todays so-called ‘leaders.’

    I agree a real counter argument should always be presented with articles such as this one the BBC printed. But considering the limp-wristed, lazy and downright criminal actions of the mainstream media these days that’s like expecting the oil companies go release their advanced energy technologies AND drop the price of oil to benefit everyone 🙂

    This is the case with the meda, government, corporations, advertisers etc. Everyone pitches to women. There are more of them and they’re stupid (as in they buy crap they don’t need, are easily led/ distracted and are risk averse lol.) All these parasites want women’s attention/ loyalty/ money/ whatever.

    Men’s issues are being ignored by the government. But they contribute the majority of tax income. They do not represent the people of this country. They serve the Bilderburg Group/ Big Corporations and Women’s Vanity. They are SCUM.

  8. This latest move by Cameroon(sic) is completely transparent.
    Another cast for the fem vote whilst his policies have struck lucky against a weakened Broon (to wit immigration and EU falsehoods by our ‘roolers’).
    I am 100% against forced sex, as are all decent men,of which there are millions in this sorry country.
    Equally,I am against easy abortion and divorce,but unlikely to find many champions in parliament- who also need a good income and who also appear to sleep pretty well- thank-you!
    Some consolation that awareness in general is high now,of the methods of vote catching now used daily to push the new morality..that of the state.
    The figures for false accusations and convictions should be automatically shown when these issues are raised to show the damage that they cause to innocent men.
    As you point out male rape is ignored, are these ‘suites’ for them to?

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