Feminism labeled a ‘society killer’

A pro-family organization says it’s “sad world” when countries have to pay women to have children in order for a society to survive. Unfortunately, says a spokesman for Population Research Institute, that is what is happening in countries like Italy where birth rates have sunk to below-replacement level.Over the past several decades, feminist leaders like the late Betty Friedan, who was a founder of the National Organization for Women, and Gloria Steinem of Ms. magazine fame have decried the roles of women as mothers and housewives, suggesting they are forms of sexual exploitation. The modern feminist movement, as a result, has placed a higher value on women’s place in the working world — and its influence has had far-reaching consequences.

For example, Joseph D’Agostino, vice president for communications at the Population Research Institute, sees feminism’s influence on nations’ birth rates. He notes that modern societies now are organized around economic production, not the production of the next generation of human beings. The result? D’Agostino says feminism “destroys” every single society it touches.

“It is the most socially destructive movement perhaps in the history of the world — and I mean that in the scientific sense,” he emphasizes. “Every single culture, every single nation that’s adopted feminism [as a dominant philosophy] is now dying out. Feminism means death.”

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13 thoughts on “Feminism labeled a ‘society killer’

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  3. An intelligent conservative approach to resource usage and waste recycling, as RC has pointed out, is a feasible way to live. But then who are the corporations going to punt all of their crap too?

    Feminism has already done its damage on the ground level, its now moved deeper into law-making, and seeks to outlaw heterosexuality, families and children. Why? Because it is communism, and to master a population, they must separate them into their individual units, turn them all against each other and position the government as the supreme ‘regulator’ of all.

  4. Just to put some more perspective on the extent of world population in addition to FMW’s examples:

    If all the people in the world were placed in comfortable chairs next to each other, as in a cinema, they would take up a space equivalent to about a third of Wales.

    (working: 1 sq. metre/person. 6 billion people. An area 80kms x 80kms = 6,400 sq kms = 6.4 billion sq meters. Wales is about 20,000 sq. kms).

    As for resources, I live on a 1200 sq metre plot, all but 200 sq metres is native forest and bush. All my water comes from the sky, all my vegetable and fruits come from my gardens, nearly all waste is put to use on-site (I produce about 1 small shopping bag of rubbish a month that goes off-site). My greatest single expense is Income Tax (by a huge margin), followed by electricity, then Council Rates (Land Tax). My standard of living is high, even though my consumption power is way below average (I just choose not to consume – it really is that easy).

    This Earth can support way more people, and support them very well. What it may not be able to do is support them at a rate of consumption that appears to me to be more programmed into people rather than consciously chosen. I actually believe lots of people would like to live simpler, freer lives, independent of the state and corporations, but all sorts of obstacles – financial, legal, psychological – are placed in their way to prevent them doing that.

  5. Very depressing indeed.Anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel? Can feminisn`s continuing assault on men and the family be stopped? Is the societal ruin they`ve caused irreversable?

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  7. I get your points.

    Firstly, I disagree about Canada and those rocks being worthless. They’re perfect for throwing feminists onto from a great height! Oh and politicians. Lots of space too 🙂

    Global warming isn’t a scam. Global warming by humans IS a scam. Actually I’ve just decided my next article will be a short one about it.

    The vast majority of pollution is generated by corporations, not the common person, although it is a natural progression of industry. There is a lot happening. But it is being manipulated for other means. It actually always ends up with taking more away from the people.

    Even if they fine corporations,they’ll just absorb it by raising the price of their products.

    There is plenty of technology and potential tech can can be used. Just that it is either being withheld or the funding goes on more primitive things like weapons and propaganda.

  8. I agree, yet I disagree.
    I agree, we could support much higher populations.

    However the statistics fail to consider things such as quality of life, energy, habitable land, and resource consumption.

    We consume huge amounts of water and energy, especially up north.
    Also, only about 10% of the land in Canada is habitable, the rock shield covers most of it.
    Can’t grow food on rocks…

    We’ve really polluted the hell out of the world.
    I can’t even eat the fish out of lake Ontario because the fish have high levels of mercury and other toxins. We’ve overfished the oceans.

    Just look at China, 1 Billion people. They’re rivers are so toxic and polluted it doesn’t look like water anymore, its this black sludge.

    Maybe one day with the help of technology we can sustain higher populations, but right now we all pollute.

    So yes, technically we can have more people, but its just going to make current problems like pollution and clean water much more painful. Now global warming I hear is a scam, so I’m not even going to touch that one. I’m talking about smog, poor air quality, heavy metal poisoning, contaminated water, and so on.

  9. Actually Exploited overpopulation is a common misconception. Simple calculations put the max human population for Earth at 100 billion.

    So it turns out that if 5% of the United States were converted into urban area with a population density of 6,000/km2, and 45% were converted into suburban area with a population density of 2,000/km2, with the remaining 50% left for rural area, parks, and farms, there would be enough room for 3 billion in the urban areas, and 9 billion in the suburban areas, for a total population of 12 billion. This is in the US alone. This scheme could be extended to the other countries and continents for a total population of around 100 billion. Everything between the Arctic and Antarctic circles are potential targets for colonization. This is about 130,000,000 km2 of land area (the circumpolar regions have about 20,000,000 km2 of land).

    What people are mistaking for overpopulation, is actually resource monopoly by the governing elites and their corporations. Also, the vast majority of people subjected to the overpopulation lie live in big cities, where they look out of their flats and see people everywhere. It’s a psy-op.

    As I said, the resources are monopolised, creating massive poverty and suffering at differing levels for most people on Earth.

    Remember, this planet can maintain many times more people than there currently are. Also, population growth slows as a society develops, creating a natural equilibrium. Hope this helps.

  10. Its getting mighty crowded in the world, so this might not be such a bad thing.

    The Bill Gates’s and Rockefellers know damn well that this growth will eventually end humanity.
    This is a very silent way to reduce the population.

    Its shit for society, and I hate the movement, but we have no choice.
    Otherwise women will pop out babies until we are forced to stand in the ocean.

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