Why Feminism is a Fraud…

…and just uses the ‘fight for women’s rights’ as a proxy to wage war on men.

Feminism had a lot to say back in the day (before I was born I might add.) When you look at its foundational beliefs everything they push on society via government (men’s taxes) revolves about a few constants:

1. Men cannot be victims. Women cannot be perpetrators.
2. Women have been oppressed, are still oppressed and the only thing that can save them is feminism.
3. Women are exploited by patriarchal constructs like capitalism.
4. Women are equal (or superior) to men in every way.

Feminism is an ideology. Like communism. In fact, the feminists got their ideas about destroying the family, capitalism etc from Karl Marx.

“Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

The whole ‘rising up’ of these so called empowered women or wimmin (they don’t like the word ‘women’ because it contains the word ‘men’) was only made possible by corporate sponsorship. The main benefactors were the Rockefeller banking cartel. Source. Also, corporate interests were integrated into the feminist campaigns. Tobacco companies, at the instruction of Edward Bernaise, paid women to join the women’s marches while smoking cigarettes, to associate ’empowerment’ with buying their product. Women, being easily led, fell for it of course. Source. The CIA had a big part to play in its proliferation in the media also. Source.

Why would the Rockfellers fund feminism? Well, they wanted women in the workplace. That’s another half of the population they could tax. Their children would have to go into state run schools, they could then be ‘taught’ whatever is necessary to keep them dependent on consumerism and loyal to the state. The nuclear family would take a nose dive. It had nothing to do with ’empowering women’. In fact, it did the opposite.

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” — V.I. Lenin

So, feminism is now rampant. Like political correctness, it actually does the opposite of what it claims to do. It claims to give women rights, but only by attacking men’s rights. Anything catering to women is seen as ’empowering, girl power’ or some other slogan, anything catering to men is sexist. Men’s clubs? Sexist! Women’s clubs? Empowering! Q.

The flavour of the day though, is ‘pay discrimination’. I have written about this already and so have many others. The feminist M.O. is always the same. Portray women as victims of something, blame men as oppressing women (because they’re men of course), lobby for law to change to stop it. Reality is conveniently avoided.

Feminists claim women are being discriminated against because they earn less during their lifetime. Single mothers often don’t make much money! Oh noes!

Feminism told women they can be whatever they want to be. They also told women that being in a nuclear family is oppression, heterosexual intercourse is oppression, having babies is oppression (Rockefeller also funded The Pill) indeed, as some ‘leading’ feminist write:

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” — Robin Morgan (ed), Sisterhood is Powerful, 1970, p.537

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” — Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, “Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma,” Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

As a result of being able to do what they want, they went into the workplace. They were free to take what jobs they were qualified (and wanted) to do. Their choices reflect what their priorities are, which are different to those of men. Men generally choose jobs because of pay. Women choose jobs because of flexibility, safety and convenience. They make less money because they jobs they choose pay less. Simple isn’t it?

No it isn’t. Feminists refuse to accept that women’s choices put them in that position. So they blame the economy. The reports they release always ignore the choices of jobs, the hours taken off, the sick days called in and such. Why? Well their agenda is portraying women as victims, so they must synthesise a distorted reality to push that agenda. They pretend everything else is equal. How can they do this?

“Our culture, including all that we are taught in schools and universities, is so infused with patriarchal thinking that it must be torn up root and branch if genuine change is to occur. Everything must go – even the allegedly universal disciplines of logic, mathematics and science, and the intellectual values of objectivity, clarity and precision on which the former depend.” — Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies, (New York Basic Books, 1994), p.116

Logic and objectivity aren’t in the feminist play book, they can’t allow them to be because it would undermine all of the lies they use to push their agenda. They are using women as a weapon to try and communise society. Consider the issue of porn/ lads mags/ dress. Feminists exclaimed that being with the same man is oppressive, women have the right to take charge of their own sexuality! To use it for themselves! (The idea behind that was to destroy relationships, the precursor to the family.)

So, women were ‘freed’ from relationships. They no longer experienced the stigma of being ‘of low morality’ as Richard Blackwood used to put it. So what did these women CHOOSE to do? Why, they went into the sex industry. They used their bodies to make money. They exploited themselves for cash. They sent pictures into to NUTS and Maxim in the hope of getting a job.

Feminists didn’t like that, so they attack the industry (well, the men in it), conveniently ignoring the choices women made, and somehow blaming men for ‘forcing’ women to cue up around the block for porn auditions, FHM shoots and such. (Some of the biggest production houses in the porn industry are women, like Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly etc, but the feminists’ reality ignores them. They must still be exploited by men, somewhere, somehow.)

They also hate the nuclear family with a passion. (Naturally, they label it oppressive, blame men for oppressing, tell women to reject the family to empower them, the same old story.)

“[The nuclear family is] a cornerstone of woman’s oppression: it enforces women’s dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation.” — Alison Jaggar, Feminist Politics and Human Nature

Feminists also assume all men are criminals, sex offenders, rapists etc. Evil barbaric creatures that should be enslaved. Men are separated from children on planes because of feminist BS. Source. Men are attacked for walking in the park with their daughters. Source. Boys are failed in feminised schools. Source. Inventing stories to demonise men. Source. and so on…

“All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French, Authoress.

In reality, there is no pay discrimination, women want to be photographed in lingerie, women like attention, women want families, women don’t want to work in high-risk jobs (95% of work related deaths are men.)

Currently, most women (and men) will defend feminism because they’re brainwashed and they don’t know any better. Women defend it because of the benefits it gives them. Men defend it because they’re trying to curry favour with women.

I don’t defend it because I’ve done the research. I hate it. Feminists can kiss my arse.

In reality, feminism is a war on men and boys, and it works by acting like it is about women. Until people reject feminism (vocally) it will continue to destroy the family, destroy populations and destroy the bonds between men and women.

And if we lose that, nothing else will matter. Except the global eugenics/ depopulation agenda.

One final thought. Although feminists portray women as equal to men, they will not hesitate to portray them as helpless victims (hence unequal, and in need of new laws) when it suits their agenda.

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79 thoughts on “Why Feminism is a Fraud…

  1. With all due respect. Feminism, is a scam theory. I do not advise, any serious minded person. To take this theory serious. It is just as valueless. As trying to get a job. With a nursery school certificate. It is also like trying, to use a
    forged I.D card. Any good theory, should be. An internationally, recognized theory. Most people, who practice feminism. Do it just because, they are copying others.
    And they don’t even know, that feminism exists. Neither do they know. That it is even, on Wikipedia. I’ve seen a “feminist
    company”, that employs men to cook food. That has the boldness, to ask a male employee. Why he has, long hair (or female hairstyles). I’ve also seen a “feminist company”, asking a female employee. Why she is wearing trouser. All this, is doublethink

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  3. Well, you’re right, but look at the Congress, Wall Street- hell, ANYTHING that works in this society. It’s fraud. We’ve learned that and will use it to win. The boomers are getting old and everyone younger believes the ends justify the means. No one acts on principle. How can Dems elect Obummer? All we care is that our colors win. Given our numbers and that insipid logic ruling the day, we have to win. So shut up and get over it! Would you like some cheese with that white whine?

  4. The movement of feminism was based on a fairy tale.
    In a country far away, in the middle of the wilderness was found a tribe of people completely secluded from society.. a peaceful tribe who had nothing but love for each other, their vocabulary did not include any words for anger, hate as they did not understand the notion. The discovered tribe was all over the media.. Feminism was thus born, as they claimed that the differences between males and females were inflicted by society not by biological bounds. They used this tribe, that was out of touch with the outside world.. since always, as an example. These people, that were not influenced by society’s standards did not make a difference between men and women, they only had love..
    It was later found out, that the tribe was a hoax. That the loving people were actors paid for by the dictator of the country as to divert media attention of his abusive ways for a while.
    The claims that men and women are equal (so should be treated equally) are idiotic to say the least. Countless research has been made and have all indicated the genetic difference between the two sexes since birth. For example: The male baby at too young of an age to understand what the toys represent, will naturally choose to play with the truck as the female baby will choose the doll..
    Millions of years of evolution had the men provide for and protect the family, as it had the women bear and take care of the children. That is million of years of evolution that adapted both the male and female brains as well as their physical qualities. Male and females are different biologically, they have different qualities, tendencies and priorities. Anyone who wants to argue that is in desperate need of an education.
    That women and men are different should not mean that men deserve better treatment, as feminist claim they do. But do they? Feminist claim that the fact that men get paid more then women is pure sexism. All research supporting these claims, fail to mention that they also perform very different jobs. Take a construction worker and a cashier at a grocery store. The construction job is much harder, should it not pay more? If you were the manager would you not hire the person the most fit for the job? Would that person in most cases not be the men? It is thus completely normal that these “average” jobs end up with men getting paid more then women. If more physically demanding jobs did not have higher pay as a reward, more physically capable people would not be drawn to these jobs. A decrease in capacity and performance would follow in that line of work and economy as a whole would be negatively affected. Now take higher paid jobs. If as a manager you have two candidates of equal merit, one being a men and one a women. In all probability, let’s say the women will take about a year of paid leave to attend for the babies she will give birth to while the men will take 0 days of paid leave. The women will in all probability take a few sick days a year to care for her children as the men will not take any (women tend to worry/care more about their children then men). As a manager, having the company’s financial interest as your priority, who do you hire? Most higher paid jobs require countless hours in the office, women (who are more attached to their families) will be less likely to spend these hours at work. While men will be more likely to sacrifice time with their children for work. Surveys have confirmed these biological differences, where in regards to their dream jobs, women admit being more attracted to convenience and liking their job, while men care most about the income regardless of the sacrifices. It is normal that as a whole men get paid more then women, if you disagree, educate yourself.
    Regarding equal rights, I have never heard a feminist complain about judges favoring the mother in regards to disputed children custody. Women win close to 100 percent of the disputed child custody cases. The rare percentage of women that loses these cases tend to be hard core drug addicts. Equal rights would mean that if a child is born, from separated parents, at a flip of a coin the child could be taken away from the mother at the birth table. Is that what feminists want? In a equal right society, 1/2 of the Americans deported/forced to go to war and potentially die in Vietnam, would have been women.
    Feminist arguments are largely based on ignorance and their claims about deserving equality only seem to sound when it is convenient for them. Feminism is an uneducated, ignorant, bias, irrational and false movement, that on top of being annoying and obnoxious.

    • Well, you’re right, but look at the Congress, Wall Street- hell, ANYTHING that works in this society. It’s fraud. We’ve learned that and will use it to win. The boomers are getting old and everyone younger believes the ends justify the means. No one acts on principle. How can Dems elect Obummer? All we care is that our colors win. Given our numbers and that insipid logic ruling the day, we have to win. So shut up and get over it! Would you like some cheese with that white whine? https://twitter.com/Molly_Arenberg

      • Suicide is very frequent here in Canada Ontario, I have chosen exile for creativity reasons, this life is short. I’m happy that people are breaking up and finally finding true happiness without getting married or having children. Breaking free from religion, media, family expectations as well as society. I’ve been a recluse since 1995 and from what I see is that we are changing as human beings into infinite beings. Happiness cannot be found from within another person but only from within ourselves as people now are doing. MGTOW and FEMINISM are evolution and saying goodbye to sex is the greatest freedom and gift we can have. But hate only destroy the person giving it out. Folks,…the result of division is a new beginning, freeing men with MGTOW and freeing women with Feminism…sounds good to me.

          • This life is just a passing through as a temporary biological body, by the way hanging is the best way and quick method for suicide that men and women are using here in Canada due to debate, hate, cyber bulling, false accusations, education, the work place in family and friends. I could just imagine them watching over us and saying “Well, looks like theirs going to be more people joining us soon”

  5. Just doing some research for my Degree in Anthropology and Critical Theory and happened and came across this blog. After reading this article, and the opinions that follow, I am shocked, appalled, and thanking my lucky stars that I have taken steps in my 30’s to seek out a type of education that strives to be inclusive in its considerations towards others, even if it does exist in a stratified North American society that contributes to inequality through capitalist structures and the like. I am clearly naive to think that there are some ideologies that express themselves through such hatred towards others that expired decades ago, and reading this makes me realized how incredible sheltered I am. It is clearly a reflection of the white, middle class, Canadian, privileged position I am in that I can sit on this laptop with the type of education that I have and write this. Maybe it is because I exist in a group that mostly thinks alike, and attempts to debate from an informed perspective which reflects an expansive discourse accumulated by scholars over many years (by which I mean debate not based on a gross misuse of quotes and cherry picked information to fuel an argument that is *completely* ridiculous, and quite entertaining in a scary movie/Deliverance kind of way). This is not to say I don’t respect the opinions of whomever wrote this, or those who commented. It is to say, however, that these opinions are difficult to take seriously when they are based on this article, or conclusions drawn from experiences lived with little consideration of political and social networks that are tied to that lived experience. Regardless, to be ignorant of the grand scope of this topic is one thing, as not everyone wants to become educated on it for various reasons. But to engage in the type of logic that presents ignorance before informed opinion in a work such as the one above is psudoscience. While there is much to be debated on this topic, I suggest that anyone reading this article and drawing conclusions based on its cited information be weary.
    Apparently Ignorance isn’t bliss…it is angry and hiding behind a screen and keyboard.

    • It is very easy to blabber as you had said using your education and a keyboard. But I am amused to a very high degree by the lack of even a quark size bit of scientific thought process or logic in your article and then complain about the article of being pseudo-scientific. Also if you can, bring to discussion table any self proclaimed feminist and self proclaimed anti-feminist, and you will invariably find that at the end of all argument, anti-feminsts will still have smile on their face, and feminists will have still have anger oozing out of sweat glands – Showing pretty much how hatred is the base of their ideology, allowing them to live and cry hoarse without the need for logical reasoning, but only sucking up every opportunity of emotionally convert everyone they encounter into their tribe. On the the contrary, even though their group is anti-feminists, they are in the position or dicusssion or argument because of their inabilty to digest the paranoia creating feminist ideology sucking up whole truth and spreading lies after lies. They are also there because they love man, woman and children, environment and nature, for what they are and have in common, not because of their differences. They are also there because they can’t stand the destruction of their world because of the crappy piece of defecated ideology called feminism. If I am thinking a little bit more logically and willing to give benefit of doubt and support of evidences to feminism as a movement, then I must admit and say this, that feminism started with lot of good intentions and desparate need to reduce the partial reality of opression of women at that time, but was hijacked and sabotaged later by many psychophants into the illogical, lie propgating, self serving ideologogical machine that it is today, which only has the maginified remanants of desparation it started with as soveniers from it’s past. As you didn’t support any of your arguments with any shred of evidence and were ranting your frustration out showing your inabilty to come to grips with reality, I felt it fit to write back in the same tone and purposefully left out out any supporting evidence or logical constructs for my points. Also don’t think you would not want to discuss anything more logically, than I would not want to argue more with you emotionally – So wishing you good days ahead.

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  7. I disagree with the contention that feminism is communism or socialism. The Rockefellers would not have funded either one. That the Rockefellers funded it indicates that it in some way benefits the wealthy and not just the state. You may make a case that it draws elements from such ideas. But there is not an equivalence.

    • Very nice article, but let me please clear the mind of some of us. First off all the women we call feminist are just puppets for the elite (Rockfellers, Rochchilds, etc.) now these families own basically everything all the banks, all the money but as greedy as they are they still not satisfied. Infact the problem is that there is still too many uncontrollable and free thinking units out there, so they are constantly decreasing the population of the world either by killing or by preventing born. I only disagree with you in one thing the ones to blame are NOT woman infact they are the ones losing their natural and cultural role, after carrying a baby in your vomb for 9 months you MUST have the right to raise him plus your income must come directly from the state. This way women will have less stress (yesmen can handle better with stress than women, that’s the way nature created us EQUAL but with different qualities) and children that are raised with love become more human than those raised by moraless nursed or whatsoever. Now the rockfellers have fulfilled their 3 objectives that were 1. Divide the mans salary by 2 so the woman has to go to work (zero timeme for children) 2. By the very young age the government has to raise all the children in kindergardens (simply because parent are financially left with no choice, and this way brainwashin is too easy look arounz our generation is phucked) 3. Reduce the world’s population to have less rebellious people. Remember we men are not victims because words don’t hurt a true man but we women are the ones losing their ffreedom, their gender roles and are made to suffer from stress that originally was made for a man to handle note the difference of our bodies and slightly of our brains too. Ps. Im only 16 my dad was killed for exposing the truth so will I.

  8. American negroes, women and jews will never be satisfied and will make everyone miserable until the day you die. Face it. Women who wait too long to have children are miserable as they age and don’t have the energy to “be all that they can be” causing themselves, their husbands and children misery. What a miserable future for America.

    • The women who fought for the right to vote were pro-life and pro-family. They would probably think today’s feminists are homewreckers and murderers.

  9. Feminism and “empowering” of women or making them equal (or even “superior”) to men leads to rotten society. Not to even mention that that progress and benefits for all humanity are endangered by this act. I’m not saying that women are worthless – quite the contrary; however, men and women must realize that MEN are the ones who should and must “lead” the family and women should support them in their decisions (NOT oppose them, becuase this leads to disaster). Only then we can expect a better world and a better tomorow for everyone.

    • here are a few quotes I ran into on another site:

      “women aren’t creatures of logic but creatures of emotion and self-fueled narcissism.” – that’s why they weren’t allowed to vote a hundred years ago.

      “women have no sense of justice” – that’s why dads almost never get custody.

      “man cannot become as woman, neither shall a woman become as man” – that’s why they created a stupid system that made it a law to have just as many female workers, even if they suck.

      one irony I picked up from the site is that women hate men but want to become like men, and then suck at doing their roles fueling there hatred for the “patriarchal system”


      • Believe me, I don’t want to become like the men who gave those quotes. Too whiney. But perhaps you should read the end of the Gospel of Thomas where supposedly Christ says, “when women become more like men …” I’ll let you find it on you own. Of course a man wrote it.

  10. I think the world we live in is ridiculous. The fact that they claim it’s unfair that male dominated areas such as sports or computer oriented areas is gender biased and try to “fix” that, but then either ignore or even try to stop female dominated areas such as college, health, or even most white collared jobs from being less biased brings hypocrisy to a whole new level. Male bashing? Don’t even get me started. My current thoughts about all this is that I envy any man over the age of 60, and sympathize for any man under the age of 40, especially for those under 20. As for the ones that aren’t even born yet, they’re either pretty much screwed, or will actually have it better because this problem will be fixed. At any rate, nobody deserves this garbage, and this better be fixed in a hurry.

  11. Thanks God i am not in USA or in any other cpuntry of the First wotld…imagine to live surround by cavemen,like the ones who write such cruel bullshits!I Women can´t have rights because that´s considered abusive!!

    It´s not only american women who see you guys as pervs and rapista,ask anyone from Latin America that you will heard worse stuf.So,instead of blaming feminists,why don´t ask yourselves about what make women hate you guys so much?

    Haters are hated all over the world!

    • you obviously haven’t read a thing that’s been posted. We have the right to speak out about things the same way you do, so shut up and keep your crap in arse you prick!

    • No offence, but women who think like you are “destroyers” of social progress, family and wellbeing for everyone. Women who tend to look only for themselves and their own advancement (women careerists and all who support them) are not even realizing that such behaviour leads to destruction of family, alienation and finally to rotten society.
      (English is not my native language, so please, disregard any possible grammatical mistakes)

  12. I think the word feminism should be the F word instead. Feminism is the biggest fraud in the history of the world, and yet it’s also the least known fraud. The fact that men are perpatrated as being lazy, worth nothing, getting called pigs, idiots, animals, rapists, sexist (saying men are pigs, animals, idiots, rapists, cheaters etc. is sexist too you stupid hypocrites). The list could go on and on and on. When my son was dealing with these insults, he commit suicide for fealing his kind is completely worthless (apparently feminists want that), well congradulations you Cunts, your wish came true, you happy now! The way they treat men is completely unacceptable, and should be stoned for all the suicides they’ve caused people to commit. What’s the matter with you idiots, didn’t get your favorite toy from your daddy? Why are they doing this? I miss my son a lot ;(

    • Don’t place all women in the category of those who lower themselves to name-calling and verbal abuse. Most of us like men and just want partnership. If you are realistic the facts show that males are more aggressive and commit a lot of violent crimes against females and males alike. That nowhere near puts all men in a rapust category. And no, your son shouldn’t have had to deal with that abuse. But many young girls have committed suicide for the reverse. It’s never one sided. Calling those women names is using the same mentality they did. How does that help stop the problem?

  13. Feminism wouldn’t stand a chance without those stupid “manginas”. I disrespect manginas just as much as I hate feminists. The fact that these so called “men” don’t have any balls at all proves how cowardly and insecure they are, whether they are afraid of other men and want them without power, or sucking up to feminists. And as for feminists, I hate them so much, I respect a dogs more! No that’s not a fair comparison. Dogs’ droppings. The fact that feminists smell like them doesn’t help either. I see them as targets, not humans. I especially don’t see them as ladies(those historical figures that don’t exist anymore). I hope they all get tied up and burn in BOILING HOT OIL!

    • True, without brainwashed men, sexist and agressive movement such as feminism wouldn’t stand a chance.
      I’m wondering, where are all those good women gone (like the ones living in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s)?

      • They were recruited to make guns and bullets for male initiated wars that kill men, women and children. That led to the so called feminist movement when the banker crowd figured out the increased tax base and possibility of eliminating the family unit. Raise your glass to the warmongers who likewise rev up the male population with their pre-planned wars which are also created to make money for the same few. Watching the mutual bashing going on here shows me that they are winning the real war which was to destroy all of us not ‘in the know’ or elite enough to belong to their club.

  14. Women here have no idea how bad men can be. American men are one of the most patient, calm, and nice of every man in the world. Some countries allow there husbands to beat there wives when they get out of line, don’t do there work, and all kinds of reasons. The ladies there wouldn’t dare do what they do here. So every time I here some b*tch saying how stupid men are, I realize how spoiled “princesses” they are, and how insecure they are.

  15. So basically a century ago, we work our butts off to free the women and this is the thanks we get? Just the thought makes me steamed. If we wanted, we could take all back, but there’s too many men who still defend them cause they are freaken idiots. Women act so innocent and helpless when they’re being suppressed but give them power and we get BULL SHIT such as: “We’re better than you” “We control the world” “we can do whatever we want” or brag saying “I can beat you senseless, but if you fight back we’ll call the police” (another reason why you should kill them when fighting back). When men used to be in control, we never did that. I sure hope other parts of the world where men are still in control NEVER give them equal rights. And they probably won’t after seeing our culture. Give them the privilege of being equal, and they abuse it. When I get a job, moving away from this stupid country.

  16. Why are these women even complaining still. American, and English women are said to complain more than anybody else in the world combined! Yes that includes Mexicans, Blacks, Jews, etc. They get to work, get equal pay for less (woman’s) work, and I’m not even getting started on divorce laws. This is something people in the middle east, especially women, wouldn’t have in their wildest dreams! You ladies even get off scott free when you are abusive. Whenever men are abusive, they get tasered, and thrown in jail for life, something that’s rarely happens to you (YET). But keep this crap up, and your days are getting numbered. Men are getting tired of the crap they put up with. If you ever did research, the Men’s Right’s Movement is steadily gaining strength, while feminists are weakening. And a day will come, when things are looking dark for you. You ladies have no idea who you’re messing with.

  17. feminists are a bunch of woman loving fucking gay idiots who are so scared shitless of men that if one

    of them tapped them on the shoulder they’d run for the fucking hills or just flip out.

    christ cant all of you fucking idiots just die already cause we dont need your bullshit anymore.

    men are not evil..maybe if you stupid lesbian feminists werent so busy sucking vag you could realize that.

    roseannes a fucking feminist which is why I dont watch her piece of shit show anymore..but mostly cause

    I cant stand that fat piece of shit anyways.

    so glad im not a feminist cause men are awesome and women suck the big one..always whining god your

    such emotional basketcases that scream or start crying whenever someone knocks a fucking flowerpot

    over or something.

    so yeah.fuck feminists and fuck women..you sluts havent earned any right except to stay in the kitchen

    and make dinner and clean house..cause thats all your good for..oh yeah and sex..another thing your

    good for.

    feminism..man cant wait till that stops.

    and women smell like fish and when they get their period they smell like blood.


    annoying fucks.

    • Fuck yourself hard in your ass first, you sorry bastard. You man-whores should have no rights except that to pay alimony to your cheating wives, hahaha, LOL (thats exactly what you assholes deserve). Hope somebody poisons you soon while cooking dinner for you, as you say, you man-bitch.

      • He made that reply because bitches like YOU, exist. Instead of getting all emotional about a comment, why don’t you just enjoy your life that you don’t freaken deserve! Men have way more reasons to complain than cunts like you, yet they take it anyways. Women deserve to get beat by their husbands. It goes both ways you low life.

  18. When future historians look back up this relative time period, they will directly identify feminism for the decline and ultimately, the destruction of the nuclear family.

    In other words, the more we fight what is natural, the more it will fight back and eventually win.

  19. Feminists are the trash of the world and soon feminism will fall into the garbage bin of failed philosophies just like nazism and communism (ala soviet union).
    Too many men (and women) are waking up to the misery that feminsm has created to prevent its eventual implosion. You have been judged and found wanitng you hags of hell. the writing is on the wall.

    • Its okay, Edward. We all know that you have balls only when you’re hiding behind the net. But don’t worry… we won’t tell your secret to anyone 🙂

      • What the freak? That little comment was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. anybody (woman) who denies the truth is a coward. You’ve proven to be the trashiest of the trashy women.

  20. I agree in the stratgy of this article. Im a muslim and live with my wife and we are very happy. Islam our religion dont asks women to work. thSame time he doesnt stop them from work. The important thing is that Islam said that money and income generation is the responsibility of a man. Woman is not responsible for bringing money to the family. But if she helped islam doesnt stop her. Islam gives periority to family structure. Females are not obliged in islam to spend theeir money on family. The money colllected by women is their own money. But mens money is the one should be spen on the family including the wife. Islam emphasise the role of a lady to give love to her husbend and ma. The man role is to protect the female and respect her. The woman role is tto take care of children while men bring income for family. Islam doesnt ask for women to work but doesnt stop them to if their is a need to raise the family. Islam is against women freedom in sex. But he gives her the full right to chose the man she want. IslamI think this is instinct in females and males !

  21. What a great website!!!! Feminists are Fascism’s useful idiots and it is high time that their lies were exposed. If you read a lot of blogs you will find an increasing number of women are waking up to the fact that feminism has betrayed them because men will have nothing to do with them. We will not work for feminists we will not fight for them and we should ignore them at every opportunity. Always argue with them and try to make them cry. Then they will refuse to speak to you, JOB DONE.

  22. This is just great. I joined a feminist website the other day — and they banned me within the span of twelve hours. For them, freedom of speech only goes one way. After they kicked me off, the moderator went back and altered — censored — my posts, then declared the thread closed. And the patriarchy is the only group interested in power? Please!

  23. Thanks for the comment John, you are absolutely right about the socialism of Hitler, and the parallels with today’s (New) Labour. Same thing with Obama.

    With have a generation or two who have grown up under state tyranny, socialism, communism. They don’t actually know what freedom is.

    Funny how I didn’t learn anything I know now from the Marxist indoctrination camps, otherwise known as schools.

    No Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, Monetary (fractional reserve, fiat currency etc). No truth about the banking establishment, the EEC > EU being the brainchild of Nazi’s as a Plan B to destroy Britain incase the war failed. No explanation of Marxist thinking.

    Just lots of ‘teaching’ about how you are an evil polluter, creating CO2 and hurting the Earth, how you should snitch on your parents to the state and how you should worship the EU and turn your back on Britain. Embrace globalism and the new world order.

  24. It strikes me that the feminist movement more closely resembles the Marxist-both are Jewish creations. The number of shrieking Jewesses has always been extraordinarily high in it since inception. Moreover, these Jewesses are completely silent about what goes on in Israel, where there is a vast sex slave trade of women kidnapped in Eastern Europe. Moreover, in Israel a state board determines whether a Jewess can have an abortion. The criteria are whether the woman has the financial resources to care for the child and the Jewish state’s need for a higher birthrate, not the convenience of the individual Jewess. There are other interesting practices as well, such as the fact that the Jewess cannot get a divorce without the husband’s permission.

    Since you are anti-socialist, a position which I share, it is worth while remembering that it was precisely the British socialists, the Labour Party, who were the main sponsors of the Jewish “national home” during the days of the Mandate, 1923-1948. Indeed, this British Labour Party included a famous plank in its 1944 platform that “the Arabs should be encouraged to move out, as the Jews move in”. I assure you that I am no supporter of Adolf Hitler and his social system, although these days it is entirely forgotten that Hitler was indeed a socialist-and a genuine one. As Mr. Goldberg points out, the economics of Hitler’s Germany were entirely leftist. Corporations were heavily taxed and regulated. The Nazis had all kinds of social programs similar to those of New Deal America. Indeed, in the early years of the New Deal and the Third Reich, many Germans referred to the New Deal as “National Socialism for Americans”.

    In Nazi Germany, abortion for German women was illegal (although the Nazis made an exception for Jewish women wanting abortions). The Nazis and the Italian fascists also made determined efforts to increase the birth rates of their respective countries. It is currently the practice among political leftists to equate German National Socialism with Jewish National Socialism in Palestine. But after the Second World War when the mandate was crumbling, there were a number of English conservatives who advanced the analogy as well. I think in particular of MP Beamish and Sir Edward Spears, who headed the Conservative opposition while working with the various Arab Offices in London.

    Anyway, back to the feminists. They are odious creatures, Jewish or otherwise. I compliment you on your well-reasoned exposes. They are some of the best on the internet. Keep hammering on the truth. Someone has to do it. The liars of the kept media never will.

  25. Maybe Robert, how about this:

    Even the language of the [feminist] movement mirrors the mood of fascism. The apocalyptic and hate-filled rhetoric of radical feminists expresses their eagerness to inflict harm.

    — Robert H. Bork (1996)
    in Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline,
    Regan Books/HarperCollins, NY (pp.193-225)


    It seems digusting and ridiculous when it the roles are reversed John, which feminism was, is and always will be.

    • There is no real socialism. Never was. What is painted as socialism is actually just state-controlled capitalism. You guys need to actually read Marx before you compare Feminism to Socialism. They are VASTLY different. The fact is, it was capitalism (Rockerfellers for one) who supported and encouraged Feminism. By tearing the woman away from the family unit and giving her “purchasing” power, they have created the biggest group of consumers in the world.

      I don’t understand capitalists sometimes… the gap between poor and rich, the disparity in standards of living around the world as a direct result of corporate actions, the commercialized, hollow “value” of our news and media.. Feminism. These are all things created and fueled by capitalism…

      You want a true model of socialism? Open-source software. That is as close as humanity as ever come to creating a truly socialist system.

  26. The best way to refute feminism is to simply reverse the role of the genders. Here goes.

    Let us visualize America in the 1950’s as it once was. (I live in the States.) Women work to support men who stay home and raise the children. Women give men everything in divorce court (the house, the car, all her money). Women pay massive child support and alimony to automatic custody fathers. Women die by the thousands in Korea and Vietnam while men stay home and drink tea with the boys. Women go down with the ship so that men and children can climb on the lifeboats. Women work themselves into heart attacks at work so that men can outlive women by eight years and inherit 80% of all the wealth in the country. Men have it made.

    In 1963 a closet Jewish communist, Betty Friedan, publishes a book, “The Male Mystique”, arguing that the average male suburban house husband is really living in a camoflauged Auschwitz concentration camp. Men should liberate themselves from this female oppression and demand careers and high paying jobs in addition to “men and children” first. Women display the balls that men lack and call it all bullshit. They make clear to men that men have too much already and that men are not going to have all the jobs, too. Moreover, men should be paid less because they do not have to work to support the opposite sex like women do.

    And that is the crock-of-s— called male feminism.

    • Well this world is selfish, there are flaws in both sides at the same time there are good people also,those are the ones getting effected by such selfish bunch of people. Nature has created man and woman separately, we have to adjust according to it…… disturbing it disturbs the nature itself.

    • You do have to remember that the idea of tampering with our social structure of male (used to be) dominance is tampering with the way humans evolved. Men an woman evolved together because we are one species. We evolved to suit each other best. So if we evolved this way, why would you make things worse for yourself.

      • Not so long ago women who used herbs to heal were considered witches. To determine whether she was indeed a witch she was thrown into a lake. If she drowned she was declared innocent. If she floated she was a witch and then executed. Before that, if a man wanted to be rid of his wife (for new paramour) he had only to accuse her of infidelity. She would be taken to the temple where she had to drink a concoction of dirt from the floor mixed with water that washed the words from the written accusation into the drinking vessel. If she didn’t become sick to her stomach and throw up, then she was innocent. If she did, she was executed. What she didn’t know was that the ink of that time was made from carbon. Carbon is an emetic. Mixed with dust it would have a very high chance of making the woman in question throw up. Watch a movie of a true story called “The Stoning of Surya M” to see how Muslim men get rid of their wives so they can have a nubile new 13 year old wife. That, Matt, is how male dominance has historically operated. That and “rape and pillage.” the word dominance is the problem. There is a phrase most likely coined by a man, “turnabout is fair play”. I don’t promote feminism as I know its source and agenda. However I find the male reaction amusing in part because men aren’t dealing well with any form of domination by women. They can dish it out but not take it. So they retaliate and now we have exponential increases in violent crimes against women. Explain to me Matt, why our prison population is 93% male. I would guess the need to dominate plays a part. I think Steven has the healthier answer.

    • Men have been leading. So why is the world so screwed up? Some of the emotional qualities of women could be used to temper some of those male war tendencies that are so destructive. I feel the original design was for men and women to work together using their differences to come up with balanced solutions. Who says that only men can lead and women dare not oppose? Where is that etched on the universe? It wasn’t a woman who came up with the H-bomb. Had I been around then I most certainly would have opposed it. I imagine some women in Japan would have too. Are you suggesting that the next time a man wants non-consensual sex that the woman not oppose? Did God give women the ability to think just so she keeps quiet and never utters a thought? I think both parents should run the household/family together using mutual agreement, discussion and the MATURITY for each to be able to recognize when the other has the better idea for the current issue and THEN be supportive. Its not about keeping score. Its not about who is “better” its about two individuals coming together for the greater good of themselves as a unit and the offspring they brought in to the world which is the responsibility of both equally. They were both there for the creative act. Not just the MAN. Who I might add does not do the nine months work part but we do our best to include you. The same act that is really a co-union with the Creator of us all. A spiritual melding of three not a “did you get some” for one. For thousands of years men and women have been divided by such a paradigm as you suggest. What has it got gotten us? What would true partnership gain us? I can tell you I would never marry a man who was not strong enough inside to handle any opposing thoughts or concerns I might have. Who was not secure enough to hear an alternative view and even accept it as a better idea. Or who believes for a minute that a woman’s opposing view was a recipe for disaster. I would feel the man’s ego was simply too fragile to be a true life partner.

  27. “All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French, Authoress.

    Nonsense. This is quoted wrongly. It was a character in one of French’s novels that said it and this does in no way reflect French’s personal opinion.

  28. I am a woman and I was lied too. My mother left my father and raised us with neglect. She has the highest degree but the family is a wreck. I sold my soul for ‘love’, I didn’t know what it was! I have always been submissive and craved my husbands arms, but that branded me as weak so I entered the world unarmed. My INSTINCTS to submit were used against me while I feigned emotional detachment. I was never allowed too say I needed a man. But at the same time my educated mother envied the ‘weak’ women who had to listen to a man. I was raised to marry for money, but that men were useless. I married a sexy blue collar worker who has me and dinner and thank god he loves my kids ( who are in bed) when he comes home. I love the structure, I love the focus he gives me. When I was single, I was always terrified and constantly felt used . I cannot admit this to my friends ( who are jealous of the softness of my life but would never let a man rule over them). It isn’t always easy for me, he is controlling but patience usually works best for me to get what I want. I mean want as in extra things that I end up getting because I am a “good wife”.
    Feminism ruined my life. I grew up believing I could do anything a man could do. I did leave my childrens father because he is and alcoholic beat us and would not work. But if I had been cared for as a young women I would have realized how important a partner is in the first place, especially a suitable one. I was strong but worn out and depressed. I hated men but needed one…and other women LOOKED DOWN on me. I was scared to get an apartment alone with my kids, there was no safety for me and I didn’t realize I needed it until after I was a mother. The 250 dollar check the state gave me was useless! I was forced into doing ugly things…It was a mess. I do believe that matriarchy is changing things for the worse, but I won’t admit that to a woman. Just the other day a single woman looked on as I got a cool new phone from my Hubby, hers was cheap and she was sucking on a coffee demanding correct prices after taxes. She looked at me with contempt, I don’t know why…I earned it with all the work I do at home for my family. How could she be mad when she earned every bit of what she bought as well??

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  30. I see the last comment was made almost two months ago, so this may not get a lot of viewership. Be that as it may, I disagree. Men are not emasculated and afraid to criticize women, they have merely been bludgeoned into not expressing their views. We at this site have officially declared political correctness dead and buried.

  31. Steven. You make a lot of good points. I have thought about falling into the hate trap frequently, sometimes I just let rip and get ’emotional’ about it. Imagine that!

    I try to stay balanced though. This isn’t just about women mind you, men have a lot to answer for, for allowing it to perpetuate also. Societies policy makers are riddled with self-interested social engineering scum. The problem is the corporate government’s reach into society. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but keeping the statists out of peoples’ lives is a good start.

    One of the reasons societies of old were so strong is precisely because of the freedom society had. Government stood the hell out of the way, like it should, and people organised themselves into the units that were best for them. The nuclear family being an essential part.

    I have no lenience with women’s bad behaviour though, (and men’s) and will pull them up on it if I have the time on this blog. On top of everything else, these women do have to take responsibility for their actions, because in the end of the day, they are the ones acting in that way down here, in the real world.

    Men are now emasculated too, scared to criticise women, along with everyone else. Part of the feminist ideologies’ creation of the female immunity.

    Men and women do naturally complement each other, it’s no surprise, we’ve been together evolving on Earth for a very long time. That was the goal of the bankers. To break that bond so they could control the women (and therefore the next generation) while marginalising the men.

    This has now been going on for generations. This isn’t the beginning, this is almost at the end.

    Feminism encourages women’s narcissism. This alienates men who loathe women for it. Women believe that their selfishness is actually ‘girl power’ so they refuse to see it otherwise. Men get even more pissed off. Etc.

    The problem is women are being protected from the consequences of their actions by the government.

    If it stayed limited and cancelled all of these bullshit laws and allow people the freedom to think and speak, these things would quickly repair themselves.

    That’s what I think, none of this will make any difference while the governments do what they do.

    I started out blogging about feminism, but quickly moved beyond it when my research went deeper. Still, I’ll keep calling people on their bullshit.

    Thanks for the comment Steven

    • Well said. Women do have power, a wonderful power, but they are using it incorrectly .It’s the power to nurture, to build up, to inspire, to create, to calm stormy seas, to show where love can work better than force, to form the young minds they birth. Men have power, an awesome power.The power to defend the weak, to balance our emotion with logic, to create shelter, to provide, to expand, to show by example the values of honor, honesty and bravery. They too have been using it incorrectly. “With great power comes great responsibility” If both were to use their powers together in a responsible and mutual way, seeking not how to individually benefit but how the entirety would benefit, then we could solve all problems. Feminism is just that. An -ism. The proper movement should have been “gender equality” which would have included both sides. They did a good job, those crafty devils. Both sides have now managed to lose the greatest power which is that of “two is better than one” or “the real healing takes place when we start spilling our sweat and stop spilling our blood”.

  32. When you know that feminism was created by Rockefeller and his foundations, when you realize that the feminist movement, Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem was created by the CIA, when you realize the feminist media has been heavily funded into reality… you can’t blame it all on women so harshly. One fact, most elections are won by the person who spends the most money. Money buys perception of truth, in this age of psychologically-honed advertising. We have all fallen victim to propaganda at one point or another in our lives. Most feminists have been with an asshole of a man, or watched it in a friend or family member, and broke down and came to the “answer” that was given to them to explain it all away. Most people take the first answer that gets them out of their cognitive dissonance, because most people can’t stand not to KNOW “the answer” to something. Some of us are coming up with a NEW version of “the answer” about how it’s all women’s fault actually.

    Some of the vitriol towards women in these comments is perpetuating “the gender war” too. It’s doing Rockefeller’s work, too. The big boys do their thing by divide and conquer, play sides off against each other and stand back to watch them tear each other to pieces, stepping in at the end with your “solution.” Ordo ab Chao.

    We have to unlearn the indoctrinated “fact” that there is no difference between men and women. It’s killing both of us. Men and women are supposed to compliment each other, not copy each other, and that includes our flaws. In the healthy relationships I’ve observed, men help center women and bring them down to earth, and women help inspire men and give them a reason to be brave and improve their situation in life. Plus, women give children.

    Unbounded logic/reason (the male principle) will destroy the world just as surely as unbounded emotion/desire (the female principle) will. The eugenics/depopulation agenda is 100% rational. That doesn’t make it right.

    Also, remember that the “Playboy” culture sprang up in the 1950s, no doubt funded by the same people, to create a new class of shallow, chauvenistic, sex-desperate males for the then-upcoming feminist movement to rebel against.

    To the person who thinks that “feminism” goes back to the dawn of man: feminism could not exist in any culture without a mass media to promote the idea by shoving it into books, movies, TV shows, music, art, commercials, and so on. Repetition is how you make a new idea stick.

  33. You are afraid to be more? You mention “the foundation days of femenism”. Excuse us all, but I am certain that femenist roots go back to the “days”, or rather eons when we were six inch mamals scurrying about under dinosaur feet. I have a hidden momma inside who is very adept at managing real BIG problems. Get with the gang, dear.

  34. Yeah Some Dude. Every guy I know knows about women are about. Got wonderful people like Heather Mills for the big time attention, just in case a few blokes didn’t want to believe it.

    The schools, funnily enough, are dominated by female teachers. Women are known to try and feminise things, workplace, boyfriends home etc. Their teaching style isn’t appropriate for boys because they focus on stupid shit like talking about your feelings and ‘its the trying that counts’ and not ‘these are the facts’ and ‘be the best.’

    Women are definitely ME creatures. I did a post called FMW Hypothesis which I have begun to bring some logical structure to their attitudes, which reminds me I need to do Part 2 lol.

    • Don’t agree with this line, “women are definitely ME creatures.” Many are, many aren’t. I hate shopping, makeup, watching TV. I’m a nurse and a teacher who does not ‘feminise’ her classroom. When I was married, I decorated the house with my husband’s western cowboy decor. I know other women who are like this. Many are out in the trenches trying to fix some of the problems we have all contributed to. It is about trying. While the methods might not be like yours, I would think it better to try than than to just watch the propaganda box all day and do nothing.

      I’ve dated/known many men who are also very “me me me ” oriented. Who are big time consumers of ultimate trucks, $1000 fishing poles, ATVs, fancy name brand sport clothing, who can be found in equal amounts in the gyms honing their pects and who even have plastic surgery done. Who whine if you don’t call them. Who complain about how awful their life is. Who have learned to enjoy watching the Better Homes and Gardens shows about decorating and cooking. Hey, I like those men! I don’t call for us to boil them in oil. They probably aren’t out bashing head in or raping young girls. You can actually have a conversation with them. All the men on here yelling out about boiling in oil or killing women or calling them cunts, etc … are really coming from a “me me me” place. But a much darker “me me me” place.

      I started out rather admiring your commentary. But not so much now.

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  36. What’s worse is there’s a serious misinformation and brainwashing regimen in schools to teach children women are “to be respected” “treated like princesses” “treated as equals” and boys are naturally given NONE of the same kind of respect. Why? Because women don’t give a damn about men. And that’s why feminism will fail even more than it has. It’s about me me me, what I can get, not about US US US how we can work together for a better future. We’ll wake the hell up all of us and realize things have gone to hell but it’ll be too late…

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