Scrap Women’s Prisons! Yay!

From the stinking festering misandric BBC.

Women’s prisons should be shut down and replaced with small secure units, according to a report commissioned for the Home Office.

The plan is being recommended by Labour peer Baroness Corston as part of a 10-year reform programme.

She says women should be held in units near their families and not in large jails like the one in Holloway, London.

Right, let me get this straight. This fool wants to abolish prisons for women? Why exactly?

Her review was prompted by the deaths of six women at Styal prison, Cheshire, between August 2002 and August 2003.

If adopted by the home secretary, Baroness Corston’s approach would see Holloway and about 14 other all-female prisons in England and Wales shut down or converted into jails for men.

Because women have died in prison. And what about the men who suffer in prison? Are they not people too? Or I guess it is because women are so special and need to be pampered, even when they are criminals, but I guess they can’t really be criminals in the Matriarchy.

Can you believe the fucking statement ‘converted into jails for men!’ Let’s let all the women out and throw more men inside. I mean we all know that women receive longer sentences anyway for the same crimes anyway.

Lady Corston recommends a significant cut in the overall number of women who are sent to jail, with greater use of community punishments instead.

There are currently 4,300 women in jail in England and Wales.

So fucking what? You break the law you go to jail, at least that is how I thought it went. They also don’t mention how many men are inside. Well I looked it up, here’s a quote from National Statistics:

“There were 69,600 male prisoners and 4,400 female prisoners in November 2003. The number of female prisoners has risen at a faster rate than the number of male prisoners. This resulted in the proportion of males in the prison population falling from 96 per cent in 1997 to 94 per cent in 2003.”

I’ve seen higher numbers than that for male prisoners, but it matters not, the point is made.

Frances Crook, director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said “prison simply doesn’t work” for women.

Doesn’t work? It’s prison for fucks sake, not a luxury health spa, and it depends what they mean by ‘work’ doesn’t it?

“From lack of staff training and inadequate health care, to questionable policies such as segregating women at risk and the over-use of force, the systemic failings of imprisonment that the Corston Review highlights must be addressed by the government.

If the Government fails to take radical action it will be held accountable for the deaths and injuries of women in prisons for years to come.”

I can’t believe the calculated ignorance of the plight of men in this society by these arseholes in positions of power. Whatever issues women’s prisons have, you know that men’s prisons are worse. A lot fucking worse.

Last year, three women committed suicide in prisons, following four in 2005 and 13 in 2004.

So far in 2007 there have been two apparently self-inflicted deaths.

So actually, the suicide rate is dropping. Coincidentally, male suicides for 2004 totalled 81. But that doesn’t matter.

Baroness Corston said government departments had to work together to prevent women’s needs being overlooked.

Oh yes, it’s always about women’s needs. Men do not matter, let them suffer even when they are suffering more than women.

“The tragic deaths of two female prisoners in January this year highlight that although there have been significant improvements since the series of six deaths at Styal, a radical new approach is needed in regard to the management of women offenders and more widely, women at risk of offending.”

Two female deaths in prison is enough to illicit this ‘abolish prisons for women’ rubbish, but the number of male deaths… Oh why fucking bother I’d only be repeating myself.

The report makes 43 recommendations, including improved jail sanitation and a ban on strip-searching of women inmates.

I guess no equivalent for men? Didn’t think so.

There should be a specific “champion” within government to oversee policy on women offenders and a network of community centres to which police and other agencies can refer women who commit crime or are likely to in the future, it says.

In other words, another fat wasteful female run bureaucracy that eats through vast amounts of tax coffers in order to cater primarily for women, in fact, in order to protect women from going to prison and/or being punished for crime. Next they’ll be using political correctness to try and stop women from being called ‘criminals.’ It’s an oppressive term you see. Patriarchy you see.

Home Office Minister Baroness Scotland said she welcomed the review and promised the government would look carefully at the issues it raised.

Yes I bet you fucking will.

“Vulnerable women who are not a danger to society should not be going to prison,” she said.

Vulnerable? See how they paint a picture of criminal bitches are still victims? This is what this is all about, another facet of taking responsibility from women and dumping it on men by playing the victim card.

This women stabs this man and robs him. ‘Oh! It wasn’t like that, she was vulnerable and wanted attention, she can’t go to prison she’s a woman. We’ll send her to a nice community center where the taxpayer (men) can fund her gentle comfortable rehabilitation.

As for men? Nothing. Diddly squat. Fuck all support or help.

“Where women have to be imprisoned, we are committed to ensuring they are held in conditions that are clean, decent and fit for purpose.”

I wonder what they mean by this. Probably nice comfy double beds, plasma TV’s, counselors on a whim, chocolates, manicures etc. Close to their families and still in society no doubt. They can probably leave when they like anyway. Catering to their needs and all that.

Lets not forget, men make up 90% of the prison population.

The vast majority of suicides are men. Men get greater custodial sentences for like crimes. Men can be locked up on the whim of women with no evidence. The media and education establishment portray boys and men as useless fools that are criminals. The workplace caters to women over men. Men have to fund the single mother epidemic. They to fund women’s free legal aid (even if they are working they still get it. Men do not.) Their suffering and abuse in prisons is laughed at by women and the media. Men have it worse than women in every single aspect in prison…

…And women’s prisons need reform? There is only one reason for this misandry. This anti male Govt. bullshit. This attack on all men in society. This continual shift of the legal and practical power balance between men and women. This increasing gap of pro-female inequality.

This beast, this parasite, this scum, this cancer, is feminism. It must be destroyed.

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