Another False Allegation of Rape

A 64-year-old man from West Sussex who served almost seven years in prison for sex crimes he did not commit has had his convictions formally quashed.

He was released from a 10-year jail sentence in August.

Now I would like to bring your attention to a few points in this article.

He only got released because one of the supposed ‘victims’ had been served with a caution for wasting police time by making a false allegation of sexual abuse against her step-father. And also, in June, the woman also made a complaint of rape against a former boyfriend, which she later admitted had been a false allegation.

So we have a serial liar. About rape which, (because of there is no need for evidence in this country), enables women to get men thrown in prison on a whim.

The systems’ assumption of woman-innocent and man-guilty is so biased that even in the event of evidence proving false allegations, the courts still protect the identity of the woman (who is a criminal, guilty of perjury at the least) they escape any form of punishment, the most being a caution, and that’s for wasting police time, not the false allegation.

As always, the article focuses on how terrible rape is, (and doesn’t mention the terrible act of lying about rape and its effects on the men falsely accused.)

Rape is a repulsive crime. It requires substantial punishment. – Sir Igor Judge

That’s nice. So what about substantial punishment for false allegations? Guess not. I mean, the woman must be a victim of something right?

Let me tell you something. Women LIE ABOUT RAPE. I speak about wanting equality between the sexes. I only mean that in regards to law. Everything else can work itself out.

False allegation studies, support sites. 123456

How did the system grow to become so misandric?

Simple, it is a reflection of societies attitudes in general. You know, men are useless, we’re all rapists, child molesters etc. Especially if a woman says so, because they never lie. They’re sugar and spice!

Women that lie about rape are SCUM. Women that lie about abuse are SCUM. Women who say ‘all men are rapists’ are SCUM.

When people tell me that being anti-feminist means I hate women, it just shows their boundless ignorance of the subject. I don’t hate women. I hate the attitude towards men and boys, and I hate this biased system.

Feminism is alive and kicking in the government. Feminists claim to speak for all women. (Women rarely disagree with feminism because of the benefits they gain from it, which makes them complicit in my view.) The government, wanting to pander to the female vote, take these feminists on board in the hope of appealing to these women. Once there they use their position to push their agenda. Which is marginalising men and masculinity and giving women more benefits and less responsibility. Oh, and encouraging them to reject families and put off having babies.

Get it? Or will you only get it when it happens to you?

False rape is no small matter, and no, men shouldn’t have to just ‘deal with it’. Men have a right to be angry at this state of affairs. And we ARE!

  • Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.” — Catherine MacKinnon
  • Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins
  • All men are rapists and that’s all they are.” (Marilyn French, Author; and advisor to Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign)
  • We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to men…” Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “One Woman, One Vote”

19 thoughts on “Another False Allegation of Rape

  1. Not all accusers are women. I am a gay male in the U.S., and live with my partner of 21 years. A former housemate (of 2 months) turned out to me a long time thief and rent scam artist. We connected with dozens of theft victims.In retaliation for my speaking out about him (his thefts are “civil matters” and he’s gotten away with them for years)he went to a gay mens domestic violence group, got me served with a restraining order, and told the court that he and I had “an 8 year domestic relationship in which I beat and raped him.” The judge vacated the order, but the record cannot be expunged. I am not legally, either innocent, or guilty.

    With lies and no proof of ANY relationship, this man used the legal system to his own ends and found support in a domestic violence support group – staffed by many who are actual victims – and who are out for blood, seeing rapists and violent “offenders” at every turn.

  2. I am a rape survivor and I am a liberated woman, while I do not agree with all of you political views, I respect them and I fully agree with your view on the topic of false allegations of rape. Women who cry wolf, ruin an inncoent mans reputation and take possibly years of his freedom for whatever stupid reason, deserve to be harshly penalized, and yes, they DO exists.

    I do have a question for you though, “Would you rather be raped by a man or be falsely accused of raping a woman?” Most men I’ve asked this question chose the ladder without hesitation. So it seems while neither experience would be pleasurable, false accusation is not as severe as being raped by a man, it’s like comparing apples and oranges actually, the natures of these crimes are not exactly paralell, neither should be the punishment.

    However, women who falsely accuse men for rapes that did not happen are low down and rotten to the core. When a woman is genuinely raped she fears she wont be believed, I read a survey where rape survivors said that was their number 1 reason for not telling anyone and not reporting an actual crime. Women who falsely report add to this fear and silence. They keep actual rapists free by silencing ligitimate victims with fear of being disbelieved. They are not only hurting men, they are hurting women too and aiding rape to continue. Having been raped myself and having faced all the guilt issues of coming forward and having been disbelieved by some people, women who lie about this are ignorant, disgusting and disgraceeful to their gender, just as rapists are to all men. Women are afraid of men who are not threats to women because of rapists that are threats. Women don’t know who they can trust because of rapists. Rapists hurt their own gender, they make all men suspects, and women who cry wolf do the same thing.

    It all comes down to a burden of proof. The man has to prove he didn’t, the woman has to prove he did. Obviously this is not always possible, it seems our justice system has hit a wall where no matter what is done, another problem is created and there’s no way to discern who’s telling the truth and how to decide what is fair and just punishment.

    Women are preached at to not put themselves in a situation where they might get raped. Maybe men should stop putting themselves in situations where they might be falsely accused of it.

    Maybe if all of us would take responsibility for our own adult actions and choices and none of us put ourselves in these situations, rape reports might substantially decline, false and actual.

  3. I am now facing trial on rape charges because a young woman decided that sacrificing my life is a worthwhile expense to save her face. This has been a harrowing experience to say the least. I am amazed that the state’s investigators can not see or maybe they just refuse to acknowledge the holes in her story. Now I’m facing two charges dating to 2005 where the alledged crimes occurred “on or about September 1- December 24, 2oo5. That is a full 3 months, 3 weeks! Apparently, these “investigators” did not suspect it odd that a young woman could not remember if something happened at the end of the summer, through the fall, or at the start of winter. The young woman was in highschool at the time. Sixteen is the legal age of consent. We all know how everything in school is time stamped. We especially know of breaks in the schedule (Thanksgiving – Christmas) and midterms, end of term tests and reports. No red flag thrown to challenge her testimony. “Don’t worry honey, we’ll get that wolf.” Even more befuddling, the young woman reported the alledge rapes on Jan. 24, 2007. She claimed that the latest alledged rape occurred on or about Jan. 8, 2008. Still no definitive date! It is important to note that the 8th was the first day back to school after a long Christmas, New Years break. A definite line of demarcation for anyone to remember. Still she is allowed to have a floating timeline that limits my ability to provide an alibi. What kind of bogus $h!t is this!
    Truth does not float around. It’s solid and will stand any test. Conversely, we all know how difficult it can be to trace, track, and hold a lie. May the truth rescue any man falsely accused of this horrible crime. May your god be with you.


  4. Someone very close to me has been falseley accused of RAPE by his ex girlfriends daughter. She is now 16 years old and is claming that he first violated her when she was 14. (i woudl also like toa dd the her story, time frame, dates, etc EVERYTHING she said does not make SENSE) because of the fact she is a young girl i am SCARED for him being foudn guilty of this and sentenced to jail for a long time for a crime which I KNOW HE DID NOT COMMIT….. In this case, we litterlaly have to leave it in GODS hands and pray she will end up telling the truth that SHE LIED!!!!! But when your defense is SHES LYING its hard to prove…. Does anyone know where I can seek help for him? advocay centers, etc??? PLEASE HELP ME HELP HIM…..

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