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A collection of recent news articles I have come across that I think people should know about.

In regards to my post ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist Clown‘ and specifically the section on Immigration, here is an article in the Daily Mail. (I would leave a comment on the site but I think they have banned me.)

Number of Britons in work falls by 270,000 – because migrants get most new jobs – UK

In the U.S, EXPERIMENTAL WEATHER MODIFICATION is being introduced through law.

Prepare yourself for more water shortages, floods, droughts, and a sharp decline in food supplies in the United States when U.S. Senate Bill 1807 & U.S. House Bill 3445, that were introduced on July 17, 2007, are voted into law. These identical bills, titled: “Weather Mitigation Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2007”, are moving forward at a rapid rate in Committees on Commerce, Science and Transportation
. Read the article here.

Also in the U.S, an almost unbelievable abuse of power by the FDA and the CPS. I am linking to encourage others to spread the word about this story. The title says it all:

Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma

And finally:

Rob Fedders has called time on his blog No Ma’am for reasons that he explains in his final posts. In my opinion one of the few people to actually understand the big picture. The connections between Marxism, Communism, Feminist Ideologies, The Hegelian Dialectic. The whole thing. Fortunately for us, he is keeping his blog up, so I suggest reading (and learning) about how it all ties together through his well researched articles.

I can’t impress it upon readers enough, but understanding the origins of feminist thinking, its financial backers, the inevitable effects of such destructive ideologies and how it is being used by governments, corporations, the abuse industry etc to further their own ends and agendas is something you must learn to understand what we are dealing with here. It is bigger than feminism, which is merely one arm of a Marxist octopus that is attacking the western world through a huge number of mechanisms. Thanks Rob!


5 thoughts on “News summary

  1. It is Exploited, I keep saying it. I realised that I can’t just focus on feminism because of its close connections to many other ‘-isms’. People don’t want to believe it though. Maybe society will rise up and protect itself in the 11th hour, maybe not.

    Like yourself, I have to try and inform regardless.

    On my featured films page there should be a documentary on Fluoride, along with a letter from a scientist regarding it’s effects, funny how that neatly fits into their plan of mass medication, creating an apathetic and receptive herd.

    Seems to be working.

  2. Nothing gay about MRM that I’ve ever sensed.The ‘wo-man’ is obviously threatened by maleness and is deconstructing it for comfort. It does indicate how a fembot feels the heat on the back of her neck though! All the MRA angst is getting home- with nary a law passed in our favour -yet 😉

  3. Indeed Feminism is just one tentacle of this ‘Globalist’ monster we are suffering.
    Yuri Bezmenov points out how these Marxists have been using ‘Active measures’ to destabilize the countries they intend to take over. We are screwed because they have succeeded in demoralizing not one, but two to three generations in our country.

    I can’t blame Rob for tossing in the towel, it seems like this MRA stuff is that same old bullshit over and over.

    We’ve had several generations of half-baked intellectuals pushing the Globalist agenda on us.
    We can’t stop it anymore, its progressed too far.
    Women won’t have babies much anymore, immigrants will flood the country, we will all get dirt poor, and we will become a third world country. Not the happy ending Hollywood always gives us, perhaps this is why people choose to keep there heads in the sand.

  4. Seems like just another troll. The symptoms are all there. Ignoring all the points that people bring up. The same old boring ad hominems. She’s hardly written any posts and the blog contains nothing of any merit whatsoever.

    Unless she is going to try and debate facts I’ll ignore her, I’m not being sidetracked by narcissistic attention whores who try and substitute substance with name calling.

  5. Here is something about feminism,a feminist and IMBRA.

    There is a feminist that is gunning for MRA’s since she is coming after us. Her blog is

    This what she thinks of MRA’s:

    62 year old “Bob Allen” claims to be a philosopher,libertarian and human rights advocate. He is part of a growing, disturbing group of bitter malcontents who call themselves Masculists, or Men’s Rights Advocates (MRA). Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet,they spew hatred and advocate violence against women, the police, and anyone who disagrees with their agenda of hate.

    Members of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) like “Bob Allen” delight in sowing hatred,spreading lies and recruiting insecure and troubled youths into their paranoid and misogynistic fantasy world. When the truth isn’t compelling enough, they create their


    It seems her first target was yours truly because I dared to question her precious IMBRA.

    The oh-so erudite and eloquent eMasculated Cretins over at Men’s Rights Blog took exception to my “outing” their latent homosexuality (which was already “out” to anyone who had taken a college-level Intro to Psych course, which is why none of them realized it, I guess). One of the more advanced (i.e. with opposable thumbs & potty trained) of the eMasculists (boldly putting forth his views under the name “anonymous”) posted this reaction (in the quaint vernacular of his people) to the Woman of Steele blog:

    Who are FredX and Duncan? The older men who taught eMasculated Man when he was just eFfeminate Boy? Where did they go? San Francisco? Bangcock? The aids clinic?

    Note to self: what’s an mra? Men Reaming Assholes? Mostly Retarded Asshats? My Rectal Adventure? I’m sure Mr. eMas knows how to tear new assholes, having broken in lots of
    newbies like anonymous….


    Since “man” cannot live by Internet porn, phone sex and mail order bride fantasy sites alone, there are a number of sophomoric Cretins running immature, moronic anti-woman,anti-IMBLA hate sites, forums and blogs with the time that normal males would be
    spending with real female companionship. These perpetual adolescents strut incessantly, talking big and bold behind their fake names and faux manly personas, complaining about American women and feminists and pretending that they’re home every night, typing with one hand, by choice.

    To the outside observer, their denial about their own sexuality, and the angst it’s causing,is palpable and obvious. A particularly pathetic example is called Men’s Rights Board here on blogspot. Like most of these sites, it’s run by a guy too cowardly to use his real name (lest his mother or husky Polish wife reads it and makes him put the ball gag back on) This guy calls himself (get this:) the “Masculist Man.” Gay enough for ya? A name obviously inspired by a Village People song.

    He has a really bad illustration of a cartoon character grasping the phallic shaft of a sword held erect. The character is so cowardly he wears glasses and a kerchief over his face. He has just hacked the arm off a chained skeleton. Is this the poster graphic for Impotence, or what?

    Most all of these guys are compensating for something… social awkwardness,impotence,latent homosexuality, insecurity, tiny penises, acne or obesity. Too bad that instead of raising themselves up, they put their energy into tearing women down.


    She even went on to say this about one of our brothers:

    Update: I found the blog of Fredx ( I’m sure glad he’s
    not around! Sounds like a real man’s man!

    Source: Source:

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