HPV Vaccine Gardasil 2

Following on from the initial article ‘HPV Vaccine Gardasil‘.

Schoolgirls to get ‘cancer jab’

Schoolgirls in Britain will be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer from September 2008, ministers have announced.

This goes further than recommended by experts, with all aged 12-13 eligible, and a catch-up campaign up to 18.

It is thought that vaccinating against human papilloma virus (HPV) could save hundreds of lives in the UK each year.

Merck, the Big Pharma company who owns Gardasil, is looking at an income of over 100 million from the use of the vaccine in the UK alone.

Problem is, it isn’t safe, but the government (due to lobbying by Merck, no doubt) wants to push this potentially dangerous drug anyway. Let’s look at the stats quickly.

Number of girls this campaign covers: 640,600 Source. (12 and 13 year olds)
Cost of campaign: 100 million . Source.
Potential lives saved. 100’s? Source.

Proportion of demographic: Less than 0.062% of girls to be vaccinated. Cost per potential life saved: 250,000

Now, a few points to make regarding Gardasil. It is not proven safe. It is not 100% percent effective. The average age of contracting cervical cancer is 50. Gardasils’ effectiveness only lasts for 5 years, yet they are giving it to 12 year olds? Potential side effects include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Gastroenteritis, Bronchospasm, Pharyngitis. It may actually cause cancer.

Downloadable info pack on Gardasil (Word format).
8 More Deaths connected to Gardasil.
Gardasil Not proven safe.
Cervical cancer drug Gardasil linked to deaths.
Questions on Efficacy of Gardasil.

Some even propose that HPV has nothing to do with the cancer. At all. Source.

Few scientists have a better grasp of the proposed virus/cancer model than Berkeley’s Peter Duesberg PhD. In his scholarly paper tracing the history of the HPV/ cervical cancer story, Duesberg explains why HPV is such an unlikely cause of any cancer:

“no set of viral genes is consistently present or expressed in human cervical cancers. [345] S HPV does not replicate in the cancer cells. “

So if the mutated cervical cancer cells are not mutating because of abnormal viral genes being spliced into a normal cell, how else could HPV be causing this cancer? Duesberg again:

“the “hit-and-run” mechanism of viral carcinogenesis was proposed. It holds that neither the complete [virus], nor even a part of it, needs to be present in the tumor. Obviously, this is an unfalsifiable, but also an unprovable, hypothesis. [345]

All that has ever been shown is that HPV is sometimes present in cervical cancer tissue, but as we know it’s also present in half the normal population.

So, the government still thinks that 1. It is cost effective (it isn’t), 2. It is safe (it isn’t), 3. It is 100% effective (it isn’t).

At the very least, shouldn’t these facts and case studies present a viable reason to hold off of the vaccine until more peer-reviewed tests are done? Or is the government more concerned with making money through its corporate partnerships than protecting the people?

More info and data on my post at End of Men. Some good news is that they will only vaccinate with parent’s consent. So at least now you can see a few different viewpoints on the subject.

U.S. news on Gardasil (it was ‘approved’ a while back by the FDA)

Merck ‘wrong’ for lobbying Gardasil.
HPV Vaccine lobby backfires.
Merck Lobbyist Tied To Canadian PM, Who Agrees To Pay For Gardasil.
Medical tyranny in Texas turns teenage girls into HPV vaccination profit centers (opinion).
No Law To Mandate Dangerous, Untested HPV Vaccine (U.S. News).

For more information on vaccines (and if you have an hour and a half) I suggest watching the documentary ‘Vaccines: The Hidden Truth’ on google video, here.

15 thoughts on “HPV Vaccine Gardasil 2

  1. I was devistated to read (actually skim this article). I was aware of the fact that I may have had at least one form of HPV from my first partner. I went to my local Planned Parenthood and got regular paps with no issues. I went through a stage in my early twenties, after my divorce (long story) and was a bit promiscuous. I got at least 1 or 2 paps during and after that stage and still nothing abnormal. THEN, my local Planned Parenthood suggested I get the Gardisil shots and that I could get them free, since they were doing a promotional “first 50 free”. I got them, with some hesitation…but, how many Americans turn down “free-bees”?? ANYWAY, long story short, before I was finished with the series (by the last shot) I all of a sudden had my first abnormal PAP!! I was shocked and scared. I went in for the follow-up colposcopy and had a “level 2″ whatever that meant…I was rarely talked to as if I was a person except during the colposcopy. WHICH for me was quite painful…even the nurse and doctor said that my cervix reacted much more than everyone else they have seen!! YET STILL they pretty much said….”Oh, honey you just worry too much, it’s not that big of a deal.” And when I said, that I was concerned that the Gardisil was the cause they treated me like a moron from that point on. I finally got up the nerve/courage to go back for my RE=PAP 8 months (instead of 6) after my first abnormal PAP the doctor tried to calm me and reassure me that it would “probably” be normal this time……NOT NORMAL!! NOW WHAT……..all they said was, “ok, let’s just schedule you for your regular PAP/Exam in 4 months and have a good day.”

    WHAT??!! HELP??!! Well, I feel better just typing this so….thanks for the article.

  2. Wow…I’m so unbelievably pissed off.

    Not long before I heard about Gardasil and you heard the words HPV and Merk and ‘Be One Less’ all over the place (seriously, it was about 6 months before) I went for my annual pap and was told that they found CIN-1 (precancerous cells) in my cervix.

    Then Gardasil came out and I thought, “Great, my daughter will never have to go through what I went through. She’ll never get that call from her doctor or have to have chunks cut out of her cervix for a biopsy”.

    How fucking dare they? We’re people, not cash cows. Human beings, not ‘test subjects’.

    I’m just too furious for words. Needless to say, the HPV and Cervical Cancer page on my website will be having all the facts I can find about this on it.

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  4. The entire industry of gynecological industry is built around the HPV hoax–annual PAPs, which et the patient spread naked, then they do the whole pelvic exam (since you’re here we might as well get a finger up the anus). When the PAP (which is 60 yr old technology and terribly innaccurrate) comes back “abnormal”, it opens up a whole new realm of tests, which will reveal conditions that require pharmaceutical treatment/. B ut as long as the threat of HPV causing cervical cancer exists, women will schedule an annual appt–without this threat, most women know whether they need to have thios kind of exam. This won’t be good for gyno business

  5. HPV infection can be dorminant in your body for such a long time unnoticed because its signs and symptoms in most cases do not manifest themselves. For many people who contact HPV infections, it becomes quite difficult to be diagonised owing to the fact that sometimes the signs of HPV warts are so invisible to the naked eye and due to lack of any signs or symptoms of the warts, one does not see the urgency of going for a check up. This is the reason why there are various methods to aid the physician in diagnosis of whether or not a person has genital HPV warts.

  6. After Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, Depleted Uranium, The Negro Syphilis experiment, AIDS failing to be viral, Vioxx, Thalidomide, Ect.

    Why would Merck make a vaccine for HPV, which has no proof it causes cancer?
    If you actually take your head out of your ass and read the studies, you’ll see they are junk and would never survive a peer-review. They found HPV was present in some cervial cancer patients, and not present in others. Which sort of destroys the theory.

    Have you ever read any of the papers or quotes by the pricks running the world?
    Henry Kissinger was quoted calling military men “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns” in foreign policy.

    Nice, the men who protect are country are dumb stupid animals in there eyes.

    I had been put through the medical ringers, and I know first hand, with my own eyes it is a scam. I had Crohn’s disease, they said it was incurable, bullshit. I found a group of microbiologists who linked it to ParaTuberculosis, 99% of it was caused by this nasty mycobacterium. Its being spread in milk, and survives pasturization. They suppressed it. I had to use Dr. Robert C Beck’s method to kill the bacteria. He dug up a suppressed medical discovery, which is patented and proven. It can kill bacteria with small amount of electricity. Which of course means billions of dollars of antibiotics are junk. So they paid off the doctors who discovered it, and hushed it all up. It works, otherwise I’d still be sick, more likely dead though.


  7. urbunchoffreaks.

    Look up the facts and stop waffling. You’ve said nothing constructive, just as the majority of my detractors. You have no idea about vaccinations, and you’re obviously no willing to do any research of your own. The biggest killer of people is government.

    Stop being a sheep and sticking your head in the sand because you don’t like the view.

  8. dude what the fuck people, is this a new world order??? No government wants its people to suffer from an epidemic, you forget that government is made up of people too, and frankly, I am not sure why i am even entertaining you freaks… go back to your bubble and ps levis is still alive along with the Jesus…

  9. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.


    On the comments of part 1 there are some links to these things happening in Africa. When the Big Pharma corps roll up to a village, all of the people there run off into the woods.

    Of course, on mainstream media there is another story.

    Regarding Vioxx. People are thick and forget everything unless it is on ‘der telly.’ The reason why history is repeating itself (only worse) is because people don’t know, aren’t paying attention, or don’t want to know.

  10. Merck is a company with a horrid history of biological weapons and fatal drugs.
    I can’t believe how quickly everyone has forgotten about Vioxx, which killed thousands.

    I’ve read that this vaccine is part of there plan to depopulate the planet.
    Those little 12 year old girls are being infected with a genetically engineered virus that will cause there bodies to produce a certain hormone which will cause them to mis-carry almost every pregnancy. We will have a generation of women with no babies, and they won’t figure it out for another 10 years!

    It sounds insane I’m sure, but why else would they put out such a useless vaccine when there are so many more fatal diseases out there?

  11. Thanks for the clarification Chicagoman. I can’t remember the name for it, but it’s a sort of over simplified statistical conjob, whereby they assume that HPV causes the cancer because it is in the patients who have cancer, and ignore that a huge majority of people have HPV naturally with no side effects.

    But then they couldn’t deal their drugs then could they.

    HL. I know the corporate government is all about money and power, not even about the people, that is just a way of giving the people a false sense of input. And yeah, it’s either ‘for the children’ ‘for women’s rights’ or other such dastardly innocent cover story.

    The sooner citizens realise that, the better.

  12. “Or is the government more concerned with making money through its corporate partnerships than protecting the people?”

    Nah…it’s even worse. This is the PRIMARY play in the government’s playbook….making money and acquiring more power IN THE NAME of protecting the people!

    Always remember….IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!

  13. It’s not cause and effect. I am a doctor and do cancer research at the hospital. There is no cause and effect relationship between HPV and cervical cancer.

    Anything that causes your body’s cells to have to either replace themselves or grow has a potential for causing cancer. Cancer is just proliferation of cells gone astray, that’s it.

    People get skin cancer because UV does DNA damage (Thymine dimers) to skin cells which then committ suicide and have to be replaced. After so many rounds of damage sometimes the cells mess up this repair or regulation of suicide, and cancer develops.

    Biting the skin inside your cheek probably increases your risk of mouth cancer. Shoving a dildo up your cooch and scraping away cervical cells probably increases your risk of cancer.

    over 1/2 the population has some form of genital HPV, probably over 90% has HPV (common warts), over 90% has some form of Herpes (oral or genital). I don’t see how any type of correlation could be made.

    I’m not convinced. Show me an actual study, not some cell line study, that shows that infecting actual cervical cells really causes them to become cancerous. I’m talking malignant, not benign, since ALL warts are tumors.

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