Women’s No PAYDAY Debunked

Mercian at AntiMisandry brought this latest perpetuation of the Gender Pay Gap MYTH to my attention, so now I’ll debunk this stupid Women’s Day nonsense.


Here we go again. This is a campaign originating from the evil misandric feminist Fawcett Society.

It mindlessly repeats the same old ‘pay inequality’ myths that have been doing the rounds (and subsequently being proven false) for years. They keep pushing it because it is a cornerstone of the feminists’ poor wimmin ideology.

Anyone who has actually worked in a real job and not the imaginary ones that these feminists seemed to have gotten their statistics from, knows this isn’t true.

I have never come across a woman actually getting paid less, who has the same experience, makes the same choices, and does the same job and work as a man.

It’s a ridiculous assumption. If women work for less than men, why employ men?

Anyway, back to the poor oppressed women. All of these sites spouting this ‘lets kiss women’s arse’s incase we get labelled as misogynsts’ are relying on this report, published by the Fawcett Society. (It’s a PDF so you may want to right click and download it.)

Hysterically entitled ‘4000 Cheaper!’ it is a blisteringly obvious propaganda piece, full of bright colours and exclamation marks. Most people won’t bother reading it, but I have so you don’t have to waste your time. Let’s have a brief look through shall we?

Skipping the first few pages as it is just victimising nonsense.

Page 4. FAQ

Q. Is the pay gap simply women and men being paid differently for the same job?

A. Some researchers have estimated that straight-forward discrimination accounts for up to 40% of the pay gap. It’s a problem hidden by pay secrecy – if you don’t know what your colleagues are paid, you won’t know whether you’re being paid unfairly. But there are two other important factors. Firstly, jobs traditionally done by women are paid less. Second there’s the lack of flexibility in the workplace.

Some researchers? Like who? And so what, it’s a bloody estimate. It doesn’t actually MEAN ANYTHING. I can ‘estimate’ that 90% of rape claims by women are false, doesn’t automatically make it true and therefore worth putting in a campaign booklet does it?

Jobs traditionally done by women are paid less? No. Leave ‘traditionally’ out of it. Women aren’t traditional. Women CHOOSE to do these jobs, correct? These jobs pay less because:

1. The job is low risk.
2. Lower qualifications are needed.
3. They are more likely to offer part-time options.
4. There is high demand for the jobs.

Women are choosing lower paid jobs. That’s their problem, not yours. Want more money? Work on an oil rig, or putting up scaffolding. No one is stopping women getting jobs on a fishing trawler. By the way, 95% of work related deaths are men. I think men are oppressed and more women should be dying in the name of ‘equality’. At least, that’s what I’d think if I had a feminist ‘brain’.

Lack of flexibiliy just means businesses aren’t catering to what women want enough. That is, more pay for less work. Just like with the Wimbledon situation. Female tennis players get the same prize money as the male players. How wonderful and equal you’d think…

Difference is, women play up to 3 sets, men up to 5. I’ve written about this here.

Don’t count on anyone stepping up to protect men’s pay or rights though. Moving on.

Q. “Why are jobs traditionally done by women paid less?”

I’ve explained this. Still, I’ll show what they’ve put.

A. “As women have traditionally done some of this work unpaid at home, the skills were seen as ‘natural’ and so undervalued. Women continue to take these jobs partly because they tend to be flexible and local and so fit with caring responsibilities.”

See? This report is revealing that these are women’s decisions. Caring responsibilities means babies. If a woman wants to get pregnant, that’s her choice, not mine or yours or anyone elses, why should the rest of the workforce work extra for her? Get stuffed you spoilt bitch.

Q. “Would it make a difference if all workplaces were more flexible?”

A. “Yes. The UK has a long hours working culture and senior jobs are seldom available on a flexible basis. That means that if you have caring responsibilities – as women are more likely to – it’s almost impossible to compete on an equal basis. Mothers often work below their skill level because lower skilled jobs are more likely to give them the flexibility to balance work and home.”

Like I’ve already said right? Women want to be able to do whatever they like and still get paid the same as men who put the hours and dedication in. This is absolutely typical of feminism. Notice this subtle dig, ‘mothers often work below their skill level‘, the poor ‘ikkle things. So what?

Q. “Is the pay gap a solvable problem or just a fact of life?”

A. “Yes, it’s solvable! Other EU countries such as Belgium and Sweden have taken stronger measures and seen pay gaps close more quickly than the UK.”

Sweden is a feminist hellhole full of manginas. The feminist party got so up itself that it actually tried to create a Man Tax. Yes, that means they wanted to tax men specifically for violence against women. But that’s a whole other subject.

Q. “Aren’t the current laws enough?”

A. “No. Equal pay law is incredibly complicated and inconsistent. It puts the burden on individual women to take action, rather than enabling women to stand together or requiring employers to act.”

Note the phrasing. ‘Puts the burden on women to take action‘. Yes, it puts the burden on women to actually have to do jobs they might not like. Something men have been doing for centuries. You wanted to be treated ‘equally’ to men didn’t you?

Requiring employers to act’ says it all. They want to reorganise the entire structure of business in Britain to cater to wimmins’ needs. Anything but admit that women get paid less because they bloody do less.

Q. “Isn’t the UK Government already acting?”

A. “The Government has introduced some good measures, most notably the minimum wage and better rights to flexible working. But its current equal pay plan, devised by its Women and Work Commission, focuses too much on helping the next generation of women break into higher-paid male-dominated professions.”

Minimum wage wasn’t about women, and why does the government have a Women and Work Commission? Where is the Men’s Commission? There should be one considering the majority of the governments tax income is from men’s pay checks. ‘Equality’ my evil oppressive male arse.

So there you have it, the rest of the report is fluff. Feel free to read it.

In closing I’ll say this.

The law doesn’t discriminate against women. Businesses don’t discriminate against women. They do discriminate against employees that may not be dedicated enough, or may disrupt the workers’ morale.

If a woman wants to start a job, then get pregnant. Why should the business pay? That means the other staff, women included, have to make up for it. This is moviing towards communism with every step.

Women make choices, men make choices. Those choices reflect on the world around you. Women, grow up and bloody well deal with it. All those newspapers and sites kissing Fawcett’s arse should be ashamed of themselves. What happened to people thinking? Think about it! Think about those women in your workplace who only want flexible working, while you’re busting your arse working all the hours in order climb your career ladder.

Why should someone who hasn’t done what you have done, sacrificed what you have done, get the same benefits and pay as you? Men are discriminated against all through life. Scoff your face all you like, it’s TRUE.

Want evidence? I’ll prove it, just you wait.

For more information regarding the Pay Gap, watch this short video, here.

15 thoughts on “Women’s No PAYDAY Debunked

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  2. http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/tables/agegen2.htm


    HSE exec moved the data tables, but still show the 97% male bias of workplace fatalities.

    Harman should get more women into these carbon-monoxide/working at height/lifting heavy object/risk of explosion workplace environments as “they’re obviously safer people if they only account for less than 3% of workplace fatalities between 2006 and 2008”!

    (14:1 in cases per 100000 workers)

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  5. If Alex and Bob both work for the same place and Bob is offered work on scaffolding or oilrigs, he might resign.

    Both Alex and Bob are good workers. Top workers. Charlie, the boss wnats to keep them, so Charlie matches the pay that Bob would get on the Scaffold or Oil rig.

    Alex would never work on an Oil Rig, or Scaffold: too dangerous.

    Why should Charlie give Alex a pay rise because Bob is going to leave?

    It’s the Reverse Darwinism at it’s best. Alex can grab the tailcoats of Bob and proceed up the ranks without ever having to threaten to leave the company and work on oil rigs.

    No danger, yet get paid the money for it.

    This argument works just as well whether Alex and Charlie are men or women. Sometimes you get paid for the job you don’t do. It’s abnout negotiation skills and free markets.

    Harmon should campaign to get more women into the Offshore industries and scaffolding and building industries, then maybe the workplace fatalities would be more evenly spread across the genders?

    97.3% of workplace deaths in 2007 were men.
    (source: UK Health and Safety Executive of UK Government)


    So, these are more dangerous jobs. So they deserve more pay.


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  14. I believe there have been studies regarding the wage gap that take into account external factors and then recalculate it based on the effect of these factors. Funnily enough the wage gap disappears. Also, of course, there is never any proof that women are paid less. Feminists always use dodgy statistics, circumlocute and dissimulate to convince weak minded people that they’re right.

    Other reports on the wage gap myth and it’s propaganda.


    So essentially these lying scheming feminists watch women to be paid the same as men, irrespective of all other factors like ‘less work experience’, ‘more time off’, ‘more flexibility’, ‘degree of physical labour’ etc.

    So, equal pay regardless of work is a communist cornerstone. Not forgetting that every nation in history that has attempted it has collapsed, it also fits into the feminist/communist scheme that capitalism is patriarchal/evil and must be destroyed.

    The deeper one studies feminism, the more transparent it becomes. It’s communism in pink.

  15. Very true. The wage gap is simply a consequence of women’s career v/s home preferences. It is not a bad thing. In fact, when the wage gap reduces to zero, it is alarming – because it can only happen because of either ‘affirmative’ action, or fewer women choosing to have kids, or men choosing to work less.

    More mothers tend to work part-time as it gives them time for childcare – and a recent study found that women are happiest when they work part-time – and schemes like longer maternity leaves tend to work against women because the longer women are out of the workforce, the more likely they are to face a ‘wage gap’ when they rejoin !

    Part-time work, because of its nature pays lower than full-time. So, like feminists preach (but don’t practise), it’s a matter of choice – children and family or full-time career – not(?) surprising that more women choose the former – ‘equality’ will never be achieved – something always has to be taken away from someone to achieve equality – and in this case it’s the men who have to lose.

    Can there be a comparison of wages of men and women categorized by single/married, with/without children and the number of children, before these wage gap claims are made ?

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