Equal pay for Less Work, the Women’s Way.

A quick browse of the mangina media portal found this article entitled ‘ Wimbledon pays equal prize money.’

The announcement, due at 1100 GMT from the All England Club, brings it into line with other Grand Slams after criticism from officials and players.

Similar to the US and Australian Opens, equal rewards will be offered across the board, from the champions down to the first-round losers in all events.

Of course immediately I thought ‘good stuff, that means we’ll get to see women’s tennis matches playing up to five sets, (like the men) instead of up to three. More time on the court for them to show off their legs, show they’re willing to step up to the plate etc.’

Obviously, wanting actual equality as I do, it didn’t take long for the truth to come out. Especially when I saw this…

Last year Prime Minister Tony Blair and Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell joined the Lawn Tennis Association, the governing body of British tennis, and the Women’s Tennis Association, the body which runs the women’s game worldwide, in calling for an end to the inequality.

Well with that slimey mangina sell out and that feminist scum getting involved, of course they are going to give women more for less. No wonder boys do better than girls at subjects like math and the sciences. I mean, according to these ‘equality campaigners’ this sum is correct.

3 = 5

I don’t actually watch tennis much, but I didn’t know John McEnroe was a mangina. He adds this following gem..

“I think when you’ve got men and women playing at the same tournament, it is ludicrous to have a difference in pay,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“It would be setting an example to the rest of society in general to have equal prize money.

Yeah, the example is that women are entitled to more than men. Or to put it another way, are entitled to get the same as men for less work.

“There’s probably no other sport, and very few professions in this world, where a woman can earn as much as a man.”

Um, that’s probably because they don’t work as hard. As in this exact example. But hey, women are princesses, why should they have to do the same as men? Tell you what, while they’re at it, why don’t they (as a comment on the 606 forum stated) just reduce women’s working week down to three days? They’ll get the same money as full time men though.

Sounds fair? Only if you’re a fucking idiot.

Check this out, the BBC doing the same old, sticking in spin and lies. (My emphasis.)

Fellow American Billie Jean King, one of the leading campaigners in the move for equality, said: “Women’s tennis is the leader in women’s sports. Equal prize money is a no-brainer.”

The move for equality? Talk about the abuse of language, it’s like the phrase The War On Terror (TM)
They keep throwing in that term (equality) when it is blatent misandric sexism (that’s a phrase you won’t see in the news) as if they can brainwash people into believing that it is equal.

For Fucks Sake.

7 thoughts on “Equal pay for Less Work, the Women’s Way.

  1. You understand therefore significantly in relation to this subject, made me for my part consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be fascinated unless it is one thing to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. All the time care for it up!

  2. I am in total disagreement with equal pay for women. Mostly because women think they have a “right” to be hired do work and then after they have their baby and have maternity leave they expect to get this “special privilege” that they can just expect to have any amount of time off so they can take care of their child. Yet they expect to have equal pay when others at a company or business have to pick up the slack for the lady taking off time to take care of their child/children. The women then expect to be able to waltz back to her position, get same pay as men but wants less work so they can take care of their child. Yes it’s tough to have a balance of being a mother and work but that’s life and women shouldn’t expect equal pay when they have families to take care of nor expect companies/business to wait hand and foot and keep their position open for them when the company and business needs to keep running. I think it’s totally fair if mothers keep asking for time off or need to keep taking time off for families to put the mothers either on part time, reduced pay or let her go and get either another women that has grown children and does not need time off or a man to fill the position.

    Another big argument I have is women particularly young women in their 20’s to upper 30’s think these days that it’s ok or a privilege to claim sexual harassment on men for almost anything. It’s rediculus how women at these ages think that if a man simply looks at her a wrong way, brushes against her, simply touches her or says something then to them they think they can claim sexual harassment. Women at these ages need to grow up and realize that’s it’s not a privilege nor a game when they claim false sexual harassment just because they feel like claiming sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is an EXTREMELY serious charge and I would like to see laws changed for much harsher punishments when women claim false sexual harassment!! Sexual Harassment is no DAMN LAUGHING MATTER as some women take it very lightly and think they can call out anything and blame a man just to get him in trouble for there own sake and knowing that they (women) were never sexually harassed.

  3. womens’ bodies belong to men. to all of them. to stare at them, to touch them, to cause their erection, to make their children. if women use their bodies and gain advantages from them, then there is obviously a problem. unfortunately for men, the reduction of women into pieces of body parts for their own service, pays back…

  4. Yeah I know Doc. But it’s nature. These women are using their sexuality to gain an advantage. They’re entitled to try it, it’s their body. The problem in that case lies with the men capitulating to these girls.

    So you have two separate natures manipulating each other, and the sum result is a distortion of exam results (something that is supposed to be impartial.)

    And feminists like to say women are oppressed! šŸ™‚

  5. Well. u can’t really blame women, many of the teachers at my med school ( Aga Khan University) gave more marks to women in viva voce exams just because they went in the room with all the make up and lovely smiles. Mostly these teachers were men.

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