Immigration drives down wages? A success then.

As I have mentioned in my post ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist Clown‘, rampant unchecked immigration continues in earnest. With most of the mainstream media whitewashing Brown’s scheming as ‘incompetence’, people don’t actually look deeper into Brown’s Marxist methodology.

Most these days may have heard of Karl Marx, but have absolutely no idea who is actually was or what his philosophies were about. But to cut a long story short, he was obsessed with destroying the West from within. Destroying capitalism, morality and the nuclear family (hetero) in order to collapse societies to pave the way for a global communist two tier government.

Global as all sovereign nations will have their independance stripped, becoming just another ‘state’ under the global government.

Two tier as the middle class will be wiped out, leaving only the elitists and the working (slave) class.

Communist as in all of society will be regulated by the government. This of course also means the government controls everything. TV, education, health systems, transport, finance, business, population control, EVERYTHING. Essentially the means of production. Now if that doesn’t sound like a dictatorship I don’t know what does.

Brown is doing that to Britain. He has attended such elitist playgrounds like The Bohemian Grove and the Bilderburg Group. The effects of mass immigrant on sovereign cultures is well documented and understood. It is encouraged by globalists because of these effects. Of course wages will be lowered! Immigrants are willing to ignore the law in other to get a foothold. That’s when they are not claiming child benefit and send it back home.

Another major effect of mass immigration is a destabilisation of cultural identity. This is very important to note. Without cultural identity the sovereign people lose their allegience to/ and the desire to protect, their country.

British people are hating Britain, and more immigrants feel like they are British than British people. This is exactly what this Globalist government want. Complete cultural inversion. I don’t know about the city you are from, but London has many areas that are definitive examples of globalism. Whole areas where the shop signs are in a foreign language, English is barely spoken and those there choose to look down on you. The level of crime committed by immigrant populations serves to exacerbate the situation. Who will be willing to protect Britain when nobody can identify with it anymore?

It is already happening. Brown promised a referendum on the EU Treaty (Constitution) which is a fully fledged attack on British sovereignty. Remember, there is no need to Britain to give up ANY sovereign rights AT ALL. NOT ONE. So when Brown speaks of ‘red lines’ and other such crap he is just moving the goalposts. Destruction by stealth. Brown of course, is breaking that promise to the people by trying to sign the deal in secret.

Seriously people! This is the prime minister, openly lying to the people and pushing through laws and reforms that the people have said they don’t want, and now trying to sell off Britain IN SECRET! And people want to say I’m crazy for mentioning it, while they continue to talk nonsense about soap operas and stuff their faces full of McDonalds, neurotoxins like Aspartame and letting their kids get poisoned with cancer-causing vaccines like Gardasil!

With all this social chaos, the transfer of public monies into foreign hands, the manipulated points system guaranteeing housing for immigrants before citizens, good business for corporations as they can pay immigrants less, more profits, more taxes for Corporatist Labour, the only losers are the people. As always.

Brown wants Britain ended and to become another part of the European Union, which is a cornerstone of the Global Government framework. Along with the North American Union being fast-tracked, the same situation with public infrastructure being sold off to private foreign corporations and the merging of the currencies of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to form the Amero (notice the similarities to another Union?)

Don’t be naive. These aren’t random incompetencies of this government. This is criminal behaviour, essentially treasonous. Don’t believe me? Do the research yourself. Got any questions? Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


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