Where I Stand

I feel I should clarify a few things about my position within the Men’s Movement. At the moment, although I see the movement growing in leaps and bounds, it isn’t due to masterly organisation or planning. It is more due to the effects of feminism in society, and men being able to put a name to the scam.

In reality, the ‘movement of men’ in regards to the government and women is actually vast. Much much larger than official member of the ‘Men’s Movement’. Every time I go to the pub or chat with new people, I can come across men who know what women are all about, have experienced their contradictory behaviour, and seen the government kiss their ‘oppressed’ arses no matter how criminally they behave.

These men know. They’re not stupid. Even young men, teenagers and the like, are becoming aware of the terrible attitudes of the modern female. Not through choice mind, again, it is forced on them by the way the women behave.

This is an important point about the lifecycle of feminism. As feminism gives women greater license to behave badly, more privileges with less responsibility, women will continue their downward spiral. They can’t help but abuse the system for their benefit.

This of course, just serves to wake up more men to the feminism scam. If every man that has woken up to the corruption in government and the hell of feminism was officially in the Men’s Movement, we would have our own political party and be threatening the corporate-controlled left right paradigm overnight.

But men are generally independent. They don’t think to look for such an title like Men’s Movement, they just know the truth and they deal with it.

I’ve always been particularly pro-active. This blog is about communicating what I’ve learnt about various aspects of the world to you, the reader. You can then research it yourself. I don’t have millions for advertising campaigns or TV shows, I’m not famous or anything. Just a guy who has caught a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain, and now I’m tugging on other peoples’ sleeves, trying to tell them what I’ve seen.

I want to wake people up.

So do all the guys and gals doing their blogs on these subjects. Some sites focus on particular aspects of feminism, some look at the bigger picture, explaining the Marxist foundations of the ideology and the inevitable societal collapse of such policies.

And it’s great. The blogs I mean, not society collapsing.

So, I feel I should clarify my own views and position in regards to the MM and other groups.

You have probably seen the Men Going Their Own Way logo on my blog. I would say I subscribe to that philosophy to an extent. I do my own thing, follow my own heart and refuse to be manipulated by government, women or corporation.

I’m a free thinking individual. I have seen some interpretations of MGTOW that go further, stating that as ‘society is on a downward spiral, the best thing to do is remove yourself from it and have no part in it.’

This I don’t agree with. Feminism is just one part of a huge sprawling octopus of schemes and ideologies funded by the banking cartels to collapse Western Civilisation. This isn’t about you or me anymore, this is about the future of Mankind.

Far from extracting myself from society, (which will only serve these elitists more) I want to stay and fight. The way I see it, I have to. The bankers’ plans are nothing short of total global domination. Those of you who have read my other posts or done your own research will know this.

If they succeed, there will be no next generation to fight the good fight. There will be only brainwashed automatons, incapable of free thought, living in fear and with no independent human rights.

To fight this end, I gladly state that I am a member of the Men’s Movement. Out in public, whenever the subject comes up, I’m the first to put my hand up and say it how it is.

I’ve upset a lot of people. I have also woken a lot of people up. I couldn’t give a fuck if people are upset by the truth however. I have studied these subjects to a point where I cannot be debated from an opposing view, because that view is grounded in lies and distortions. I will always win because of the amount of info I can recall at the drop of a hat.

Feminists hate me. Self-serving women hate me too. Manginas hate me. Good. Means I’m doing this thing right.

I don’t agree with abortions unless for medical necessity. Less than 1% of abortions in the UK are done out of necessity, the rest are lifestyle choices.

What a fucking phrase, ‘lifestyle choices’. Fuck off, you fucked a guy without a condom. What did you think was going to happen?

I believe men and women should be treated equally under the law. That is, no more women getting off with shorter custodial sentences. No women robbing a man blind in divorce. No more women being protected as they make false accusations of rape. No distinction made for race, sexual preference or any of that shit either. I don’t agree with the recent law outlawing using the term ‘gay’ in a negative or threatening context. It just smacks of an excuse to remove free speech.

Get fucked you poof, how’s that.

I also agree with small limited government. None of this communist lets-regulate-everything-we-can horseshit. The government is just an extension of corporate interests. The corporation interest is enslaving the population, creating perpetual consumers, mindless and receptive to the brainwashing cornucopia of television.

I don’t agree with Marx, communism, socialism, feminism and a whole host of other pathetic ‘ism’s masquerading as being in the peoples’ interest.

I hate Gordon Brown, he is a New World Order shill who is actively trying to destroy Britain for his banker-masters. Or should I say, wanker-bastards.

I’m for encouraging marriage, not single-parenthood through the tax system.  A stable family is the backbone of a strong society, in my opinion.

I’m for restricting immigration and putting the needs of the citizens first. Which is what I thought the government was there for. How silly of me.

I’m not religious, don’t believe in this God they speak of and countless millions have died ‘in the name of’. In ancient history different civilisations worshiped completely different gods. The current incarnation of the social control program actually stems directly from Egypt.

Furthermore, the character of Jesus, a literary and astrological hybrid, is most explicitly a plagiarization of the Egyptian Sun-god Horus. For example, inscribed about 3500 years ago, on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt are images of the enunciation, the immaculate conception, the birth, and the adoration of Horus. The images begin with Thaw announcing to the virgin Isis that she will conceive Horus, then Nef the holy ghost impregnating the virgin, and then the virgin birth and the adoration. This is exactly the story of Jesus’ miracle conception. In fact, the literary similarities between Jesus and the Egyption religion are staggering. – Zeitgeist, The Movie.

I don’t actually hate women. Not unless they give me a reason to, and they frequently do. But I try to view every new woman I met with a clean slate, hopeful that they will be a cut above the rest. It’s rare, but it happens. Those rare types understand when you describe the evils of feminism to them, like my girlfriend. I see it as a good test of a girls character. If she can make the effort listen to me rant about feminism, I can make the effort to accompany her shopping.  For shoes obviously.

I knew this post would to such a large size. Sorry about that. Writing off the cuff does this.

Needless to say, I hope this clarifies a few things about Where I Stand.


7 thoughts on “Where I Stand

  1. I have children- so have to agree with FMW that withdrawing(hurt) from the system won’t affect the end game enough to help my kids in the future.
    I’m an activist in another group and can see the great effect of narking the ‘bosses’ they hate any opposition- it is worth 100 other ‘don’t care voters’ to tweak their tails via meetings ,web chat ,street activities etc.
    It is fighting fire with fire- as the femtards did the same minority shouting -for how many years?
    The point is..media is the ‘pen’ that is mightier than the sword- and our leaders have a grip on that baby.
    They may appear/act/sound to be ‘for the people’,but look at the rate potiticos set up trusts,lecture circuits,EU jobbies,future directorships- once out of office.
    The system sucks-people know it.
    Some are frightened, some don’t care (too many)and many hope things will just change by chance -well, they aint going to!
    The web is the best way to expand mens’ awareness…so keep an eye open for future interference in this important area.
    Meanwhile all power to guys -like FMW, with the wit,courage and time to get some strong views ‘out there’ -where people can take heed.
    Yes ,women need to be made aware of the threat now!!
    Don’t let the ruling elite divide mankinds’ natural order by breaking the together concept of men and women.
    We really do need each other- but under fair and proper rules.
    Time for some real change.
    Yep !!

  2. That is outstanding that you bring up the Roman Emperor Diocletian. His persecution of the early Catholic Church is a great example of what is occurring today. The persecution of men by their own feminized government.

    It proves my point that living under the radar or in the case of the early Catholic Church living down in the catacombs is the way to go. Who survived the persecutions? Rome or the Catholic Church? There is your answer.

    By the way living under the radar is hardly idle. It takes a lot of work keeping your life private when you have a government that is obsessed with everyones business.

  3. Seceding from the Union is exactly where this is headed and exactly where I believe it needs to head.

    Our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms and secede from the Union should our current government become tyrannical.

    What is flying under the radar going to do? Feminism will eventually pervade other countries as well. You still have to pay taxes and support another tyrannical government.

    Where will you go? Eventually it will be a one-world government, a revolution will be even more difficult then. And then all people will be doing is thinking rebellion, just when it is even more difficult.

    Feminism will never survive anyways. Radical Islam will easily walk all over it, only to insally its own one-world government with even less freedoms.

    FMW and myself believe that it is easier and will be easier tochange thigns now than change things later. Later you will get beheaded for thinking anti-government things, at least now you can just go to jail.

    Staying idle and living under the radar will doom all of us, it is a lose-lose proposition. Sure you can live in peace for a few years, but shit will eventually hit the fan and you will have nothing or worse.

    The bible belt states won’t put up with too much more, they will secede from the union, and good luck getting the armed forces to stop that since 90% of the troops come from this area of the country. What are the limp-wristed Starbucks drinking Manhattanites going to do about it? Sue the other countries? LMFAO.

    Trust me I intend on fighting for my freedoms, and fight I will because the alternatives are not worth it.

  4. I don’t agree Cybro.

    The first stages of this battle is an information war. And I never said the problem was with women, or some invading army. The invasion is one of principles. The sick convoluted type created by Marxists with the intent on destroying western civilisation.

    Removing myself makes me just as complicit as those doing it. I refuse to allow society to be taken apart piecemeal and enslaved. Feminism is just the start of it. The goal for them is to collapse Britain. That way it will be easier to absorb into the EU, which is the whole point.

    Remember, the goal is a one world government. Social chaos is the result of critical theory. With chaos the governments can present their New World Order as the cure.

    It is the classic Problem Reaction Solution paradigm envisioned by the Roman Emperor Diocletian being put to use again by elitists hell bent on destroying the world of men in order to control what’s left.

    I see almost everything they’re doing these days, what makes it worse is that many around me don’t, that’s what this blog is for.

  5. MRAs have it all backwards. Living under the radar is the ultimate freedom. Abandoning a feminized government to die the death it deserves is the best way to fight it. Not signing marriage contracts to later be financialy harvested in family court is the surest way of starving that corrupt system to death.

    If MRAs had a motto it would be “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees”. Those are the ones who have ignored the warnings and have signed a marriage contract. Now they are hoping against hope that they can change the rules after the fact. To late guys. You are screwed.

    If MGTOWs had a motto it would be “Better to live on your feet than die on your knees”. Those are the ones that would not save marriage if it were drowning in 6 inches of water. There is no benefit to marriage in the first place so no reason to save it in the second.

    You MRAs don’t understand what you are fighting. It’s not some invading army. It’s your own government. You want to know how to fight a war like that? You have to secede from the Union. Remember the last time that was tried? Because that is the level you will have to take your fight to if you want to become unscrewed.

    The other option is to let the whole thing crash under it’s own weight. Which it will do sooner if you MRAs get out of the way rather than later. Just go your own way, do you own thing and start building somewhere else instead of fighting for something that is not worth saving.

  6. I share the same beliefs that you do.

    I will never remove myself from society and sit idle while people take advantage of others to try and get ahead. No way in hell is that going to happen.

    I will fight until there is no fight left in me. Tis better to die fighting for freedom than to live under the radar. We owe it to our fathers and to our children to strive for what is fair and just for the common people. They fought against tyranny and knew that sooner or later their progeny would have to take up arms again.

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