Divorce is hell

Paul McCartney has revealed his true feelings about his divorce from Heather Mills for the first time – and likened it to going through Hell.

When Sir Paul was asked whether he had any regrets about the fall-out from the break-down of the four-year marriage, he momentarily dropped his guard and spoke candidly quoting Winston Churchill.

The former Beatle said: ‘Going through a divorce is a very painful thing. As Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going”.

In the interview with the Radio Times, McCartney speaks of the importance of remaining dignified – and silent – in such disputes.

He said: ‘The only solution is to remain dignified. If I don’t keep a silence about it, I lose this idea of being dignified. But I’ve a wonderful baby. ‘She’s a great joy to me, as are my elder children, so I’m a lucky man.’

Sources have told the Mail that though Miss Mills is also ostensibly shying away from speaking publicly about the case – even arriving at court last week hiding under a blanket – she is finding ways to nudge Sir Paul towards that early out of court settlement.

Heather has for instance spent much of the time since last Thursday’s Financial Dispute Resolution meeting building a robust case to convince his team why he should settle long before a public hearing next year.

A source told the Mail: ‘Heather felt so encouraged about the Financial Dispute Resolution hearing last week.

‘She thought they would settle very quickly after. But Paul’s team have not been back in touch. She now feels like he has led her up the garden path.

No, what she means is his legal team won’t fall for her blackmail attempts.

‘Heather has been putting the word out that it is not in Paul’s best interest to go to court by reminding him of the cards she is holding.

‘She has started been making worrying noises about the custody of Beatrice, suggesting she might perhaps take her to America for long periods of time.

Taking children out of the country in these situations is illegal the last time I checked. But who needs laws when you have the Pussy Pass. Why would she even think that it would be okay to take the daughter away from the father for long periods of time?

Wait, she knows, it’s because she’s threatening Paul with her. Emotional blackmail. How dignified of the gold digger.

‘She has been saying that if they go to court, the judge will not pay any interest to what she calls ‘the catalogue of lies’ that have been said about her in the press.

‘She is saying that if this goes to court, she will get awarded more money, that it will be worst for Beatrice to have her parents so publicly warring.

‘His legal team has been reminded that Heather could argue that she put him back on track emotionally and with his career after Linda died. And perhaps then if she goes to court she should then fight for some of his future earnings.

Oh yes, there is nothing a woman like her won’t try and steal off of a man. Maybe he can then sue her for emotionally destabilising him by her actions during the divorce and her behaviour in the press.

Don’t hold your breath mind you.

‘Heather has also been talking again about her personal security and that of Beatrice. She is saying the longer this all drags on and the more public it gets, the more worried she is that she will become public enemy No1. And greater security for them all is something Paul will have to pay for.

So even if she wins shit loads of cash, homes and whatnot, she thinks that Paul should pay for her security, although it’s her behaviour that would have made her P.E. No.1.

‘She has also been speaking of there now being unprecedented offers coming in from the US to go on shows like Oprah, Jay Leno and Letterman. Paul is getting all this nudging encouragement to do the deal right away.

‘There has been all this encouragement – and the longer is takes for Paul’s team to come back to them with a settlement, the more frenzied it is becoming.

‘Her side have also been saying that if Paul wants public war, he can have it. But as Heather has pointed out, a lot could come out in court. And Paul should remember that after what has been said about her over the years – truth or lie – she does not have much reputation left to defend. But she wants him to know that if she is forced into a corner, she could very publicly destroy his reputation.’

Wow, how loving. I can’t wait to get murdered married!

A source close to Heather said last night: ‘As of yesterday, the latest line is that if Paul doesn’t settle in the very near future and if it goes to court, Heather will stretch the court case long into next year. Let’s not forget, Heather is still suffering horribly after having follow-up operations on her leg. Such problems could stretch out a divorce hearing.

‘And if this all drags out, Paul must also be worrying about what potentially damaging allegations might leak out about the marriage break-up in the future. It could all get very messy again very quickly.’

She wants houses, millions, the kid, to kiss and tell, future earnings. Seriously, would you marry a woman who has the potential to want and get all of these things from you?

I bloody wouldn’t. And guess what, 99.9% of women have the potential. Not saying they would, but they could, and there is a whole slimy industry devoted to it.

Also remember this, all of these women that financially raped their exes all said the same things to them.

‘I love you’.

‘You can trust me’.

‘I’ll always be there for you’.

I know almost everybody hates this Heather Mills bitch. Hopefully this divorce case will highlight some of the misandry within the legal system and force corrections to stop career parasites like these females from preying on men.


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