Femcunts using taxpayers money

I’m not going to write an article today, I’m burnt out. Spent all day messing about with Ubuntu 7.10 RC, finally got it working!

This is yet another article that needs no explanation. So here it is.


The United States Senate is preparing to vote on October 15 for a bill that will authorize the feds to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars to radical feminists. It’s believed that Democrats and Republicans will attempt to “bribe” female voters with huge handouts that has little basis in fact.

One more thing, I’ve noticed our comrade Fred X has made an appearance back at his blog (link on my sidebar). Good to see you’re ok Fred.

He makes a good point regarding getting worn down from constantly going head to head with all the misandric bullshit, the constant assaults on freedom by the corporate government etc. It does seriously wear you out and sometimes you need a break. But when you’re writing regular posts, highlighting articles, looking through legal documents and then arguing with apathetic idiots day in and day out when they refuse to believe anything you say even though you’ve got all the evidence and they don’t have anything, apart from their desire to watch soap operas and think about whatever the TV tells them to think, you begin to wonder if people deserve to be fucked over.

But then I think about the fact that if people don’t speak up and stir up the hornets nest, all of us (men and women) are going to be truly fucked in ways that have never happened before in history.

I don’t actually mind that happening to the feminists though, they fucking deserve it, the slimey self-serving family destroying child-hating parasitic cunts.

Anyway, I’m off for a few days. In the meantime if you want something to read, check these following links out.

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What is Marxism and How Does it Work?
Domestic Violence Against Men
Environmentalism, Global depopulation
Al Gore’s ridiculous Peace Prize
Overpopulation lies


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