HPV Vaccine Gardasil

Part two of these articles, imaginatively titled ‘HPV VAccine Gardasil 2‘ is here‘.

Gardasil is a cervical cancer vaccine made by a firm called Merck. They are pushing the vaccine to be injected into all the girls between 12 and 13.

And now they want to inject boys with it. Why?

Why boys as well as girls should get the cervical cancer jab

Boys should be vaccinated against the sexually-transmitted disease which causes cervical cancer, a leading specialist said yesterday.

While it is only a minor complaint in boys, the human papilloma virus can be passed on to unvaccinated partners.

Ministers have already announced that girls aged 12 will be given the jab against it in the hope of saving around 700 lives a year.

Now Dr Anne Szarewski of Cancer Research UK says 12 and 13-year-old boys should also receive the jab on the Health Service.

Apart from passing on the disease in future years, she says maximising the number of recipients would increase immunity across the population. The vaccination has to be given to pre-teens because it is more effective before puberty.

Dr Szarewski told GP magazine that just vaccinating girls sends out ‘a bad public health message.

So they want to apply the risks of this ‘vaccine’ to the entire young male population because of a public health message? Are you fucking kidding? Maybe this ‘doctor’ is on the Merck payroll.

‘Not vaccinating boys will increase the risk that homosexual men will become infected.’

What? I can’t believe this!

HPV is responsible for most cases of cervical cancer, which kills more than 1,000 middle aged women in Britain a year.

So far ministers have committed themselves only to a vaccination programme for 12 and 13-year-old girls, subject to an independent review of its cost effectiveness.

But Dr Szarewski, from the Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, told the magazine there should also be a catch-up programme targeting girls of 15 and 16.

‘The mean age for sexual intercourse among girls is 17, so there is a chance to protect teenaged girls as well,’ she said.

‘It would be a great shame if the vaccination programme does not include this.’

Last night an adviser to the government on HPV said there was not enough evidence to justify the inclusion of boys in the current vaccination programme. Professor Margaret Stanley, a virologist at Cambridge University, said the programme should concentrate on ‘vaccinate as many girls as possible’.

Pamela Morton, director of the cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust, said: ‘I can see the reasoning behind this but the priority really has to be young women.

‘We appreciate the merit that the vaccine has in taking on genital warts and herd immunity is clearly better.

‘But the priority must be women who could die, which is why we are concerned there is no catch-up programme for girls over the age of 12.’ Stephen Green, of Christian Voice, warned that such a vaccination programme could lead to more sexual activity among young people.

He said: ‘Giving the vaccine to boys as well as girls would simply encourage promiscuity among boys.

‘What these vaccines do is bring about a false sense of security.

‘Boys are simply going to think, ”I’m all right now” and will take more risks. ‘Surely a better way would be for schools to put more effort into promoting a lifestyle of chastity.’

Jackie Fletcher of the anti-vaccination campaign group JABS said: ‘It would make far more sense to start offering the cervical cancer smear test to women of a lower age than introducing a new vaccine to the cocktail they already receive.

‘We have concerns about the inadequacy of the safety trials that have been conducted on the HPV vaccine.

‘They have been tested on adult women meaning we do not know whether they are safe for boys and young girls.’

Ministers are to make a final decision on who should be covered by the vaccination scheme later this month. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which advises the Government, said it would only be cost effective to give it to 12 and 13-year-old girls.

Otherwise they said the cost of the vaccination programme would vastly outweigh the cost to the NHS of treating cervical cancer victims.

More than half of family doctors in a recent poll said they did not feel knowledgable enough about the HPV vaccine to advise parents on the subject.

Why would they want to inject boys with it too? Maybe because then Merck would make twice as much money, and potentially screw up twice as many children, which would then represent a nice big pool of patients to sell yet another bunch of synthetic drugs to.

Let’s have a quick look at Gardasil shall we?

From Vaccine Awareness.

virus-like particles (VLPs) of major cover (L1) protein of HPV Types 6,11,16,18 produced in genetically-engineered Saccharmoyces cerevisiae;
# fermentation media: vitamins, amino acids mineral salts, carbohydrates;
# aluminum-containing adjuvant/catalyst: amorpous aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate;
# L-histidine;
# polysorbate 80;
# sodium borate;
# sodium chloride;
# water;
# yeast.

IVAC’s concerns about Human Papilomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Types 6, 11, 16, 18 from vaccine package insert

* lack of safety studies on the ingredients singly, combined, cumulative, synergistically with other vaccines’ ingredients;
* aluminum as an ingredient and in placebo;
* unknown ingredients in culture medium;
* lack of identity of trial subjects: country, race;
* “clinical trials population approximated general population of American women;”
* only 4 yr follow up;
* no accounts for 7 deaths out of 17 subjects who died;
* confusion re injection into pregnant women:
* birth abnormalities within 30 days of mother’s vaccination: narrowing of pyloric sphincter that blocks food passage from stomach into duodenum; kidney distension/obstruction, hip abnormality, club foot:
* no studies on male fertility;
* unknown if vaccine is excreted in breast milk;
* in clinical studies, higher number of breast fed babies, whose mothers received Gardasil, had acute respiratory illnesses within 30 days after mother vaccination as compared to babies whose mothers received placebos;
* no studies of vaccine given with other vaccines other that hepatitis B vaccine nor does it state specifically which hepatitis B vaccine used in study;
* confusion about immogenicity bridging, that effectiveness of vaccine in 9-15 year old girls is inferred;

Adverse Reactions:
* appendicitis;
* arthritis: juvenile, reactive, rheumatoid;
* asthma;
* bronchospasm;
* cough;
* diarrhea;
* dizziness;
* fever;
* gastroenteritis;
* headache;
* injection site itchiness, pain redness, swelling;
* insomnia;
* joint pain
* nasal congestion;
* nausea;
* pelvic-inflammatory disease;
* upper respiratory tract infection;
* vomiting;
* weakness.

Safe? Not in the slightest. It can create PID, which can make women infertile, helpful for the de-population agenda of the NWO isn’t it?

Now cervical cancer kills 1000 women a year in the UK.
To apply the vaccine program to the girls would cost £100 million.
That’s £100,000 per woman.

Merck is standing to earn £100 million pushing this poison to our children.

This vaccine is not guaranteed to prevent HPV. That’s an expensive, dangerous probability wouldn’t you think?

From Vaccination Liberation Information.

Gardasil was licensed by the FDA on June 8, 2006 as a vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus associated with cervical* cancer. Great success in trials is claimed. We expect the reality to be much more sobering than the hype. Indeed, vaccines have been associated with an increase in cancer for 150 years. And this trend has never ended as Polio vaccines and even the flu vaccine have been implicated as cancer causing. It is best to live a healthy lifestyle and keep toxic compounds, which all vaccines contain, out of your body.

* Important Facts: Most women do not experience any symptoms from contact with human papillomavirus. Immunity is natural and it’s believed that the immune system clears the virus quickly.
Risk Factors:
* “Diet: Women with diets low in fruits and vegetables may be at increased risk for cervical cancer. Also overweight women are more likely to develop this cancer.” Source: http://www.cancer.org
* Use of oral contraceptives.
* Smoking.
* Other exposure to toxic compounds in the food, air and water. We expect that the vaccine itself will be a contributor to cancer. See our section on cancer.

* The trial procedure was inadequate. (Too Few people-years of Data.) [Above]
* The trial methodology was fraudulent. (Less than 10% of those in the “placebo” group got a true placebo)
* The trial conclusions are mis-stated: The effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing cervical cancer is said to be 100%. However, there were ZERO cases of cervical cancer in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups. That is ZERO PERCENT effectiveness.
* The vaccine contains aluminum which can CAUSE cancer. The vaccine also contains Polysorbate 80 which has been linked to disturbance of reproductive abilities in rats.

More information about Gardasil and the unknown dangers can be found here. (Look under the ‘Implications’ heading).

Don’t let your kids get vaccinated with this crap. If you are willing to subject them to these risks, at least look up the information for yourself, so when they get it and something bad happens you can also blame yourself as well as everyone else.

HPV Vaccine Gardasil 2

New links!:

8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccineAdverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands

Gardasil NOT proven safe
Washington, D.C. – The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is calling on the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to just say “no” on June 29 to recommending “universal use” of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine in all pre-adolescent girls. NVIC maintains that Merck’s clinical trials did not prove the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts is safe to give to young girls.

Gardasil vaccine deaths in UK

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

17 thoughts on “HPV Vaccine Gardasil

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  2. This is so stupid. People are going to experiment how they will, getting a shot will not make little boys more horny or send a bad message. Obviously reality is the bad message haha.. Sometimes these religious people are such morons.

  3. Your ignorance is outstripped by your idiocy. Don’t get the vaccine. In fact, don’t get any vaccines. Then when you develop hepatitis or pneumococcal pneumonia and die we’ll be rid of your spectacular stupidity.

  4. Anal cancer is beginning to spike among Gay Men sharply…particualrly those suviving HIV or even neg. This simply takes longer to developinto cancer than HIV presents itself. If it is appropriate for women, it is essential for Gay Men ( justa thought). I suspect the vaccine may even have limited protective abilities EVEN if prior exposure has occurred. This has been shown to be true withj Zostavax, for shingles, which is simply “heightened” chickpox vaccine. It took the medical community a long time to acknowledge this. And Flu shots are now essentially recommended for everyone. That took decades. NO ONE has to getany of them. I have and will. “One ounce of prevention…”

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  6. HPV causes genital warts. Men get genital warts. Why would you not want to protect mails against this often painful and shameful virus that 85% of the population gets exposed to at some point or other in their lives?

  7. Thanks for that Captain Obvious. This is about educating people on the other side of the coin so they can choose for themselves.

    How many kids get cervical cancer? The group with the highest chances of getting it are 50+

    Gardasil doesn’t last that long. But Big Pharma always want to ‘get em while they’re young’.

    People don’t need to get the flu shot either. But then again, people are dumb sheep.

    So go ahead and take it and give it to your kids.

  8. The gardasil vaccine protects against 4 strains of human papillomivirus. HUMAN…that means men and boys can become infected by the virus. How about comparing the number of adverse reactions to flu shots to reactions from gardasil? Both are immunizing against a virus, one is just more long term. Throat cancer in men has been linked to HPV. Why not prevent that? If you don’t want the vaccine, like some people don’t choose to get a flu shot, DONT GET IT. If your child died of cervical cancer, wouldn’t you wish that there was a preventative chance?

  9. Glad the article helped L. I tend to update these articles with more links to information as they come about, also the search engine helps with pulling the articles up.

    Keep spreading the truth!

  10. this was an excellent article. I pride myself on being aware when it comes to medicinal hoaxes. Since I was in the vast minority, I almost scared myself silly into breaking down and getting it…thank you for reassuring me that I am making the right decision.

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  16. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6890106663412840646&q

    Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) has been found in a lot of vaccines headed for third world countries.
    It makes it almost impossible to become pregnant. The women will mis-carry every time.


    Feminism, abortions, birth control, and now the fail-safe, a shot which will make it exceedingly difficult to carry a baby. Cervical cancer is rare, and if you are truly concerned about HPV, don’t have pre-marital sex.
    Taking a poorly tested, unproven vaccine so you can have pre-marital sex, which doesn’t really offer protection against the real nasty STD’s, is illogical and pointless.

    Women will trust government and corporations right to there graves. So sad…

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