Blame women for girls’ image issues.

Dame Helen Mirren lays it down in this article.

The 62-year-old Oscar winning actress said women were behind the images of skinny girls on the catwalk and in magazines giving teenage girls a complex about their weight. In a vitriolic attack Dame Helen said: “I blame my own sex vehemently on this.

“It is women who run the magazines and women who editorialise and women who make the decisions.

“I think it is completely iniquitous to have incredibly skinny girls on the runway.

“A lot of the girls are horrifically thin and of course they have a problem.”

“Mostly the fashion industry chooses to turn a blind eye.”

The actress has bared all for numerous roles during her lengthy stage and screen career.

She admitted she was not averse to cosmetic surgery and had been airbrushed on the cover of her autobiography In The Frame.

But she said she was left shocked by her own experience of the modelling industry after visiting agents with her niece Natalie Fitzgerald, who was keen to get work.

Dame Helen said: “I took my 17-year-old niece around to some modelling agencies because she is very tall at more than 6ft.

“I knew that a little part of her brain was thinking: ‘I could be a model.’

“She is a slim, flat-bellied and normal girl. Every modelling agency told her she would have to lose weight and I felt so guilty because she really did not have to.

“When she got home I did not want her to feel like that.”

Miss Fitzgerald, now 20, subsequently chose not to join an agency and relies on finding work herself.

But Dame Helen said the incident exposed the dangerous side of the industry to her first-hand.

She said: “It is not just skinny girls. It is those ads telling you to use foundation and the girl in the ad is a 13 year old and has no make up on whatsoever.

“The whole thing is based on fantasy. The catwalk clothes may look fabulous on the thin girl but they look ridiculous on a normal slim girl.”

Dame Helen’s celebrated curves earned her a sex symbol tag. But the actress, who has scooped trophies this year for The Queen, Elizabeth I and Prime Suspect, said she spent her career trying to shake it off.

She added: “It annoyed me when I was younger. At the time maybe I should have been enjoying it but I found it a bit of an albatross.

“As I got older I cared less and less and now I am absolutely thrilled!

Dame Helen, who could return to the British stage, said she was planning to lighten her workload with ‘a slow little walk to one side.’

“The ageing process happens and you cannot do the things you used to do,” she said. “I will fight it off for as long as I can.

“As for cosmetic procedures, you cannot be 80 and look 50 but if I get to a point where it is really depressing me and I want to feel better about myself then I will do it.

“I would love to have my chunky legs liposuctioned but I am too frightened.”

I knew the fashion and media industries are run and dominated by the most stupid of bitches anyway. So for femcunts and the like to try and blame men for girls’ eating disorders is just another baseless excuse to try and attack us.

Well they can fuck right off.

Also, with girls wasting money on silly outfits, jewellery and getting their entire identity dictated to them by the fashion magazines they devour in their droves and then attempting to blame men for it.

‘But you guys make us dress like this.’ (This is a universal issue with women. Never responsible for their own actions, except when it results in a positive outcome. A negative outcome? Well just blame men for it, because you’re a princess blah fucking blah.)

No we don’t, we don’t make you do anything, you choose to, partly because it’s what you think we want and partly because you are in competition with all the other girls out there for attention.

That’s why you see women constantly look other women up and down, checking out their honey trap disguises.

Those glam mags are run by women, so you lot are running out of excuses to try and pin it on the hated sex, men. Eventually you will have to realise, that you bought that over-priced dress because you’re an idiot, and not because of ‘some man’.

My opinion of the size zero debate? Girls shouldn’t be so frikkin’ weak. You don’t see men starving themselves or committing suicide because they saw Brad Pitt in Fight Club do you?

What happened to this independent woman shit? It’s quite obvious what happened to me. The independent women issue is just a big fat myth. They way I see it, in the past men controlled the spending, head of the family and all that, women followed his advice and his instructions when she needed guidance.

Government and corporations separated men and women, and stepped in as the surrogate man for these idiotic females, so now the women follow the TV and ‘that guy in the nice suit makes the laws’. Other men try to guide these headless chickens but then they just turn around and say ‘I’m an independent woman!’

And then proceed to dress like the magazines tell her to. Eat what the magazines tell her to. Think what the television tells her too. Drink what the barman tells her too. Buy things the magazines tell her too. Wait a minute, what do they do that they didn’t get told to do by the corporate government?

Fuck me, I’d swear women had more independence before feminism!

I know, they look really oppressed to me too!

31 thoughts on “Blame women for girls’ image issues.

  1. Lovelylady I agree with most of what you said, until the last paragraph though.

    Particularly the last sentence.

    “If you think the fashion industry and those that succumb to it are so repugnant, prove your point by choosing different women to date.”

    First of all, this is not a dating site, this a discussion board, so there’s no way for any of us men here to “prove our point” without delving into a long and very revealing personal stories about our girlfriends. I know I wouldn’t go into a personal story.

    I’ll say it again, the fashion industry should encourage “fitness” not anorexia. There is a difference!
    My father was a sports teacher for a lot of his life. Now he’s got a desk job, but still involved in sports.

    And do you know what.. female athletes look sexy !

    I once made it too my high school athletics team, and the teenage girls I saw in that tournament…were looking good !

    It is dangerous and unhealthy for ANY woman OR man to go on living in obesity and refuse to take anyone’s advice, because its “offensive.”

    It also is equal offensive to starve onself to the point of malnutrition. And then blame the fashion industry. The fashion industry ain’t gonna pay your medical bills.

    Why can’t the fashion industry just encourage women to be healthy?

    I mean just think about the logic, why shouldn’t a healthy, fit woman be physically attractive ?

    I know I find them attractive.

  2. I find Someguy’s comments totally baseless and offensive. To blame all of society’s ills on feminism is completely out of whack, and shows you don’t understand feminism at all.
    To say that men take responsibility for their actions and learn from them has not been our experience. War, aggression, rape? Economic collapse? Environmental destruction?
    Sure, by paying more attention to dieting, fashion trends, beauty enhancements, etc than to the state of the planet, some women are simply not doing their part to curb destructive action and to help improve our society. But, we could also say that some men who operate on their own greed, date and ditch without consequence, and compete with one another for the latest toys are also not doing their part. They’re also willingly putting their heads in the sand and behaving in short-sighted ways to get some temporary sense of fulfillment. So, both genders need to own some responsibility.

    I also think it strange that men would go through all of this effort to lambast women for perpetuating impossible beauty standards, as if they didn’t find women who strove towards those standards attractive. Be honest with yourselves: who catches your eye? Who do you find attractive? who would you approach to spark up a conversation? You say that none of those decisions are based upon the same standards or messaging that women respond to and comply with? If you think the fashion industry and those that succumb to it are so repugnant, prove your point by choosing different women to date.

  3. I think that this thought pattern NEEDS to be SPREAD out more.

    Women are creating an unnecessary burden on themselves by an imagined factor.

    I don’t know what sort of man, women think; would value a woman with hardly any of the defining curves of a woman !!!

    Who perpetuates this silly idea ?

    Do women believe that all men’s sex drives are driven by pedophile instincts ? (i.e. copulating with someone who has the body equivalent of an 8yo girl )

    Haven’t women heard of the saying that all men think about is ‘t!ts’ and ‘@ss.’

    And even, if this is based on competition among women…it should not result in this. After all, if I remember correctly, the object of this competition is for US MEN; isn’t it ? So the opinions of OTHER WOMEN should not be nearly as important as OURS (the men).

    So why should a woman who has a boyfriend, go and starve herself because some other girl told her too ?

  4. Absolutely. Women put on their red lipstick, makeup, low cut blouse then whine “guys are jerks for thinking about sex”.

    If they wore overalls and held up a pot of chili I’d be thinking about food instead. and sex. Go figure.

  5. women’s lives are messed up, supposed that is what you get being born in a man’s world overall, all women can do is pick on other women to relieve the frustration. What a sad life women have, no wonder the majority are bitches.

  6. The issue at hand is a culture that is out of balance in it’s effort to correct the imbalance of the past.
    – It’s like someone realized the grass was brown and turned the sprinkler on, but forgot to turn it off and now the yard is drowned. One side is arguing that the grass is screwed up because the lack of water and the other is arguing that it was too much water.
    – Fact is there is an imbalance in culture today. Not once in the past 5 years have I heard on the Radio, main stream magazines (on the store shelf), TV or commercials about how attractive, fulfilling and good for society a smart, respectable, responsible, mature lady can be.
    – Like it or not, there is a conscience that reading the bible brings to a person. It encourages to do good and not evil, right and not wrong and builds virtue in a person. Both Men and Ladies need it. As long as someone pays attention, someone else will sell.
    – Girls are nice to look at and Guys like to look. Always have, always will. The widespread lack of the inner qualities on both sides is the issue.
    – If the being who created the universe wanted to tell me something I don’t believe he would use our current media to do it.
    – I think anyone who can see past their nose can see the media is biased, unbalanced, untruthful, slanted, twisted, and down right scary as a source of information. I see nearly 500 times more homosexuals on TV than I do in real life and I live in the 2nd most homosexual populated city in the US. I see churches on TV represented as a joke when they have always been and still are the backbone of the countries moral fiber that is a catalyst for each individual’s loving relation to themselves and the world around us. I see parents on TV being the dumbest individuals I’ve ever met in real life. (seriously, even a bum on the street fights back) I see more lacerated, mutilated, raped, murdered, burnt, acid eaten, corpse/bodies on TV than any human in life ever has excluding only some of Hitler’s gestapo. I see non-stop media coverage on TV including a cat getting stuck in a tree on the other side of the country, a bunch of talking heads arguing about a subject but never getting to the root cause because if they did they wouldn’t get to stay on TV.
    – Looking to the media to resolve the world’s problems or even be involved in the resolution would be somewhat like expecting a doctor to prescribe vegetables instead of a medicine that creates another side effect. It’s what some call “working themselves out of a job.”

    Our generation and the next calls to us by their oblivion to help them, but we see only the oblivion and not our generation. The call to rise above ourselves to help others is constantly a struggle between helping them and being them.
    A diligent hand lendth to success.
    I give a good 2 thumbs up to the article.

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  8. I didn’t mean that ‘easy to read’ thing in a patronising (way we spell it on the east side of the atlantic) way! Just in a ‘not massively time or psyche consuming’ type sense…

  9. Also there’s book by Ariel Levy ‘Female chauvenist pigs and the rise of raunch culture’. It’s in the same line of debate many of you folks here are presenting. It’s a pop culturish type book. Easy to read.

  10. Well first of all, it’s kind of stupid to talk about ‘feminism’ its like talking about ‘politics’. The word feminism doesn’t mean anything on it’s own, is it radical feminism? liberal feminism? post modern feminism? Individualist feminism?
    It is obvious to me that their are countless factors as to why some women are body dismorphic (although ever more men are suffering from these types of mental illnesses. I think the current stat is 1 in 10 anorexic people are male). It is obviously not in the interest of women as a social group to be characteristically laden with debt and stifled with self loathing. But I don’t think ‘women’, ‘men’ or ‘feminism’ can be blamed if that is the case. There are multiple and varying factors. I think anyone who does finger ‘women’ ‘men’ or ‘feminism’ at large for this issue is misguided and certainly does not have any answers. Instead my guess would be that that person has a whole lot of baggage that they are letting completely obscure their logic.

  11. It’s funny that the feminized women- you know the mindless, could-give-a-damn, what-about-me?, insecure, wheres-the-next-party, i-want-that-guy-now type never takes responsibility- and indeed refuse- under almost all circumstances to blame themselves for a lot of problems they/we are experiencing today. I can remember the finger-pointing towards men about this issue(and many others for that matter) in the beginning. Now that statistics tell us different and more women are saying- “but wait a minute…”- all of a sudden, it’s “society”. It might be so, but be careful, as with all arguments with females, you are setting yourself up for a fall later on, because who is supposedly running society according to them? Who makes up society? Exactly- ‘The Patriarchy”. Women can’t possibly be so “destructive”. Women are good, men are bad, remember?

    As men, we can admit mistakes, we can take stock, move on and try to change things- all in a rational, organized, step-by-step manner. Look at how the world progressed up until feminism hijacked it. Sadly, society- and the world is on the brink of collapse. Big business, TV, Radio, Papers etc…- and feminism go hand-in-hand and is it any wonder that by looking at the big picture, you can see that since the marriage of these 2, we have steadily declined. We’re noticing it, but most women are blissfully unaware of what’s going on and that’s mainly to do with how they’re wired. They couldn’t care less about the future(all those children affected by divorce and destructive custody), about their own gender(women don’t give a damn about other women), the state of the world, politics, technology, science, justice, honour etc… All they want is money, power without restraint and responsibility and/or merit, sex, glamour, worship. They really do belong in the kitchen. Big business, the media and women are today’s winners, while the children and the rest of the world suffer.

    I still see more being done by male-led institutions and male billionaires etc… toward aid, child slavery(go figure), human/drug trafficking, corruption etc… in general than I do from “empowered women” and women’s groups. Women need to wake up and kick feminism out of their system.

  12. Women are obsessed with their appearance because they are obsessed with sex.

    They seek to turn themselves into sex objects to garner attention, status, power in society.

    Feminism has stripped women of almost all of the qualities that made women irresistible in the past. Femininity, gentleness, skills of mending clothes, cooking, protecting children,sex appeal, empathy, loyalty, grace, wit, respect of men (and themselves), understanding the importance of the nuclear family and thinking of others.

    A lot of women have lost all of these positive attributes in their stupid quest to try and become ‘men’ in a ‘man’s world’. Now they can’t or are not interested in doing or learning any of these things, but they still want attention and ‘respect’ so they think they can get it by using whatever dregs they have left in the barrel.

    Hence what this article is about. Sad, but true.

  13. I’m a girl and I don’t think even I ever understood why girls have to be so focused on their body image. Don’t they have something better to do than constantly worry about calories and makeup? Maybe if girls would stop worrying so much about that stuff, society would become less pressuring to girls to worry so much about their image. I really don’t see what’s so fun about putting on makeup anyway, or what makes modeling fascinating enough to pursue as a career.

  14. First of all, I’m not sure where you’re coming from with this idea. I don’t see women blaming men for any of this stuff. I agree that it’s societal, and I don’t think it has been perpetuated exclusively by either sex.

    Now, I find it amusing that a woman in this day and age would honestly find more security in being dependent on a “loving, doting, chivalrous, and masculine husband.” Yes, it would be nice if all men were like that, and yes, there are many good husbands. However, if you are totally dependent on a man, with no money of your own and no way to support yourself should he leave you, you are gonna be FUCKED. Seriously, have you seen that Tyler Perry movie? Exactly. Happens all the time. Don’t get caught up thinking that your life will be perfect if you allow yourself to become dependent on your man, and all you do is housework and raise your kids. Home life is VERY important, but what American women need to find is BALANCE. Believe me, there’s a reason why women in the 1960’s wanted a change. Depression, anxiety caused because all they were was a wife, dependent on her husband, and treated more like a child than her own children!

    What we need is BALANCE. Seriously.

  15. “Yes some women are responsible for the problems that are in how we are represented in the media. But so are just as many men. Society is the problem. Feminists still have a way to go.”

    I think the problem now is that much of the feminist movement today has abandon the old model of achieving equality. I think alot if this has to do with realizing that men don’t have it and rosy as they once believed and are, in fact victimized by the larger society themselves in some different ways. That being discovered, the movement seems to now want special treatment due to their sex. And never seem to acknowledge that the truth is we all get very far from perfect deal when it comes to work, home and personal satisfaction unless our goals just happen to match that of society at the time.

  16. A Great article! We need more of this, more truth pouring out until everyone knows what the heck is going on! Most women seem to have a blind eye to men’s problems, and to the constant accusation is directed at innocent men. Men are not the fault here, women have built all kinds of stupidity around their lives and taken bad directions all by themselves. With men’s guidance, a lot of the modern misery could’ve been avoided. Wonderfur article, thank you a lot! Amber: Also very well and honestly said, I appreciate that kind of open honesty more than anything else!

    There WILL be balance and equality between men and women, where no one gender is above the other in any meaningful way. The question is, how much destruction must happen before it manifests..

    – Vortac

  17. I have to say that I’m seriously offended at this thought. I would rather have the option of being independent, and self sustaining. I’m not saying that I don’t need help, sometimes, but if I needed to I could support myself. I could be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher. How would men feel if the only job option that they have were nures or teacher? Feminism brought those options to us. Yes some women are responsible for the problems that are in how we are represented in the media. But so are just as many men. Society is the problem. Feminists still have a way to go.

  18. As a woman who has had body-image problems, I never touched a fashion magazine in my life and I never singled out men as the cause of my problems. It is society in general, hell, maybe even women moreso than men, because most men seem to hate impossibly skinny women anyways. I’ll agree with you that women who blame their body-image issues solely on men are crazy, but if you are going to claim that all women blame men, I’m going to have to disagree.

    Oh, and you do realize there are a number of men with body image problems of their own and anorexia?

  19. “Fuck me, I’d swear women had more independence before feminism!”

    THANK YOU!!! Exactly!!! Now I have to compete when men AND women… that’s great… really great for me… I’m so appreciative of the double burden I now have… It’s so cute that femiminists are patting themselves on the backs for fucking the rest of us over… I mean women are in a worse position now than we’ve ever been and it’s all our fault!!! Yeah I COULD be a homemaker with a loving, doting, masculine, chivalrous husband but NO I’d rather spend 4 years in college so I could be a painfully single, anorexic waitress at 28… that’s so empowering… why didn’t women think of this before? oh right… cause they had more sense than that.







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  22. This is sort of the blow-back from the ‘everyone is special’ ideals we 20’s something were brought up with, mainly women.

    The older women I’ve seen with daughters totally are trying to live vicariously through them.
    I’ve met so many broads who brag about becoming doctors, lawyers, singers, actors, and models.
    They are broke, working as a waitress or another stupid job because they’ve been raised to think they are special, and are entitled to the best, best shoes, clothes, and cars.
    The retards maxed out there credit cards trying to live like princess, and can’t go to school because they are paying off all those trips to Cancun, club cloths, expensive shoes and a lease on some shitty Hyundai with flowers hanging from the rear view.

    They are morons who will live a life of serfdom and debt because they don’t understand reality.
    I haven’t met one girl (without rich parents) in her 20’s without a ton of debt.
    Debt is slavery, and if you tell them that, they’ll say ‘whatever’ and try to ignore it.

    Keep telling the truth, its music to my ears!

  23. Full hips and nice breasts were once indicators of feminine disirability- in that it indicated child bearing properties to a male.
    That’s why we always look 😉
    Is it possible that very thin women on the catwalk- and all that goes with it is :-
    1: A warning to men to ‘stay away’?
    2: An indication of societal angst over feminine values being bad- so it gets internalised by self punishnent.
    3: A confirmation that the planets’ overpopulated.
    A picture is worth a thousand words,and these girls epitomise the search for love- but words of real love are in short supply from men (not ‘players’) these days.
    Look at the picture of mens’ lives ladeez- if you can find a realistic one anywhere.
    …Oh Sorry -it doesn’t sell !

  24. Wait so yo’re an a$$hole for showing an article that speaks the truth, imagine that.

    You mean heterosexual men don’t read these fashion magazines nor make the decisions there. Or you mean that the women on these magazines are a female or homosexual male fantasy of a little child?

    You Patriarchal Bastards!!!!


  25. Wow, now that’s wisdom!

    Don’t hate those who speak the truth, ask yourself why your bubble of imaginary greatness stops you from accepting the consequences of your own actions.

    Silly female creature.

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