Childless working women hate working mother’s.

As we have said time and time again, the reason women earn less money in their lifetime than men is because of the decisions they make. Not decisions men make, nor decisions their friends make. To appreciate this would take some comprehension of the term ‘take responsibility for your own actions’.

One of the decisions women take is getting pregnant. They choose to leave work to have a child, this will most probably impact her earning potential. Now I couldn’t give a shit what any PC police would say, but it pisses off almost everyone left in the workplace when some women fucks off on maternity leave. The rest of the staff have to work more to cover her arse. Fair? Not likely.

Feminists would think however, that in this situation, the other women would be more sympathetic because you know, they’re women and so understanding etc.



Childless women ‘hostile to working mums’ – By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent

Women who do not have children are considerably less sympathetic than men to mothers trying to juggle home and career, researchers have discovered.

More than half of working mothers said childless women were less understanding of the demands facing them, says a survey of 1,500 mothers.

And why would they be so understanding? They are their own people, with their own lives, they don’t revolve around you. They should happily work harder to make up FOR YOU should they?

Those surveyed said that with maternity leave lasting up to 12 months and the right to ask for flexible working, women without children perceived them as enemies to be left behind on the corporate ladder.

The report paints a picture of women undermining and undercutting each other, vying for advancement and sometimes filled with resentment.

Well they would. The corporate world is highly competitive, it’s supposed to be, makes people up their game. Those who aren’t willing to work hard will fall behind. Women leaving to have kids doesn’t befit one who wants to succeed in the corporate world. That’s not discrimination. That’s HER CHOICE. Choices have consequences.

Fifty five per cent of women with children under five now go out to work, compared with 25 per cent in 1975.

The Working Mothers’ Report found that 52 per cent thought it easier to blame a faulty alarm clock or heavy traffic than to admit that child-care problems had made them late. The overwhelming majority — 94 per cent — said juggling home and office life had a deleterious, harmful to body and mind, effect on their career.

However, only 31 per cent said the dual demands of work and family had an impact on a father’s career.

So what? That doesn’t mean anything. Why are they asking women about something they should be asking men about? It didn’t impact men as much maybe because of the additional sacrifices the men are making to keep moving up.

And 66 per cent of working mothers said pushing for flexible working that they knew an employer could accommodate, such as working from home or taking different hours, would have a negative effect on their careers.

It would. Your career obviously isn’t that important if you want to have kids during it, is it?

Yes yes I know, I’m not understanding the ‘feelings’ of a woman who wants to be a mother!

The fact is, I don’t give a fuck. This is the working world. Maybe the employer is also thinking about the morale of the other staff, having select ‘special’ women being allowed these privileges to work from home and other soft-option girly nonsense.

The report also disclosed that 37 per cent of mothers applying for a job had been asked about family commitments during their interview. One in seven had delayed having children, even though they wanted them, because they felt that their employer would disapprove of them trying to manage competing priorities.

Ben Black, the founder of the child-care providers The Family Care Company, which commissioned the report, said the research found that colleagues also failed to understand the pressures of juggling home and family life.

No no this is all wrong. The colleagues didn’t fail to understand. That’s manipulation, what he meant to say was ‘the colleagues failed to kiss these women’s arses.’ They don’t care about these fucking pressures, they’re got their own shit to be dealing with.

It’s all about the mothers eh. Everyone should bend over backwards to accommodate them? Fuck off.

“Many of the women that mothers work alongside will go on to have children and you would have expected them to be more understanding,” said Mr Black, who founded the company following the birth of his two-year-old twins.

“However, there can be a lot of competition and jealousy in the workplace, and some women might see it as an advantage in their career that they do not have children and a demanding home life.”

It’s the workplace, there is supposed to be competition you idiot, and there is an advantage being free of loads of other committments when looking to succeed in the corporate world. That’s how it works! Men are more willing to do so than women, as has been proven over and and over again. But in this case, even the women who are wanting to succeed are seeing that’s how the cookie crumbles.

One mother, who declined to be named, said it was not only childless women who could be unsympathetic to working mothers.

“Women can be very hard on other women. The experience of motherhood can be very different depending on the individual. I have a child who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and has been suspended from school three times.

“My boss is the smug mother of two children who are perfectly fit and healthy. She is completely unsympathetic. There is a complete lack of empathy.”

So it isn’t just childless mothers then. Considering how competitive women are towards each other all the time (not just in the workplace) trying to out dress each other, out drink each other, out do each other’s boyfriends etc, it seems a tad strange how these mothers suddenly get amnesia and pretend to not ‘understand’ the nature of competition when it suits them.

I shall end this with these comments left on the article.

I can quite understand childless women being unsympathetic to working mothers.
When the “working” mothers are away from work, due to maternity leave or flexible working, who has to cover for them because the employer won’t or can’t employ temporary help – the childless women!
Posted by Sonia Ward on September 19, 2007 7:14 AM

Women are quite horrible to each other.

On two occasions in my 30 year career I have worked in offices where the employees were predominently women. Never again.

The back stabbing, bitching, whining and so forth is quite astonishing. They also are like elephants in that they never forget. Any slight or comment is filed for instant recall even months later. The politics of such environments are so illogical that I challenge any man to comprehend them. Matters which are utterly trivial are accorded phenomenal time and attention when they should be ignored completely.

The whole experience was extremely stressful and I vowed never to work in a majority female office or for a female boss ever again – tenets I have stuck to.
Posted by Dylan The Rabbit on September 19, 2007 4:11 AM

10 thoughts on “Childless working women hate working mother’s.

  1. Sigh. Your writing misses the point. The point isn’t the woman’s choice to have or not have a child. The point is that society chooses to structure things that are less supportive of working families than they could be–and your writing is symptomatic of the greater problem. One name for it is hegemonic masculinity. Also, some might call it petty but a strong grasp of grammar and spelling is still essential for anyone trying to advance an argument. Or get ahead. I’ve counted over a dozen errors–it doesn’t sound like you’d be able to succeed at a hyper-competitive job, like the one I’m at right now. But bless your heart for at least trying to write a little blog post!

  2. I don’t miss the competition in the workplace when it came to trivial things, like Valentine’s day, and women would compete over who got the best bouquets from their husbands/boyfriends. So pathetic! I preferred to get my flowers at home, not at work. I wasn’t interested in their games.

  3. I’m probably in the minority here but…

    if you’re going to write an intelligent piece, at least use english correctly.

    It’s ‘Mothers’ not ‘Mother’s’

  4. I have just read your article regarding working mothers and childless workers along with the comments by other readers and I found it very therapeutic. I am a childless male worker working in an industry which is very heavily populated by women and looking back it has been a nightmare at times. I consider myself to be a victim of reverse discrimination as everything in my workplace is geared to the needs of the working mother. They get priority for holidays, can take time off at the drop of a hat with no questions asked and can get away with doing little or no work at all. When they want something they cry out for equal opportunities and when they don’t they want the system to make allowances for the fact that they are the “weaker” sex. The whole situation has turned me sexist – something I said I would never allow myself to become (like the senior male staff members who mentored me as a young man) – and has made me feel very angry, bitter and resentful. My advice to any employer on sorting this problem is to incorporate a male only policy of employment where vacancies are not advertised and interviews are not officially carried out. LONG LIVE THE WORKING MAN!

  5. You keep saying that men are “more willing” to “make sacrifices” in order to keep moving up. The truth, as I’m sure you know but refuse to acknowledge, is that men usually don’t have to make that choice. Their wives are raising the kiddos while they pursue their careers.

    It takes two people to make a baby, Dylan the dumbass.

    But please…do us all a favor and practice what you preach. Don’t reproduce. There’s more than enough of you already.

  6. It looks like I’m one of the few commenters who agrees with you. If employers allow mothers 12 months of maternity leave, then they should allow women (or men) without children 12 months of travel leave, or mental-health leave, or whatever other leave they choose.

    You cannot allow it for one and not the other. If it was allowing men 12 months off of leave, but not women, people would be rioting in the streets because of sexual discrimination. And to single out individual women! No, what’s good for one is good for all.

    Less babies, more concern with the world we have right now. We don’t need to fill it up any more.

  7. You can’t single out a specific minority to your personal opinions. Childless working women hate working mothers is Bull S>>T! You probably had one bad experience with a female who apparently doesn’t have a child and now you have ‘Stereo-typed’ All Childless Working women. You are no better than a raciest! I hope Karma gets back to you on your raciest judgement!

  8. I used to be one of those uncompassionate childless women, until one day I realized that I really wasn’t willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to make someone else rich (my employer). I see alot of lonely, single, bitter, childless women in the workplace – I didn’t want to be like them. Actually, the woman who works and raises a family works twice as hard as someone who chooses not to. To all those heartless dog eat doggers, if it wasn’t for a woman ‘s sacrifice you wouldn’t be here!

  9. I work very hard at my job and I hav 3 kids under 11. I get a lot of snide comments from the other mothers at the pta because they are all lazy cows that do not work and they expect all married women with children to sit at home like them. Does it ever occur to your rich elite women out there that some women work so that they can actually feed the children they create? Those cows are so rude and cold towards me. My boss is an idiot that believes all women should be at home. Hes a real loser.

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