Sell by date

Almost every woman you come across is lying to you. Constantly.

Her image is just that, an image. Being independent trail blazers, they look through their stupid superficial brain dead magazines and try to look like the girl who gets the most attention.

Why do they want the attention of men? Well men are the easiest way up the social ladder. They can just tag along while men forge a career, or better yet, fall in love* with a man who has already done all the work.

Make up is a must. A better name for it is fake up. Heels, wonderbras, sunbeds, strange creams with ingredient names so long they can’t be good for you, jewellery, botox, plastic surgery, the list is endless.

Women also, in true perpetual victimitus, like to try and accuse men of putting pressure on them to dress that way as opposed to just admit their advertising their wares to the highest bidder.

“It’s in the magazines, it’s you guys, you wouldn’t like us otherwise.”

I’m sure plenty of men have heard that comment from a woman. Strange, I don’t see many men giving a shit about female fashion (except to take the piss out of it) and definitely not reading the countless trash mags women devour in vast quantities.

Just goes to show women don’t tend to think much.

Yes women have many issues. Their insecurity about their appearance is FEAR. Fear that men will not find them attractive. Hence the obsessions with trying to look ‘attractive’ at least in the sense of what some corporate think-tank has decided ‘attractive’ is, which of course changes each year so women go out and buy all the latest greatest new products.

One issue that I find particularly sad is how women don’t realise that their youth/ fertility is their only power over men, and it is fleeting.

This tends to dovetail neatly with women’s bio-clocks ticking, prompting a period of denial and male loathing (nothing new there then), then loathing the next, younger, fitter, more fertile generation of girls (they’re now getting the attention from the men). Then finally realising that men couldn’t give a rats arse about her career, her cats and her soft arse degree. Men are interested in the most fertile females first. That is, the most eligible men with the resources want the prettiest most fertile women to give their offspring the best chance.

Where does this leave these ‘career wimmin?’


Shit creek minus One paddle. That’s where.

So they can’t get laid, can’t compete with the newer models, attempts at shaming men into compliance fails, they panic. Must have babies! Men are so superficial! (Although these women gladly dressed up to attract them, eons ago.)

They then try surgery in an attempt to look young again, men aren’t stupid. None of that works. You become a faded has-been that men aren’t interested anymore. What the fuck would a man date you for? So you can constantly tell him how you think you’re better than him? How you may earn more money or further in your career.

A word of advice women. Men don’t want competitors at home. They get enough of that out in the world. Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, not a war zone.

Now, why aren’t these men clamouring after you anymore?

I’ll tell you why.

Remember when you were slutting yourself around in your formative years with bad boys and players, contracting various STD’s and treating men like shit? Well, that’s the time you should have spent looking for the man that will love you and still be with you now. I think women call them ‘nice guys’.

Usually though when everyone has grown up, those same nice guys that were manipulated and discarded now have the good careers, the money, the status, indeed everything most women want but aren’t willing to work for. Those same women come crawling back with their cats, or single motherhood, saying it would be nice to ‘meet up sometime.’


Women are a mess. They are either in denial, blaming men, attacking other girls or eating ice cream, anything other than accept that they’ve fucked up and it’s probably all over for them.

To win men’s affections women must be worthy of it. And men do not count self-opinion as a qualifying factor.

*Fall in love = fall in love with the lifestyle and assets she can parasitically extract from him.


3 thoughts on “Sell by date

  1. I agree completely with this post. A woman approached me recently – I really liked her but she was messing around with a married man; trying to access his lifestyle. I told her I wasn’t interested in dating her because of the married man thing.

    We kept talking as friends by email, and I decided to mess with her. I told her I was buying a house through Sotheby’s and needed some help buying a whole house full of furniture and picking out a new Lexus. You should have seen how fast she started flirting and coming on to me.

    It’s nothing but money to women, nothing else matters at all.

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