Children of Men

Earth at night

My flight back from the Mediterranean was delayed. I flew into Luton airport (London) at about midnight or so. It wasn’t all bad though, I had a window seat and I love to fly. But I usually prefer daytime flights because I like to see the ground and its features flying past.

Being a night flight that wasn’t going to happen. I had already been up for an epoch, dealing with packing and other crap, so I decided to continue working on an article on misogyny which I had started while on my holiday.

Being exhausted (and that’s before I even got on the plane) I didn’t really bother looking out of the window.

That is, until the flight began to cross France.

I was taking a nap at the time, and my head was resting on the window. I opened my eyes and peered out into the thick darkness that was swallowing the aircraft expecting to see maybe a few stars in between the flashes of the planes’ lighting system.

Instead, I was greeted with something much more awe inspiring.

Mankind, viewed from over 30,000 feet at night.

Millions of lights of cities, towns and villages sparkled out of the black-blue abyss, illuminating the coast of France. Roads and motorways connect the masses of towns like yellow veins, complete with moving pinpricks of light generated by the thousands of vehicles.

It is the sort of view I could watch all night.

And it is something Man made. Every single light, building, motorway, train, car, ferry, the plane I was in, the scientific theories that were prerequisites for the power stations. Absolutely everything I could see and everything that led up to those things were developed and constructed by Men.

Useless, moronic, bumbling idiots apparently. Why the constant attempt to denigrate men by feminists? And more importantly, why do other women jump on the ‘stab men in the back’ bandwagon with equal fervor?

Maybe it is because women may have a deep rooted resentment of men? Maybe it is because the history of Mankind would indicate that in general men are stronger, faster, more intelligent, harder working, more persevering, more self-sacrificing and more strong willed than women?

What is stopping women doing these things?

Nothing, that’s what. It is just that they are not interested, they are not willing to put the work in, or they just CAN’T DO IT. They can pick any of those reasons.

Just look at this for another amazing construction of useless, good for nothing, bumbling idiots.

Bagger 288

It was built for the job of removing overburden prior to coalmining in Hambach, Germany. It can excavate 240,000 tons daily—the equivalent of a football field dug to 30 meters (98 ft) deep. The excavator is approximately 240 m long and 96 m high. To run, the Bagger requires 16.56 megawatts (22,207.33 HP) of externally-supplied electricity, it can travel 2-10 m per minute (0.6 km/h). The chassis of the main section is 46 metres wide and sits on 3 rows of 4 caterpillar track assemblies, each 3.8 m wide. It has a minimum turning radius of approximately 100 metres

How cool is that?

Even in this age of anti-male sexism, women’s communal attack on masculinity, all the male discrimination in society and all the unfair benefits and opportunities women enjoy I would still hate to be female.

With all the ‘man-bad, women-good’ shit in the media, I’m still proud to be male. I’m a member of the sex that builds, invents, protects, fights for freedom, pushes cars down roads, splits atoms, turns sand into glass, launches machines into deep space and generally maintains and expands Mankind into the universe.

I’m proud to be one of the Children of Men.

And so should you.


5 thoughts on “Children of Men

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  2. wait a minute so Germaine Greer admitted that they are inferior?

    So they have to work harder to get the same result or the hard work that equals a man’s makes them too tired to compete?

    In essence that says that they can not compete on the same level with the same effort.

    Of course this was probably twisted as some evil patriarchy thing rather than taken as it is.

  3. Agreed FM.
    Men wouldn’t let women even attempt most essential mens’ work.
    Men are happy to gift ALL their efforts to womenkind in return for their familial support.
    Women would take take 10 times longer to build the wrong ‘thingy’!
    Resources (getting rarer) would be wasted.
    Women would be too tired to shag (even though they can just lie there).
    Chances are men would be forced to pay heavily for anything produced
    and would not be able to partake, as women have freely been allowed to do ‘for ever’.
    The list goes on….
    Nice to see you back refreshed for ongoing duty… :-)>

  4. Oh man that’s pathetic. Is it me or do these moaning feminists just sound like spoilt brats that complain because women have to work? Maybe what the idiot should have said is this:

    Women can’t compete with men. They need Daddy Government to railroad them into positions of status using biased anti-male laws because they can’t do it themselves.

    Women shouldn’t even be trying to compete with men. Men and women are supposed to be in partnership. Women should get over their penis envy and realise that.

    By the way, Greer is an A-class Femcunt.

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