Matriarchal self-worship

Pregnant chick

Why oh why must women parade their naked pregnant selves in photo shoots?

Why do they even feel the need to? It’s nothing new, I think women have been getting pregnant for a while now. Maybe it is something to do with this matriarchy where women demand to be worshiped for whatever little thing they do?

News flash! Women gets pregnant! Take pictures and wack it on the cover. There’s nothing women are interested in more than themselves!

News flash! Man dies saving child! Well, that isn’t important, stick it in the back pages somewhere.

If this picture isn’t all about her, why isn’t the father in it too, naked? You know, holding his dick as to say, ‘yeah, this got her pregnant, worship the cock!’

No, I didn’t think so either.

In other news, women are sluts! That’s nothing new of course, but instead of being attacked for being ‘women of lose morality’ and giving women a bad name, they now have articles written about them and how much fun they’ve had.

Oh, and Lily Allen gets carried out of some club in Oxford Street in a plastic bag. The other night while I was out on the razz I happened to stroll past a few girls who were yakking their guts up on the street. Charming I’m sure you’d agree. I’m starting to think women are like headless chickens without male judgement.

Oh the matriarchy has come a long way.

It never ceases to amaze me. These articles are in female section of the website so you could say these are the types of stories that interest women. Not surprisingly, they focus on one thing. Themselves.

Women are obsessed with themselves.

Remember that always.

Women think internally – How will me doing that make me feel? How can I get what I want from him?

Men think externally – How will others feel about what I’m doing? How can I make her happy?

EDIT: This continues with Matriarchal Self Worship 2!


14 thoughts on “Matriarchal self-worship

  1. I just loved this article. I never really thought about women trying to get attention in this way, but you’re right. Sure, we see a female celebrity that’s pregnant on a cover and we know she wants attention for it. But it never occurred to me they do it to seem like a matriarchal creatress, solely responsible for bringing the child into the world. That’s bullshit. We’re equally responsible. Women will do anything to get attention.

  2. All women are into themselves. This narcissism enables these pregnant women to pose naked to sell magazines to other women.

    Think for fucks sake. It isn’t difficult.

    My point is, they pose and then talk about not wanting to make a big deal or bring attention to themselves.

    That’s like a man jumping into a lake and then saying he doesn’t want to get wet. And they wouldn’t do that.


    Because that’s just fucking stupid.

    I’m going to assume you think I’m gay because I don’t worship the entire female race regardless of their behaviour.

    Which of course is entirely self-absorbed and smacks of princess complex as it assumes that women are above men. And they’re not.

    Not even close.

    It’s a common theme amongst narcissists.

  3. Wow, you seem very into YOURSELF! And you think because a female is pregnant on a cover, she’s way into herself? Whenever I see a male on the covers, he’s -not- into himself?

    I fail to see your reason of argument. They put what sells on the covers, if a man holding his cock (as you’d like to see more of) sold, I’m sure they’d do that. What’s so superior with the men anyways? I assume you’re gay yourself?

  4. Oh my god I love this website! And here I thought we had succeeded in stamping out any flame of male independence…Dammit, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. First we’ll have to wheel out more pregnant bitches. And then start publishing more tittie magazines, to sedate the male masses…

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  6. That was a refreshing article. Vain, full of lust, spiteful and self-centered. Wow, that’s not what I thought a wife/mother is supposed to be.

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  8. lol anonymous @ 1:33am.

    These days however, with our ever so lovely marriage and divorce laws, that ring merely means her husband is her property for her to dispose of as she sees fit.

    Hopefully they’ll be married forever, and the children will grow up in a strong, happy family, but I won’t hold my breath…

  9. I think women being pregnant and having babies is a nice thing, I just don’t think it needs to be paraded on magazine covers and have articles written about it. That, in my opinion, is a private thing between a man and his women. But these pictures are of course all on gynocentric magazines. And we all know women like nothing more than to obsess about themselves. How about an article about the 100,000’s of kids that go missing each year? Or maybe articles on why mothers stick their babies in the microwave or kill their boyfriends child because she think it’s competition?

  10. There is nothing deformed about her. She looks beautiful, especially when you remember there’s a human life growing inside of her body.

  11. I’d heard the name ‘Myleene Klass’ mentioned around here and there but didn’t know who or what she was. Then I first saw her on the ONEshow on BBCTV1 and took a liking to her. But THAT photo is terrible, makes her look deformed. There is nothing particularly beautiful about the sight of a pregnant woman … not unless you’re kinked.

    But I suppose the feminazis and their manginas are.

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