What are they good for?

Since this blog is primarily about the failings of feminists and all the consequences of their ilk, I will begin by attempting to put women in the same category they put men in.

What is she worth to you?

Now don’t go getting all dreamy about what your perfect woman means to you. I’m talking about the vast majority of western women. Yes, most women you’re ever going to meet in the Wild West.

Classically I believe, I can’t be completely sure of this as I wasn’t born at the time, but women provided men with certain qualities, talents and care which made them worthwhile courting and providing for. Things like being able to cook (the phrase ‘like mom used to make’), cleaning or ironing, general housekeeping duties. Also her compassion and loyalty to her man, sticking with him through thick and thin, supporting him when he’s down and stressed out, suffers when he suffers, celebrates and shares in his success.

There was the respect these women had for their men. Respect for masculinity and loving the qualities that men possess, working hard, doing dangerous jobs, being able to fix anything, protector of the family, wise and knowledgeable in many things, fighting for his country, for his family.

These men would be the ones to tear down Governments when they were corrupt and rebuild societies as they have always done. They were the final check and balance against injustice and evil because they could always see corruption, manipulation and fought for freedom.

These salt of the earth men were the kind of men that built ships and risked their lives to explore this planet. They built the Pyramids. They built the Space Shuttle. The Three Gorges Dam. In fact, they built everything. They invented, discovered, explored with the idea of making the world a better place. Women did too slowly and surely but men built everything. Even today over 90% of patents are awarded to men and no, it isn’t because women are oppressed, in fact they are a lot more likely to get support and funding and immediate interest if they are women. As always. In fact, I just typed in ‘male inventors’ to save me having to remember a whole list of names, and all that turned up were pages on women inventors?!? Huh?

Anyway I think we know what that is all about, but I don’t want to digress.

So although men achieved all of these amazing things they never threw it in women’s faces because they appreciated women’s contribution to society in their own way. Women’s nurturing of the children, providing them with a more emotional look on issues. When men went to war, the women were to be found in a factories, producing ammunition, including writing letters with their addresses on it so the men on the front line would have their morale boosted and if they survived, they would write to them. Those girls did that because they were thinking about the suffering of those men and knew they were over there fighting to protect the land those girls enjoyed. They loved the men for it, and for being loved, the men loved them back.

Even in hell, in a trench a thousand miles away from home with death hanging over every shoulder, men would still smile at a sexy note written on a shell.

Men and women are meant to be there for each other. They provided different qualities to society and to the family. With men and women like these, it was a rare thing to see a dysfunctional child, even in complete poverty, children wouldn’t dare upset their parents. With those stable families came close and stable neighbourhoods and communities. Families knew each other, there would be blanket parenting, all of the parents looked out for all of the children.

In the 1950/60’s the US was in the throes of a Women’s Liberation movement. Women wanting equality in all parts of society, they didn’t want to be discriminated against in jobs etc. We all know about it. These women wanted independence, they believed they could do it alone without men, this later mutated into believing men were not necessary at all. (On the contrary it is women who are now less necessary but I shall get to that.)

Where did these feminists get all that money to fund their crusade against society and men? How could these apparently oppressed independent women get enough money for something such that the Women’s Liberation movement? (By the way, saying Liberated suggests they were somehow enslaved beforehand, last time I checked these women were never treated as slaves.)

They were funded by men. Obviously. Even in ‘liberation’ these women needed men as they always have done. Those men funded Women’s Lib via Tax-Exempt foundations and trusts, set up by the Rockefeller banking family, amongst others. Now the banking cabal of this world is another subject in itself, beyond the scope of this article, I implore you to research the terms I use here.

But allow me to make this statement.

The banking establishment own the United States economy. They have done since 1913.

Anyway, these bankers have controlled the United States since, the Federal Income Tax is a scam to pay the banks back on the interest of the original $1 billion loan they made to the US Government.
I say this because it was one of the reasons Women’s Liberation was created. The main reason was to get women/ mothers out of the home and into the workplace which was traditionally run by men. Women stayed at home and looked after the children and the house when her husband wasn’t there.

Getting women into the workplace had a few distinct benefits for the bankers.

1. They would be an additional pool of Income Tax being paid to the Government/ banks.

2. The sudden increase in available labour would drive down wages and salaries, forcing the same people to work more for less.

3. An empty family home meant the parents spent less time with their children (very important) and put the children into state schools at an earlier age. More time to brainwash them and drive a wedge between the children and their parents.

So the ultimate goal of the bankers is the decimation of the people through the family unit. The busier people became (having to work all the hours under the sun) meant they were/ are too stressed out and busy to question things they way they used to. With the perpetual increase in media and entertainment the distractions are now constant. People are too strung out to find time to just think about life and what’s wrong with it. The treadmill effect.

The banks work their evil via trusts and foundations.

So contrary to the rantings of these feminists. They’re not really ‘independent’ at all. So, in contrast to the past where the mother would care for the child, teach him/her the major rules and lessons in life, that gradually diminished, as newly ’empowered/ freed’ (depending on what propaganda you’re looking at) women trudged off to work, in the nicer jobs of course.

This is where is really began. Now they have the children. Indoctrinating them is a lot easier now they are out of the protection of the family home and in the school. Continued attacks on men got into the educational networks, the universities, primaries and whatnot. (Women’s Studies, anyone?) Each successive generation, male and female both had these concepts thrust upon them. The traditional male would treat his woman like a princess, because she behaved like one. The difference with newer generations is that the propaganda was that ‘being a man’ meant treating a girl as such, not treating a girl as she deserves. Their imaginary superiority and quest for ‘freedom from the patriarchy’ was constantly impressed upon girls.

Males were of course attacked, as the feminists got into colleges and started parading about explaining the virtues of women and how men thought they were superior but they were not (although men thought no such thing.) These financed feminists succeeded in brainwashing women into thinking men were no longer someone to love, care for and comfort, but now were disposable. To be used and discarded at whim. They were taught to use men’s biological desire to protect them, and just exploit it for purely personal gain.

Feminism crept into law, into the courts, into the media. It was appearing everywhere with varying levels of extremism.

“We are, as a sex, infinitely superior to men.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton, quoted in ” One Woman, One Voice “, Wheeler, page 58.

“Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” – Sheila Cronan.

“Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable.” Cher.

These women felt the only solution to their ‘issues’ was the destruction of masculinity and the conversion of males into toys and playthings. Other women, who would not directly call themselves feminists, would otherwise go along with it as long as they benefited personally.

The benefits came in the form of bias in family courts, child custody and child allowance payments, asset management, female-targeted media (read: anti-men) and the like.

A side effect of the increasingly selfish attitude of these ‘new women’ was the prioritizing of themselves over their children. Their children would be further neglected as they went about being free. The men, due to the unfair court system, were shut out of their children’s lives, to the detriment of both the fathers and the children. What were men good for other than sperm and money?

The media, entertainment and education systems became a lot more sophisticated and subtle. Men were and are now attacked on every level at any given point in time. Statistics on domestic violence, distorted and falsified made it into anti male campaigns, not anti violence. Men the savages must be stopped.
This was exacerbated by another trick in the feminists’ handbook.

The victim card.

As with all of their tricks, this card is now used to reliquish all accountability and responsibility from women for their actions. Backed up by false data, they proceeded to demonize all men and try to convince women that they only way to be safe from these beasts is to attack them.

So men were attacked. Relationships suffered as women grew to see men as toys. They began to party more, drink and take more hard drugs. They would refuse to listen to advice from their elders who knew better. They were untouchable, girls living the dream. Men were relegated to chattle in their naive eyes.

Then something happened the women did not expect. Men adapted. Women de-evolved. They became less concerned with life skills such as cooking, house chores, maintanance of finances, as successive generations of women, having children alone, excluding the father, brought up ever more narcisstic and incompetent girls. Girls that, in the Western society were protected by a blanket of the State, which is manipualated by feminists in the quest for the female vote. Their delusions fueled by the misandric media.

But as I said, men adapted. They changed. They were finding themselves alone. For all their good deeds and hard work. Good men were being used. They learnt all of the skills women traditionally had the monopoly on. As a result of feminism and turning women against men, they actually freed men from the selflishness of modern women. These men do everything themselves, anticipating problems from women they grew to not really need them anymore. They want them sure. But not Need.

Women became more violent. Their drug taking more pronounced. Their language more foul and crude. They were becoming the media stereotype of young men. A stereotype that was out of date a decade ago. This is when men began to back away from them.

Another side effect is now that these very same young women who decided to use their fertility and attractiveness to use and manipulate good men as opposed to use it to find a good man to build a strong relationship with, find themselves in a lonely place as those good men dry up and go their own way. Their attractiveness melts away. The propositions from men dry up. Their life of selfishness and unaccountability prevents them from seeing the truth to their situation. They continue to try and blame men for their loneliness. But the men are not listening. They are no longer there for these women.

Women have begun to turn on feminism, recognising the damage it is doing to society. To both sexes and to the children. They have begun to see that they do not want to be tied to the rat race forever, as men generally have in the past. They want to work for a while and have fun, meet a perfect man under a fairy tale moon and have him provide for her forever. Or until she gets bored. Then her definition of perfection changes.

But these things do not happen. She does not see a fairy tale moon. There is no prince awaiting her and in the cold harsh lonely winds of reality, she will look for a man who needs her, and find none. Her personality never developed because she did not need one, she just used her looks. Her skills at cooking? None. Cleaning? Not interested. Ironing? Don’t know how. Shopping? Not for food, only for clothes. Caring? Only thought about herself for the past 20 years. Children? Feminist courts have convinced men that most women cannot be trusted. What can she bring to the table now?




In this gender war between feminists and men, men have been mainly silent until fairly recently. But even now that they have begun to fix things that women have broken (as usual) they still do it with intelligence, research and with everyone in mind. Masculine traits that have helped to construct every civilization humans have ever known. Feminists, and I’m sorry to say, most western women now think instinctively from a selfish point of view. A collective selfishness that was naturally tempered by a ‘how does it affect all’ attitude typical of men.

Men now are good for a many more things than a women is for.
A modern women is good for nothing.

A shame, as we used to all get along so well…

— thanks for reading


17 thoughts on “What are they good for?

  1. I don’t glorify housewives, I couldn’t give a fuck about them. What I speak about is the strength, productivity and quality of life before women’s lib.

    These days women want to have it all. A career, have kids, stay at home, go to work, be a high flying corporate creature, be a housewife, be this do that wear this spend that.

    They screwed themselves up, now it’s their problem. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  2. It’s funny that you seem to glorify the period before women’s lib where you believe women enjoyed being housewives. But at the same time you curse women today for being housewives because oh man they are using you and are good for nothing.

    You’re too bitter for your own good.

  3. Another “femcunt” comment here! I hate to “toe the political line,” but it was only in the 20th century that women were allowed to choose the “qualities” that they wanted to provide for cilization – before that, they had no legal, social, or economic status of their own, for the most part. Why should a woman fit into your ideal, just because that’s what you want of her? So what if you think women are being selfish, smashing old stereotypes and old social roles (cooking INDEED!) or “brainwashing the children” with their silly ideas of equality.. sounds like you guys are pretty threatened by this stuff, and I don’t think a picture of some girl blowing Santa is doing much for your case.

    Also, do your girlfriends know you are reading this blog? 😀


  4. Hahahaha. Oh fuck off you femcunt. Who said anything about killing off women? This article is about women rendering themselves mostly redundant by reject any and all skills their previous generations would have learnt under the guise of oppression. You must have read the wrong article. Or maybe you’re just a fucking idiot who hasn’t got a clue about anything and believe’s that making random ‘men are stupid’ comments actually adds up to a constructive dialogue.

    You’re an idiot, with a fake email address, who toes the usual politically correct line without question. You’re a slave. Fuck off and let the grown ups talk.

    You prick.

  5. Yeah…rather like a farm…what fun….for animals!
    If that’s the way it’s going.I’ll gladly not be around.
    Sad about the kids drifting into it though…
    But who’s going to do the work ??
    Lucky winners ..Hey!!

  6. hahahaha you guys are insane
    bunch o’ fags
    the world would never survive with only, or mostly, men.
    it would end up in nuclear warfare within an hour of its’ proposed existence. everyone would be killing or butt raping each other.
    a world with only women? lots of shit-talking, i’m sure, but mostly peaceful.

    and no ass rapings.

    the end.

  7. You know what treebs I agree with you. Hey, I agree one hundred percent, what a shame it is prophesied that the male population will drop and female will increase to a point that for every 50 female there will be 1 male. I wonder if gender selection then is a bad idea, hahah.

  8. Foody- I think you missed the point..
    Personal needs are not survival of the species reasons.
    Furthermore,engineering sex selection is also immoral if done for
    non-humane reasons.
    My opinion ,but most men would agree I suspect!
    But hey! Who listens to us??

  9. In that case I would agree with you guys. If it reached to this point, I will use this technology as a last resort, I will only have boys as much of them as possible and tell them to use this technology to have more boys only as a last resort as we need mothers but we are force it to keep our specie (gender) alive. However if he finds a woman who will treat him right, etc, etc then he should have both girls and boys. Because if we are cornered that means having girls will hurt us more and thus boys will protect us against an enemy of women but if some women who there are not our enemies having daughters would be our greatest advantage with sons too.

  10. FMW -My thoughts also…even before I read the last poster.
    Last resort only- to keep species going!
    Foodys’ floated idea parallels the femz latest wheeze- to have offspring by anon donor etc and, in my view, is little short of criminal selfishness.
    The only real reason femz have got so far down this sorry road is that men,Yes!! Do want a balanced home for their offspring…not just sex at any price -like is portrayed so glibly,ad nauseum, in anti-men land.
    They (men) just maybe waking up the the true risks involved today.

  11. Thanks for the comments. Yeah of course the IDEA is to meet a woman worthy of your sacrifice, as in working and protecting her, having children with her and both of your working together to build a nice legacy.

    But hey, communism works IN THEORY. In the real world it’s a complete failure. What Chicagoman said I think reflects the views of many men. It isn’t the case that men aren’t interested in women. It’s that the risks are too high. And yes, having children doesn’t mean much if the bitch just steals them from you and makes you pay for it. In every way the state and femMedia encourages her too. Remember, women see men as a resource. Women know that if she stays with him, she wins, if she leaves, she wins more.

    Foody, I don’t think I would do that except as a last resort. Children need fathers and mothers to be balanced. This all revolves around the family unit. If that becomes destroyed, free society is over. I would prefer a woman I love being there for my children too. But so do most guys I guess.

  12. What if China succeeded in allowing men to have babies without the input of women at all? (Serious question requiring opinions of you nice gentleman) Would you guys use this technology and spread your genes and lineage without any women interaction whatsoever thus really ones and for all freeing yourself from women?

  13. Not a heavy duty for the the title pic gamer..
    Father Xmas only comes once a year ;=))

    Seriously…about having kids men…
    I’ve managed it over 35 y(t)ears of slog and believe me -it’s tough going.
    Can be done – but only if you’re strong enough!
    The risk of emotional damage/parental alienation syndrome is pretty high for the children.
    I cope well on my own (easily) and care for my remaining charges when I can!
    I feel I’ve done my very best and have no doubts the system now
    running has ruined at least 10 lives without needing to.
    Society loses too!
    As to the future,you’re right…young men will learn from their fathers and friends and take note.
    None of my sons are married to my knowledge.No daughters remained married!
    It won’t turn round quickly enough- if ever- before life gets really hard for everyone,especially ‘womyn’.
    Pay-off time.
    Keep up the good work.
    Eternal Fred etc come back soon…

  14. I feel the same way ze german. I too want to have kids and raise them to be good people, but today’s women make this almost impossible.

    Truly the one thing that a woman can give a man anymore these days are kids, but they always end up screwing you over and taking those away too.

    Women’s character will never change. Their hats may change, but what’s inside never will, they never grow in wisdom.

  15. Chicagoman, ze German, you’re both right. Women are turning away from feminism because they are feeling the wrath of men and being associated with feminism is making life uncomfortable for them.

    So, like the parasitic mercenaries they are, they’ll move away and pretend they’ve ‘always cared’.

    Yeah, the truth is, not only can women not be trusted, there is also an entire legal framework built around serving their selfish interests, and specifically when it comes to destroying men.

  16. Women are waking up because it does not serve their purposes anymore, not because they saw the damage feminism has done.

    Women have been and will be selfish and ruthless…

    Why you want to get into a relationship?

    For the inevitable nagging?
    For the change of rules?
    To become a man who does nothing right?
    To not respect her feelings when you basically dedicate a life for her?
    To have sex turn into a reward game? (While it was freely given away before you?)
    To accept monogamy, just to see it turn into nogamy? Or, maybegamy…?
    To have her friends who you would not talk to normally around you all the time, telling her what she should do in the relationship?
    Above fact translates into, her friends telling you what you should be doing…

    etc etc etc…

    Seriously, I have lost my interest.

    The hardest part is to get rid of the question : If I dont have kids will I regret it.

    That is the one and only reason I may go into a relationship later in my life.

  17. Funny that you say that women are now turning away from feminists.

    And why are they turning away? Because their selfishness shines through and they realize that the dupe is up.

    Having woke up about a year and a half ago it astonishes me now how some women behave. It is truly sickening.

    Men are the backbone of society, always will be, just watch dirty jobs by Mike Rowe.

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