Former Army major and teacher’s wife exposed as members of child abuse ring – Daily Mail, to name on instance of this story.

A former Army major and a teacher’s wife were exposed yesterday as members of a child abuse ring in which young victims were offered for sex on the Internet.

They subjected two 12-year-olds to an afternoon of abuse which left the youngsters devastated.

School governor Archibald Wood, 60, appeared to be a pillar of the community in the Devon town of Tavistock.

On the other side of the country, Kent businesswoman Monica McCanch, 55, cut an equally respectable figure as the divorced wife of a grammar school teacher.

Fair enough, these two are scum. But why are media outlets only slapping pictures of the man on their sites? Every site I go to is doing this? Could they be protecting the identity of the female? Or assuming her role wasn’t as important by not including her picture.

Another trick is association. Here are instances of the article around the net.
Daily MailThe SunThis is London

I haven’t been able to find one image of her. The association then occurs between the headline and the image. Which is ‘Former Army major and teacher’s wife exposed as members of child abuse ring‘.

This is even more revealing. They are attacking not only the man, but his former position of authority. This is to imply that all men can be child molesters. Which is true, but why protect the woman’s identity and position then. ‘Teacher’s wife’. No, she is a businesswoman, both regarded as pillars of their communities. The headline protects the woman’s position. This is obviously a sexual bias in the headline. It could have read: ‘Former Army major and businesswoman exposed as members of child abuse ring.’

That would be a more equal approach.

Anyway, to finish off…

Michelle Elliott of the children’s charity Kidscape called the case “an incredibly worrying development”, allowing people who may not have acted alone on their perverted fantasies to get together with other paedophiles and become far more dangerous.

She said: “The Internet, for all its good, is becoming a powerful tool in the hands of these diabolical sick people.

Yes, let’s use this to attack the Internet again, subtle digs at how the Internet, when it isn’t being used for grooming kids, is used for terrorists and anyone who questions anything ‘official’.

Please people, get clued up.

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