Symptoms of the Matriarchy – Sexualization of girls

Pre-Teen Beauty Addicts

More indicators of this society becoming a matriarchy. One of the many consequences of this, are mothers ‘devouring’ their children.

These women are showing their lack of discipline, moral fibre and narcissism by allowing their daughters to do the things quoted below.

Bethany Conheeny takes two hours to get ready each morning.A detailed inspection of her morning routine gives some indication why.

After washing her naturally wavy hair, she spritzes, sprays and straightens it with £120 designer ceramic straighteners.

If there’s so much as a kink left, she starts again. She’s rigorous in her cleansing, toning and moisturing routine, and before leaving the house, applies a slick of lip-gloss.

At the weekends, it takes longer. Bethany — who has £70 worth of beauty treatments each week, including a spray tan, pedicure, manicure and eyebrow wax — applies St Tropez blusher, pink eye shadow and mascara.

She prefers to use a Chanel foundation over her moisturiser, but as her 37-year-old mother Catherine, a qualified beautician, puts it, perhaps somewhat mildly: “She’s a bit young for that.”

She has a point. Bethany is nine years old.

Why on Earth is this allowed? It goes to show how successful the corporations are in marketing this crap, and how weak the mothers are by allowing their daughters to become narcissistic consumers.

Cheryl, a PR executive from Reigate in Surrey, says: “Her monthly waxing costs me about £30, and she regularly has her hair highlighted, which costs £60.

“I spend more on beauty treatments for her than myself. She loves having facials. I put my foot down about her using tanning beds, but she is badgering me to have the latest spray-on tan. She’s even had her arms waxed.”

Talk about being off the rails. The mothers, instead of setting these girls straight by telling them not to be superficial, are instead wilfully funding this crap.

Another quote from this bitch-mother.

Depressingly – but somewhat predictably – Belle’s role models read like a contents page for a cheap celebrity magazine.

Like many of her friends, she idolises Jordan, Victoria Beckham and Girls Aloud. And her mother says she can’t see anything wrong with that.

Like mother like daughter eh.

“Belle’s done a few modelling jobs, and would love to get into showbusiness,” Cheryl says.

“It started when she was eight, and wanted highlights putting in her hair and her ears pierced. She said all her friends were having it done and so I let her. She’s a determined girl, who likes to be thought of as cool.

Bingo. This girl, like most females, need to define themselves by the opinions of others. The mother, not having the faintest concept of strength of character or independence, allows it because it is exactly how she thinks!

“In many ways she isn’t a child at all — her obsessions are clothes, hair and make-up.

“She adores pink clothes and goes out wearing tiny tops showing her tummy, skinny jeans and her Ugg boots. When I was her age I wore jeans and jumpers and enjoyed playing out. She hangs around with friends at the shops.”

This is fucking disgusting. This Cheryl is letting her daughter dictate her behaviour and she doesn’t see it. Would you let your daughter act like that?

Where’s the husband to lay down the law….

Cheryl is divorced and also has a 14-year-old son, Caspar. Despite paying for her little girl’s waxing treatments, she does admit to being disturbed by the way her daughter dances.

Well, that figures.

Indeed. Though it’s impossible not to feel that Cheryl only has herself to blame for encouraging Belle to dress like an 18-year-old.

Surely, she and Bethany’s mother Catherine could stop pandering to their daughters’ unhealthy obsession with their looks and refuse to pay for it?

Abso-fucking-lutely. They are just encouraging these children to be self-obsessive, insecure consumers, which they will continue to do for their whole lives, and that’s just fucking pathetic.

Catherine says: “If her nails need doing or the tan needs topping up, Bethany complains she doesn’t feel right – a feeling lots of women can associate with.”

Of course, the uncomfortable truth is that, like Belle, Bethany is not a woman, she’s a child, one of thousands of young girls being bombarded by society’s confused and damaging messages as they grow up — messages it appears are being reinforced by their mothers.

Yes, reinforced by their mothers, because the stupid bitches don’t know any better.

Something else is telling here. Women don’t ‘feel right’ if they don’t have a certain look or amount of fake-up on. Funny how women/ the media, seem to love trying to portray men as superficial, one-dimensional people who objectify women. It isn’t men who fucking cry if their hair is cut an inch short, or have a panic attack if they get a spot.

More femprop bullshit.

“I felt a little guilty because of the part I play in Bethany looking older than she is, but all her friends are the same, and when she works hard at school I’m loath to deny her the beauty treats she loves.”

What a weak minded fool. Also shows the herd-mentality of females. ‘Her friends are all the same.’

Yes you are all the fucking same. How can there be this constant barrage of ‘strong independent wimmin’ when all they fucking do is follow magazines, follow each other, follow television, follow whatever media, follow fashions, follow the government. Fuck me, I’m not surprised the Rockefeller’s took control of feminism in the ’60’s. Look how easy women are to control!

Like the nymphets and faunlets in Nabokov’s novel Lolita, British society, it seems, is fast breeding a generation of young girls being sexualised before their bodies have had time to develop.

Feminist British single-mother society actually. I, as a man, would never allow my daughter to act or dress like a stupid slut, and they would never idolise dipshits like Posh Spice.

But that is why feminism exists, men don’t allow a lot of shit into the household that women do. It is far easier to take control of the family unit and the commercialisation of the next generation when no men are around.

From another case study in the article:

Far from being horrified that her ten-year-olds are obsessed with their looks, Elima, 30, encourages them.

She says: “I’m glad they like to look after themselves from such a young age.”

She sees nothing wrong with the fact that her daughters worship Lindsay Lohan (who has just been arrested for drink-driving) and Britney Spears (who recently had a spell in rehab) because they are seen as ‘pretty’ and ‘glamorous’.

So looks and clothes are more important than character, strength, and talent.

In a matriarchy they are.

“One day last year she came downstairs wearing a tiny mini skirt with stockings,” she recalls.

“She looked like a mini prostitute, and I had to tell her to get changed. She looks 14. It’s frightening, but I don’t know what I can do to stop her acting and dressing like a mini adult.”

What do you mean you don’t know what you can do? You’ve been encouraging it for fucking ages you idiot. It’s obvious that she will end up looking like a prostitute, its the logical end of the complete self-sexualisation that women are obsessed with.

Not surprisingly this article revolves around women and their daughters, no mention of where the (ex) husbands are. one man is included though.

Meanwhile Catherine says her husband David is unhappy about Bethany’s obsession with beauty.

“He’s always telling her: ‘You’ve got to be a child and that means you shouldn’t be standing in front of the mirror putting make-up on.’

“I wouldn’t let her wear heels or low-cut tops because that definitely sexualises children, but I don’t worry about Bethany wearing make-up.”

Of course he’s unhappy. He is trying to encourage her daughter to behave like, well, a girl. His wife seems to undermine that though by letting her wear fake-up and other shit.

There is no need to include most of this article, it is fairly long, you can read it here. It just shows a few examples of little girls covering themselves in make-up and nasty clothes in an attempt to emulate their idols, like Jordan, or some other wonderful contributor to Mankind.

I’ll close this post with the closing comments of the article.

For many, such behaviour may seem hard to fathom, but experts from the American Psychological Association point an accusing finger at toys such as Bratz dolls, voted Girls Toy of the Year in the UK in 2002, which come with eye make-up, miniskirts, fishnet stockings and feather boas, and embrace the slogan ‘passion for fashion’.

Yes, there is a movie of the same name coming out soon too. Yes, let’s encourage girls to act like superficial whores! Now men are no longer allowed to contribute in the upbringing of children, the corporations and media can market shit as soap. Now the most important things in family (single-mother) life are fashion and whoring yourself to get on television.

Meanwhile, things like the rapid destruction of our freedoms, the encroaching police state, the destruction of the sovereignty of Britain, the cashless society, human-implanted ID chips, the criminalisation of all men, false flag terrorism, the ID card, the massive DNA database, the constant surveillance of the people by the government with microphones and loudspeakers, the global depopulation agenda, the breakdown of the family and the connections between Gordan Brown and communism continue far away from the pages and screens of the corporate owned mainstream media.

This is FUBAR.

10 thoughts on “Symptoms of the Matriarchy – Sexualization of girls

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  2. All women in the world aren’t like that, you are only pinpointing a select group o fpeople who do so. I mean, you have to do or have extreme behaviour to get coverage in the media, right? Besides, it’s natural to want to look presentable, but not to the extent you have to CAKE mascara and whatever they put on their faces. For example, you wouldn’t go out to your workplace in pajamas and poor hygiene. These girls are trying to attract the male specimens early (most people do judge on a superficial level).
    Another point: Not only do the females judge themselves based on other’s opinions, men do too. It applies to veryone at any one point of their lives.
    Let’s discuss feminism here. Right now, this term is used for pretty stupid reasons, but at least women are getting places in teh governement. Men ‘not allowing shit into their households?” Oh, then I suppose having multiple marriages, more legal rights and a harem of mistresses are perfectly fine? What about going to sex workers and having homosexual relationships, leading to the rise of AIDS and HIV? Is that not classified as ‘shit’? How about women in Africa having to chop off their clits because MEN are afraid they will die if they simply touch it? Shit? Hell yeah!
    Women do have their faults as well (unfortunately the most ‘idolised’ ones in society are vapid nitwits with no sense of vocabulary or independence). However, they do play a part in buoying the economy. Think about all those cosmetics and facials purchased. Sure, the husbands won’t be too happy, but the companies earning the money would be jumping with joy.
    I’m not saying I encourage these young girls to be exposed to wearing such mature clothing, but it’s just to point out some holes in your stipulation…
    Keep writing though, this was an interesting read.

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  5. I’ve been trying to tell one my friends how her daughter’s obsession with Hannah Montana is unhealthy. I point out the indoctrination into obsession with image and how it’s telling her it’s more important to be popular rather than smart.

    I was wondering what more I could do to get it through that thick head of hers and it occurred to me why it won’t happen … the mom is the same way.

  6. Fuck it, my sister is only 10 and starting to dress like a fucking slut, though she is nowhere near as bad as the girl / skank in the making described above.

    Though that being said if I ever see her going out dress like a mini prostitute while I’m still around, she’ll be getting a fucking earful from me!

  7. I know Marx, it’s almost like a form of projection, their mothers projecting their narcissistic, insecure attitudes onto the children.

    It’s sick.

  8. This is quite shocking, I have girls and they don’t look like “women”, they look as they are meant to – like girls.

    What distaste they must have for themselves if they feel they have to encase themselves in fake looks.

  9. This is a form of child abuse.
    However the chances of a caring and responsible father being allowed to raise his daughter after divorce to be a balanced productive and happy woman contributing to society are about nil.

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