Law is ‘unjust’ for unwed couples

Here we go, I’m sure you all are aware of the so called ‘legal rights’ (LOL) married couples have. That is, the right of the woman to strip you of your assets in the event of a divorce, especially if she didn’t bring anything to the table in the beginning.

As a consequence of these fucked up male to female wealth transfer programmes otherwise known as the divorce industry, men have been shunning marriage and hence we are living in a time of the lowest marriage rates since records began.

Why should you get married these days comrade? Because you are in love and you think she loves you too and it is going to last forever?

Do you think all the men who got married and subsequently broke up (with the woman taking the lions share of the assets as per the law) believed it would last forever too? Sure they did. Funny how fast those vows go out of the window when a woman isn’t getting what she wants, when she wants.

So, marriage has become a failure for men. Somewhat akin to the risks involved with playing a game of football blindfolded on a minefield I would imagine. Countless horror stories populate the television and the internet about what ‘love’ can do to a man. Like here, and here or men telling it how it is about marriage here.

So no fucking thanks!

So, the Marxist destruction of marriage is going to plan, but as it drops, more men are avoiding it, and therefore building up their own wealth and independence from the system.

Hmm, how can we keep transferring wealth from men to women then, and continue to break down all relationships between the two?

I know! Let’s try and give couples living together similar rights to being married!

Couples who are living together should have more legal rights, according to a report from the Law Commission.

It says the current law is “unjust” and the 2.2m co-habiting couples in England and Wales should have more protection if they split up.

The report says the majority of couples who live together wrongly believe they are protected by what is known as “common law” marriage.

Well since people already believe it, it will just make it easier to implement won’t it.

The Law Commission, which advises the government on legal reform, wants a financial value put on the contribution each person makes during the relationship.

For example, if a partner has given up a career to bring up children, they should receive compensation in the event the couple separates.

Right, and we know who that would be don’t we, interesting how they use that situation as the ‘example’ as well. Notice how they call it ‘giving up a career’. They don’t give a career up, they have a career break. What does happen though, is those women who have a ‘break’ to look after the kids generally end up staying at home. This means the man has to work harder to compensate for lost earnings to the household. When a man does stay at home (as the couple would agree) and the woman goes to work, she then begins to feel angry towards her man because he isn’t out working and she is, I’ve written about this previously, here.

If you think that sounds like a situation where a man can’t win. Well, you’re right. You can’t. Now here are some more details about these law proposals.

The proposals would apply to couples with children and childless couples who have lived together for at least two years.

But the Law Commission stopped short of awarding couples who live together the same rights as married couples.

Well, what difference does it make? Women are still entitled to the financial rape of the man in a common law relationship then. So the only addition this law proposes it seems, is to give the one who ‘gives up her career’ the entitlement to be provided for financially by her hard grafting other. I notice it doesn’t mention anything about child custody, just money…

Now to be honest, the mentality of these women who think they should be paid for being a mother or housewife by their men just shows how fucking amoral women are. It would seem women are just in it for themselves, they put themselves before their partner, the children, the family, society, well everything.

I’ll keep you posted on this ‘law’ proposal.

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