Right to choose

Something I see all the time (now that I have figured it out) is one of the schema’s in which these filthy idiots like feminists, politicians and other lowlife pond scum operate is using wordplay. They do it all the bloody time. For example, Bush’s War on of Terror. Illegal Immigrant Reform Amnesty, Equal Opportunity Outcome and a Woman’s Right To Choose Kill.

Language is one of the most powerful tools of human manipulation there is. Orwell recognised it in his novel, 1984 (among many other things) and he introduced it with ‘Newspeak’. As an aside, newspeak has been partially realised with political correctness. The ability to control the people’s language means controlling their ability to communicate. With a concerted effort to dumb down society, language becomes an even more powerful tool to control the masses. Replace the phrase Government Control with Government Protection and all of a sudden it doesn’t sound too bad. The international bankers that run the world are experts at this little trick. The United Nations is their central point for their plans for the One World Government (Novus Ordu Seclorum).

So anyway, onto one of the pillars of feminism or (fuckmenism), the woman’s right to choose. This Orwellian phrase relates to the right for a woman to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term and have a child, or kill it. Yeah yeah I know, they call it things like termination, expulsion and such. But you know what it is. The embryo begins its heartbeat and neural activity at about 5-6 weeks. So maybe before then? I don’t know, and that isn’t the point of this article. The point is explaining the bullshit behind another one of feminisms countless bullshits.

So. Feminists blathered on about how since it is a woman’s body, she should have the choice to let live or let die.

Well let’s look into this a bit shall we?

Before this ‘right’ what happened? Well once pregnant, a woman would generally have the baby. They would be looked down upon, by men and especially other women as unclean, or not fit to engage in future relationships with if they chose to abort it, officially or otherwise. They would be seen as damaged goods so to speak and mere thought of being seen as such was enough to make women give the possibility of getting pregnant careful consideration.

So because of this social stigma women would generally opt to have the child. Remember also, that the social structure was different back then. It was a ‘patriarchal’ structure, therefore family was paramount (as opposed to now, a matriarchy, where the woman is paramount). A woman would most probably already be married and so her and her husband were working on having a child anyway. Abortions were very low, birthrates were high (above replacement levels), families were strong independent units and so on. Then feminists turned up and claimed to be campaigning for women’s Right to Choose. But that didn’t mean what people thought it meant. Or they just didn’t actually think about it and considered ‘right to choose?’ well everyone should have a right to choose! (Not thinking about what they are actually choosing between. You see, the word Choose, well, it just sounds like a good thing doesn’t it?).

‘Well technically a woman can choose whether to have the fetus terminated or not.’ – Said the feminist. (Of course they wouldn’t say child and they wouldn’t say killed).’Well yes’, Field Marshall Watkins would retort, ‘in that case you haven’t done anything. Women could have abortions in the past if they wanted. What you have done is make it socially acceptable to the point of there now being ‘lifestyle abortions’. In essence, you have promoted it as a form of birth control.’

‘Well women deserve to be able to do that, it’s their body.’ – Feminist.

‘Maybe you should focus on encouraging women to use birth control or keep their legs shut then you dumb bitch, especially seeing as abortions carry huge risks for women.’ Say’s FMW.

‘You are such a typical male oppressor! You don’t have the right to say that about women. What about the men who sleep with them without protection! It’s their responsibility to behave themselves!!!. – Feminist.

‘It’s a woman’s responsibility, it’s their body. Last time I checked, men can’t get pregnant.’ – FMW.

Take note, the feminists’ promotion of abortion dovetails neatly with the elites plan’s for global depopulation. Remember that the feminist movement in the US was funded by elites like the Rockefeller banking family who also just happen to be very active in funding abortion/ depopulation initiatives. (See footnotes).

Another point to make from the feminists is about how they consider women, females, the feminine, to be the epitome of understanding, love, peace and life (yeah I know). ‘If women ran the world there would be no more war, no needless deaths blah blah’.


I consider anything other than abortion for medical necessity (woman and child’s life at risk) and due to rape, needless death. Needless in the sense that pregnancy could have been avoided by the woman deciding that she didn’t want to run the risk of getting pregnant. Not a difficult thing to do I would imagine.

Women, making individual choices, have ended more life than all World Wars (91,924,902), AIDS (30,000,000 plus), well, more than any other singular event or cause. (As far as I am aware).

Estimates for total abortions worldwide is:

1920 – 2006: 804,000,000 reported abortions, estimated 929,000,000 total abortions.

That is, almost a billion.

Estimated current global monthly average: 1,202,000 abortions

So, since feminists campaigned for the Right To Choose, the only new ‘choice’ women had was the right to abort. So how is it the right to choose? They already had the right to have babies. Feminists actually meant the Right To Choose Kill, as that is the only addition that has seemed to become morally acceptable.

So, to rephrase, feminists campaigned for women to kill their offspring. Not carry them to term (they already happily did that), and thanks to feminism, the total rapidly approaches one billion abortions worldwide and all societies that have adopted feminism are not having enough children to keep the population going. In other words, they are dying.

Remember that big number when you hear them bleat on about Right to Choose.

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6 thoughts on “Right to choose

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  5. Awesome post. I didn’t understand the huge implications of abortion until I became a father 2 years ago. And knowing that an unborn child already has certain traits of his/her parents before they are born is amazing.

    My little girl already looked like me…she already had her mom’s ears…she already had my blue eyes and blond hair…etc…etc.

    And it baffles me that ANYONE – especially women – can so easily disregard a human life. And I love your statement “…they are killing their offspring…” It is so fitting.

    As I was reading this, the one word that kept popping up in my head was “selfish”. Abortion is such a selfish act. It has total disregard for the innocent little person waiting to be born. But all of these women can’t see beyond their nose and understand what they are killing.


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