Political Correctness Scam

I will summarise the meaning of political correctness here. For more reading on the subject, please visit the links below.

The term and actions of political correctness allude to an attempt to control thought. Anyone who sits down and actually thinks about it for five minutes will see how absurd it is. It will take a little longer than that though, to see its more sinister undertones.Far from being an asset to a society, political correctness removes your freedom to critisize others in a way that the state does not like. It essentially gives the state the totalitarian power to dictate how the people communicate with each other. This is done by the state dividing society up into minorities and setting rules to ‘protect’ certain groups from criticism in case they get offended by it. It seeks to stop anyone (they arbitrarily determine a victim) of something being offended by anyone else.

Well that’s a good thing isn’t it?

No it isn’t. This is a situation where the state dictates your opinions on others and on yourself. By outlawing certain terms, phrases and subjects, the people begin to actually believe that they are in the wrong for merely thinking something, even though it is based on truth. Like a large number of women lie about rape, for instance.

The state loves political correctness. It gives the body politic the ability to determine what is correct and what isn’t. Just read the term a few times. What is correct should be determined by facts and no issue should be immune to the facts. By supplanting facts and fiction with political correctness, the power of critical thought is taken away from the people. Very useful for a totalitarian regime.

Now, a few generations later, people look to the government to regulate communities. Success for the Marxo-feminist state then, as they have managed to centralise, truth, morality and outlaw any thinking or behaviour that they may find unacceptable.

And you think that isn’t totalitarian? Having the state dictate how you should feel and what your opinions should be?

Various parasites hide under the state umbrella of PC while taking potshots at those outside, apparently safe in the knowledge that they cannot be criticised back. Take feminists for example. They exist by promoting myths, half truths and outright lies but if anyone takes a stand against feminism, they are accused of hating all women, being a bigot, a misogynist and other such rubbish. None of these labels are true, but they are usually effective in silencing the accused, which of course enables the lies to perpetuate into the common consciousness unchecked and unverified.

So, the state outlaws the truth. Truth is replaced with lies. Political correctness prevents those lies from being analysed. Those who bring up the subject are attacked, and the lies are allowed to continue.

Political correctness is thought modification. Open discourse is prevented. A pretty good tactic for control wouldn’t you say. Label someone something like being a rapist, and the facts behind the claim are irrelevant. Even if the accused is found innocent, the label sticks.

Frequently in London I have come across people who take a real issue with the huge influx of immigrants, since the opening up of the EU, which is just another aspect of control. You would be labelled a racist or a bigot (a PC favourite) if you were to voice your opinions on the subject and they didn’t match the official ‘right’. Do I have a right to be angry that various groups of immigrants (Turks) hang about on various buses, waiting till people are going home from bars, in order to pickpocket them?

If I was to come across such scum and I was to say ‘don’t come to this country and start trying to rob people you fucking prick.’ Is that racist? Of course it isn’t. But the very statement of ‘don’t come to this country’, ‘if you don’t like our way of life, then leave’, ‘how you do get a job in a bar if you can’t speak English? and other such statements are all politically incorrect.

But are they wrong?

Political correctness serves the interest of the state, never the people. By silencing debate on such issues, it enables to state to continue its agenda without critisism (in the case of immigration, it is the agenda of destroying national sovereignty in order to force Britain into the EU as part of globalisation). Sound familiar?

We live in a world of billions of people. It is impossible to go through life and not be offended by something. If everyone gets everyone else to behave in a way they do not find offensive, what happens then?

Well that isn’t quite how it works. Only the state sanctioned ‘minority/ perpetual victim groups’ have a say in determining what is right and wrong. The excuse for the state enforcing the beliefs of the few on the many is ‘these victim groups wouldn’t have a voice otherwise’, which is of course, bollocks.

A number of groups with PC protection:

All women (obviously includes sub-groups like single mothers).
Muslims and other ‘minority’ groups.
Immigrants (illegal or not).

I have to mention, that just because the state or various power-mongers label a group a minority of a victim group, doesn’t mean the members of that group subscribe to it.

That leaves men who are not in the previous categories as open to attack. Any statement from such men against this would label them the usual. This prevents them from having a say in the debate. So the only people who no longer have a say are the so called ‘oppressors’ or ‘privileged’ group.

Clever eh? So all political correctness really does, is enable the state to silence various factions of society who may get in the way of their plans or that they find undesirable. Controlling thought is controlling behaviour.

It doesn’t empower the people. It gives the regulation of right and wrong to the state, taking it away from the people.

It doesn’t add rights to the people. It takes them away. Previously, we all had the right to speak our minds, now we cannot.

It does not benefit the people at all. So why adhere to it? Because you are afraid of what, speaking the truth?

Galileo was executed for stating that the Earth goes around the Sun. His claim was politically incorrect to the religious regime of the time. They branded him a ‘heretic’ and incarcerated him for the rest of his life.

He was right though.

Politically correctness isn’t about freedom. It is about control.

Further reading below.Political Correctness by Philip Atkinson

Campaign Against Political Correctness

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Political correctness is killing our freedoms’

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EDIT: Mark left a comment correcting me regarding Galileo’s fate. He wasn’t beheaded, he was put under house arrest for the rest of his life. Thanks for the correction Mark!

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